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Group Discussion- objectives, steps involved and it's limitations

Group Discussion-diagramatic view


Group Discussion (GD)

A group discussion aims at a structured but informal exchange of knowledge, ideas, and perceptions among the participants on any issue, topic or sub-topic. Contributions are pooled together and examined in terms of their relevance and validity to the discussion objectives. If planned and organized in a structured way and certain essential conditions are met, it can provide a highly enriching and stimulating experience to the participants. Lets us see, the objectives, different steps involved in it and its limitations.

Objectives of a Group Discussion

  • Produce a range of options or solutions, addressing a particular problem or an issue.
  • Generate a pile of ideas by examining issues in greater depth, looking at different dimensions of these issues.
  • Broaden the outlook of the participants through cross-fertilization and exposure to new and different experiences and ideas and enrich their understanding of the issues under discussion.
  • Develop their skills in interpersonal communication and in expressing their views in a clear and succinct manner.
  • Effective means of changing attitudes through the influence of peers in the group
  • Valuable means of obtaining feedback for the training team on verbal skills, motivation level and personal traits of the participants and characteristics of the group

Steps in organizing a Group Discussion

  • Setting up the Groups
  • Planning a Group Discussion
  • Preparation of Group Reports
  • Presentation and Consolidation of Group Reports


  • If the group is large, not all the members may get the opportunity to participate and contribute to the discussion.
  • If the task is not clearly defined, the discussion may lack focus and, as a result, it may be unproductive.
  • Difficulties can arise if the leader is unskilled in guiding the discussion and/or not familiar with the topic or the issues.
  • Some members may dominate and, in a way, hijack the discussion.
  • As this is a group task, some members may take it easy and not feel constrained to participate.


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