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Harvesting The Human Race, Are We Just Cattle To Alien Farmers


Can the human race be harvested ?

As a small minded group of animals, were are very ignorant and big headed. We maybe the top of the food chain on this planet, but what if we really are not alone?

What if there is actually something more sinister as to why we have evolved the way we are.

We breed cattle in phenomenal numbers to feed our own population. Maybe we are cattle waiting to be harvested.

When we plant crops, we occasionally pluck one from the ground to test it and ensure it is growing correctly.

Possibly, the recorded alien abductions are just that, something is testing part of their crop to see if it is right for harvesting yet. Or maybe not.

'Maybe' and 'if' are two very big words. But it is what we live by. Possibilities, chances, and always seeking knowledge of how we came here, and who else is out there.

First Man On Earth

First Man On Earth

The Miniature Alien Invasion

Keeping an open mind is optimal for human kind. What if we have already been invaded and don't even know it?

Just say if we were put on this planet to be harvested millions of years ago. We were just very small amoebas then, single celled organisms.

The alien farmers may have been the size of ants compared to amoebas when they planted us. Therefore, hundreds, thousands or millions of years later, they return to harvest us.

But to their surprise, we have grown slightly. We have become human sized and there is no way they can now harvest us because we are just to big.

The miniature aliens may well be visiting the planet every day and trying to communicate with us, how would we know?



Are We The Aliens ?

Countless documentaries and scientists have informed the general public that WE are the aliens. We came to this planet from space on asteroids and evolved into what we are today. Possibly true, it does make sense.

Maybe we have a sister planet out there where other humanoids are currently dwelling thinking that they are top of the food chain. Maybe they are underdeveloped and not quite human formed. From the same asteroid belt that we came from, just a slightly different atmosphere.

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If one day mankind actually found another planet like ours with other creatures on it, I am sure we would soon harvest them to satisfy our growing food requirements.

Maybe our sister planet is more developed than us, and they will find us then harvest us instead.


Why Harvest Us ?

Who would want us ? We feed our crops and cattle with nutritional food so the goodness goes into the product so we can eat it.

We fill ourselves with fat, smoke, and many toxins and poisons. Who would want to eat that ? Pre-radioactive, fat filled humans for sale. Does not sound appetising, but tastes do vary.

When it comes to culling the human race, no-one or anything could actually cull more humans than the humans do themselves. We will kill other humans over land, women, religion, money or even for the sake of it. Maybe we deserve to be harvested.

Maybe being on a platter would be better for the survival of this wonderful planet. Maybe we'll all have a label on us like the cooking instructions below:

Human Cook Time

Prep timeCook timeReady inYields

3 hours

2 hours 30 min

5 hours 30 min

Serves 6



Shoot First, Ask Questions Later

This philosophy of man to kill or dissect anything that we interpret as a threat maybe our undoing. Just say that an alien craft lands in Central Park.

An alien steps off the gangway and hold out a limb of sorts and is holding something. Our first reaction is to shoot its head off. Whatever it is holding may be a ray gun and will disintegrate everyone in its path. Its what most of the movies have led us to believe.

If at nightime we heard a noise in the back yard. The first thing we do, as humans, is to grab a weapon of sorts to defend ourselves. Poor ET has just landed in our back yard to say hello and we go out and bash them in the face with a shovel just for being there.

If another life form was to visit the Earth, just to investigate the human race, I am quite sure that they would leave us well alone. There would be no chance of them returning to their own planet to tell their people that they have discovered another life form.

Because within minutes of their arrival they would be on a steel platter being dissected for our scientists to find out about them. Surely it would be nicer to just try to ask them.

Insurance For Alien Kidnap


breckfast on July 20, 2020:

Trump is the weasel that got in the animal pen lol

breckfast on July 20, 2020:

Covid-19 is the aliens culling the herd

Breckfast on July 20, 2020:

We too could be part of the so called living cell. just apart that now is realizing its place in the cell body

Breckfast on July 20, 2020:

just realized my name Breckfast aka breakfast......something to come lol

Breckfast on July 20, 2020:

what better a food source that self populates and feeds its self

Marc Hubs from United Kingdom on January 07, 2014:

The belief that we are top of the food chain is a complete and utter myth.

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