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Happiness of college life

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If there are dreams to sell,

Merry and said to tell,

Which ones will you buy?

Dreams of the future are always more beautiful and charming than the realities of today.As soon as I appeared in the college life,I started thinking of free . independent and interested life of the college.

college life is a life of freedom.

On first September,I got up early in the morning,to took bath and said my prayers.Meanwhile,my mother prepared breakfast for me.I hurriedly took my breakfast and went to college by bus.I reached the gate of the college,some senior students of the college were standing there.I decided to act to avoid their practical jokes.

what peaceful hours,

I once enjoyed!

How sweet there,

Memory still!!!

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Meanwhile, I and my other fellows go to our classes according to the management planning.our first period was of English. There is no fear of teachers.They treat students as freinds.I found a considerable contrast between the school life and that of college life. I concluded the liberty or freedom must not be misused at all.Thus my fist day at college ended happily.

college is a place of light,

Of liberty

And learning.


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