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A Guide on How to Have an Organized College Life


Currently a college student and wants to share my learning experience


Getting Ready

College, the part of our lives where we further improve ourselves academically and practically. It’s a preparation for us to be more independent and hones our skills before stepping into the great big world we live in. Sure it is the most crucial part of being a student. Everything can't be taken lightly just like it once was in high school.

By the time you get there, you will be dealing with too much things like stress from academics, time management, homeworks, social life, sleep, and chores. The list could go on, trust me. Looking at the worst case scenario, you'll be dealing with these things all at once.

Before proceeding.....

If you are about to enter college, here are some guidelines for you on how to have a good head start. However, if you're currently in college, and feel everything is out of hand. It's never too late to start and make you in control of your college life again.

Things That Will Help You To Be Organized

You won't be fully weaponized when you miss these things. These will help you keep everything in one place and more manageable.

A Journal

It helps you in organizing your daily life.

Research shows that people who use journal are more likely to be successful and happy. It helps most people manage their time because here, you can record things like schedules of your class, important meetings or events, work, and deadline of payments. Other than that, you can also track your daily mood, sleep, water and calorie intake to monitor and improve your mental and physical health.

It Improves your Creativity

Your journal reflects on you because it contains some details about yourself and your daily lifestyle. It‘s also up to you on how you customize your journal from cover to every pages according to your style, likes or preferences. You can be creative as possible.

It can help you achieve your goals

As a college student, it is important to write your goals in a checklist format. For example:

First semester:

- Get all my grades above 80%

- Be in a dean’s list

- Perfect attendance

- Be punctual in every class

It’s up to you on how you list all your goals. This can be done daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly because this will challenge and help you to be organized in college. It’ll be more fun if you reward yourself when you’ve completed these chalenges.


A File Organizer for Compilation of Papers

A file organizer or portfolio folder organizes all your works from previous semesters. These will help you to get references from past lectures or topics to review them for the next subjects. Your papers can also be passed on the next batch to help your fellow college students. Other than that, bills and receipts are also important to compile in case for verification. Make sure to label them accordingly. These habits will help you a lot in your college life.


A Study Wall Board

It can be a corkboard, whiteboard, metal grid wall organizer, or any other boards depending on your preferences. This will help you guide on your schedules and display important notes such as homework, grocery list, calling cards, invitations, inspirational quotes, and many more. You can also decorate it with pictures and other stuff. Just imagine it’s like an open journal but bigger and exposed to alert you for reminders.


A File Case

The important thing you’ll be needing when going to school. This is where you put all your papers so that it won’t crumple or get torn inside your bag. It can also be a storage for pen, pencil, eraser, ruler, etc. Another thing is that you can easily know where your files are. Well, that’s what being organized is for.


Things You Must Do

Future depends on what you're doing today. If you don't want to have a failing grade by the end of the semester, better do something about it before it happens. These will be the things you'll be doing to minimize the stress, be in control of situations and keep things cool.

Put Alarm Clock/Device Away from Your Bed

To start with, we'll have some tweaks in every beginnings of your day. Assuming that your classes start early in the morning, this routine may help you being punctual and reduce your rate of being tardy.

This will be hard especially if you are not a morning person. It would be better to start training yourself in owning those morning schedules. Because these schedules aren't so rare in the near future. We start of with your alarm, of course. It shouldn't be giving you a shock like sudden loud sounds. Now, it's time to put that far away from your bed. This will urge you to get out of bed. Make sure you can hear it loud and clear.

This could also be applicable to those that has mid-day to evening schedules. The point is, don't miss those alarms. It will help you to be punctual and never miss those lectures.


Take Notes

Yes, we already live in the modern times. Everything can now be done with the help of your smartphones. You can even take notes using these things. It sure is convenient because everything will be just one tap away. Despite all those convenience taking pictures of the lecture on the board, it would be better if you write down what's on those pictures on your notebook especially after your classes. While the lecture is still ongoing, just listen and write down the important words, key words, and phrases so that you could focus on what the professor is talking about. After the class, spend your free time on writing notes. Writing notes will help you learn a certain topic because you subconsciously comprehend what you're writing. This works better when you discuss it with your classmates/friends.


Avoid Procrastinating

Procrastination often leads to a student trying to make a project and study for exams at the same time all in one night. We often mistake free time for their leisure time and spend it on something else resulting to a missed opportunity to do school works. After lots of missed opportunities, previous undone tasks become stacked with the new ones. The hours supposed to be allotted to the previous tasks was wasted on something else. This will result to the student rushing to do it all in one day sacrificing all the details they still could've added if they only did it earlier.

Break the habit by managing your time wisely. Don't waste it on something unproductive. Review the lessons progressively everyday and not just before the day of exams. Lastly, use social media lesser than usual because these things often take up too much of your time.

With these, you won't be too surprised when the professor suddenly gives exams or changed the deadlines to sooner dates. Doing little by little everyday will save you from cramming to study a 100-page topic or finish a scale model of your university in one night. Lastly, this will be by far the most important thing you'll have to learn to help prevent everything get out of hand.


Be Smart on Choosing Circle of Friends

Friends are essential in character building. They are the ones you can count on in times of need and they help keep you sane especially when you're feeling down. College activities are more fun when done with friends. You'll meet all almost sorts of people you can think of, especially when you are studying in a prestigious university.

They’ll be with you for the rest of your college life. Well, maybe not if you guys stop keeping in touch. Imagine college friends are like a pack of wolves. You’ll need a pack to survive or else you’ll be a lone wolf. Sometimes, you'll encounter those who aren't really helping you in terms of academics. If you see this in them, don't just cut them off. It will be better if you just see them rarely and still be friends. Find some more that may help you get motivated in your academics. There is no wrong choice, but there is a smart choice.


Make Your Study Desk Clean and Minimal

Make your workstation as minimal as possible because this will help you concentrate on your studies, homework, projects, research, etc. and prevent the loss of your personal belongings and save you the worries when you're trying to remember where you've put it. You tend to lose things especially when they don't have proper placements in your workplace. Furthermore, you can easily keep on track with your items if you keep it this way.

Keep away unnecessary things on your desk that may disrupt your will to study. One example may be putting your phone away for the meantime since your phone gives access to all sorts of distractions like social media and video games. Put only the things you will need like your desk lamp.


Go Get That Diploma!

I hope this article helped you get some ideas on how to improve your college life. Just stay dedicated on your goals and you'll never miss it. I told you that there will be a time where you will be dealing with many sorts of unpleasant factors and it is UNAVOIDABLE. One particular time is when you'll have multiple deadlines and exams scheduled in only one day. If you really want that degree, you need to be dedicated and prepare to suffer a few years. You only fail when you stop trying. Best of luck!

© 2018 Aurum Luna

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