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How Can a State of Silence Be Achieved


To attain the state of silence, one has to enter the realm of the spirit. When a person rests in the deep thought that he is a soul-peaceful in its original nature-he begins to taste the nectar of silence. One has to give up one's identification with the body and to collect his thoughts, be serene and enter the domain of the deathless, shining self which is of the nature of peace and is an eternal point of light. In other words, one has to start with spiritual meditation, recapitulating in his mind: "I am a deathless soul, radiant and shining and conscient and peaceful in my real nature." One has to die to the worldly consciousness and become alive and be aware of the soul. When a person thinks of himself as a soul and rests his thoughts on God, the two monkeys of Desire and Aversion (sitting on the tree of body-consciousness) who were hitherto shaking and agitating his mind, take leave of him and the mind gets peace.

Let Desires and Vasanas cease

Again, just as a bee buzzes when it flits from flower to flower but becomes silent when it comes back to the honey-comb and drinks the honey, even so, does man's mind attain 'Sweet Silence' or Honey-like Silence by withdrawing from its jaunts to various sense-objects and coming back to the self. It should be realized that uncontrolled and ignoble desires or trishna are the enemies of restfulness and peace. There cannot be even an iota of Silence and Peace if it is always hankering after objects. When thirsting dies, silence automatically dawns and man enjoys peace: It is the worldly cravings, desires, and asanas that cause the rush of thoughts. With the desires and vasanas ceasing to push and pull the mind, the mind becomes calm.

Think of evanescence of sense-objects

One should, therefore, first acquire a proper attitude towards life and things to be able to attain the superb state of Silence. He should have this truth firmly rooted in his mind that objects are perishable and that sensual pleasures are momentary. He should think of the evanescence of life. This will give him a proper frame of mind. This will put an end to his extrovert tendencies and his veiled desires and will enable him to withdraw.

Let man realize the truth that peace is his very nature, silence is his inalienable attribute. It is because of the lack of realization of this truth that he runs after material objects in pursuit of peace and happiness. Just as a musk deer does not know that fragrance of musk is an emanation from its own navel and, therefore, it wanders about here and there to find out the source of the smell, even so, does the ignorant or deluded do in search of the fountain of bliss, little realizing that the material objects are conditioned in space and time and causation and cannot, therefore, be a source of constant mental peace. Therefore, rest in the thought that you are a soul and that peace is your original nature. Thought Moulds man. As a man thinketh so he becometh. Besides, one should pay attention to the following:

1. Speak little, speak gently, kindly, and in a happy vein.

2. The subconscious mind is a sort of vast storeroom, underneath the conscious mind. It plays an important part in the psychological life of man. Man's many distractions, depression, pulls, craving, etc... emanate from the subconscious. Many habits or evil samskaras are rooted in the subconscious. These are the thieves that steal Silence. By not repeating those habits, the habits and samskaras will gradually die out.

3. Don't spin your imagination or indulge in the will-of-the-wisp. It is imagination that strengthens vrittis and turns them into desires that disturb the silence.

4. Keep yourself absolutely alone from undesirable and vulgar literature and motion pictures.

5. Take light, simple, vegetarian food and avoid over-eating and pungent and spicy dishes.

6. Have only nodding acquaintance with hedonists, bohemians, and epicureans. Do not indulge in Jhar-mui, Jhang-mui, i.e., talks of censure and villainy.

7. Develop cosmic love, kindness, forgiveness, non-attachment, and sweetness of temper. Do not allow the waves of irritability, jealously, hatred, and revenge to overtake you. For this, look to the lighter side of the events and persons.

8. Emotion is motive power. But you must not become prey to your emotions. You must calm down the surging emotions and must purify them. For this, set your mind on God and His greatness. Remember that setting the mind on the flesh and material things brings in carnality and surge of desires and vices whereas setting the mind on God brings peace to the tormented soul, Silence to the mind, relaxation to the body and nervous system, tranquility to the spirit and calmness to the emotions and freedom to a man from anxiety and worry.

9. Consider yourself as an instrument in the hands of God and maintain your mental link with Him. You will always swing in Silence and Bliss and disturbance will never touch you.

May you have the divine Silence of the soul!

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