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Hail, Columbia and the Challenger 3 Meteors of Tears

The Challenger 3 crew

The Challenger 3 crew

Their crew compartment falling.

Their crew compartment falling.

Hail Columbia And the Challenger 3....Meteors Of Tears.

It came in that split second

that pulsates between a heart beat

and the silence of no more.


Just past the ninth hour,

on the first day, of the second month,

in that turquoise bowl that hangs over,

the anvil shape of Texas.


An explosive roar was hammered out

across its wide girth,

as masses gazed up in horror to see,

the remnants of a beloved spaceship

D i s a s s e m b l i n g ~~~~

in a slipstream of smoke and debris,

that marked it's all too hasty exit

from the here and now.


It took with it in the fiery trail,

of its final approach

a most precious cargo,

the flesh of seven souls.


The arms of the Saguaro cacti far below,

seemed to be reaching upward

to catch, and cradle the memories

of the seven now returned,

by a free fall of 39 miles,

and countless tears newly shed.


Scattered across three states

this once glorious craft,

was embedded in the earth

where all of its toxic debris,

now takes its place beside

a Challenger long past.


Seventeen have crossed the thresh hold

of the space that waits beyond our planet,

where they all were privy to

it's lovely hues.


Three left us as they waited

in their capsule to be launched.


(Grissom was killed along with

fellow astronauts Ed White and

Roger Chaffee during a training

exercise and pre-launch test

for the Apollo 1 mission)

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Seven fell beneath the stratosphere

and tumbled into the sea.


Seven more returned in spirit only,

joined far too swiftly

with our homeland.


God welcomed them each one

into a new and different heavenly place,

with offers of eternal peace,

to those we've lost in space.


in just a blink they entered heaven's

most mysterious of realms,

I'm sure that the explorer in each of them

wondered in awe of God's ancient world,

that some deny and more suspect,

and many are sure sits just beyond the stars.


Back home we gathered up the pieces,

and said prayers for the three

who were left on the space station

to grieve for friends they've lost.


When we attempt to go beyond the limits

known to man, often we encounter tragedies

that we don't understand.


But I know that they died pursuing

what they loved, and cherished most

and none could hold them from it,

or prevent all those who will follow.


Discovery demands great sacrifice to reap rewards

but by the levels that our brave achieve

we all can learn and grow.


So we truly should feel great sorrow

when missions fail, but give thanks

that some among us dared to reach beyond

our humble dreams and leave a legacy

for youthful souls to follow.


Perhaps by some similar heroics

our young can change what was impossible

and bring about new hopes,

like ending war,

eliminating hunger and hate

curing disease all those places,

that we have not yet explored fully.


Let us simply reach past old walls built by attitudes

that man's fondest of dreams can never be.


Let us guide our children on pathways

that lead to much higher expectations,

then we'll smile as we observe a

world of peaceful happy nations.


Let us all strive to reach out, and honor them

by changing just one bias.

In that split second that pulsates between

a heartbeat and the silence of no more.


Pause to make some changes,

that all mankind can explore.


Shine on in the dust of the stars

most precious crew of seven,

and know that you left behind a trail,

of more then just smoke and grief,

you showed us that men and women,

can go beyond the mortal bindings of "What if?"

and head straight into the farthest reaches

of possibilities flawlessly achieved.


"Godspeed to you all!"



A Holiday song Tribute To The Crew Of the Challenger 3.


To seven brave souls

who will not be here this year,

to share with families and friends

the seasons joyous cheer,

forgetting not, the dreams you sought,

we send above these words of love,

with hopes that you can hear.....


Happy Holidays to you wherever you are....

with warmest wishes reaching out beyond the farthest stars,

We pray these words will touch your hearts

the way you once touched ours,

And happy Holidays to you wherever you are.....


In a sudden flash

the Challenger became a star,

it's meteors like tears fell to the sea,

but though you're gone, you will live on,

as inspirations in our memory.


Happy Holidays to you wherever you are,

with our warmest wishes reaching out

beyond the farthest star,

we know that you have bridged that gap,

and reached the highest power,

so Happy Holiays to you ...wherever you are....


Now each new year that passes by

in which you cannot share,

must challenge us to reach new heights,

to new world's hidden dares.

then someday soon, on a distant moon,

our astronauts will walk it's face,

and feel your presence there.....


Happy Holidays to you wherever your are......


© 2009 Matthew Frederick Blowers III


PALLAVI bharati on May 18, 2020:

Deep emotions... So well written....

kevin on May 17, 2020:


i liked this

Matthew Frederick Blowers III (author) from United States on October 10, 2014:

Thanks for your comment Pallavi, it is apprecaited very much

Pallavi Bharati from kolkata,india on October 10, 2014:

A good hub to honour their efforts..

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