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Griddly Games’ “Just Add” Science Kits: Just Add Kids


“Just Add” Adds Fun To Science

Science kits come in all sizes and complexities, but for kids it needs to be more visual. And the kind of thing that they can touch and feel and associate what they are doing with real-world results. Griddle Games understands that so they make their kids’ science kits a beacon for fun that is waiting to be understood and appreciated. Just don’t let the kids know that they’re learning about science and not just having great fun, ok? So it also makes sense that these science kits look totally different than what would be expected. Because bland and boring to the eye means the same kind of results in their minds. So if you’re going to do science experiments with milk, then it makes sense that all the science parts come inside a milk carton. And if you’re going to do science with eggs, then it makes sense that the container looks a bit like an egg. If a lot bigger and with a grip for carrying it around. And if you’re going to do science with baking soda, then the container should open up in a similar fashion to a box that contains such material (fortunately without the scattering of powder that often results in doing this in the real world). So that’s what all of these Griddly Games do— once your child gets their hands of Just Add Baking Soda, Just Add Eggs and Just Add Milk.


Just Add Baking Soda

Start with Just Add Baking Soda because it’s organic and it’s good for children 8+. By that we mean the age range and not that they should ingest the stuff. Now we all know from our youth (and now YouTube) that baking soda does a lot more than just remove odors when you put it into the kitchen. It has the potential for shooting up and showering your face, should you mix it with the appropriate liquid. That it could mimic the effect of a raging volcano or turn into interesting ornaments or bath bombs.

So you open the kit and find? That it contains a bottle and a funnel, cookie cutters, watercolor paper and a paper clip. Plus a balloon and a straw and an eye-dropper and a plastic dinosaur and paint. Just beware, because this is a mix of science and explosions as chemical reactions are studied first hand through experimentation (i.e., doing). Baking soda is really cool, as children will learn first hand while also learning about what is behind what they are now seeing happen.


Just Add Egg

Meanwhile, for the 5+ set you’re going to make it more fun by Just Add Egg, with its egg-cellent egg-speriments for the whole family: it’s always good for adults to participate, but not just for supervision but instead for joining in and becoming part of the show that the child’s imagination can supply (this is true of all of these Griddly Games, by the way). Remember to close the refrigerator after getting out an egg to use, because it might be in the name of this science kit but it certainly doesn’t come with one.

So there’s more than 10 activities and egg-speriments in a large, oval shaped box that comes with a carry string. Inside you’ll find wax and a wick and crayons and moulding clay and bottles of food coloring. There’s more too — such as corn syrup and a dinosaur model. And as was the case with all of these science kits, there are instructions for the adult to ponder as the kids dive right in. Eggs make an appearance (or the opposite by disaapearing), a dinosaur egg comes into being and how DO you get an egg in and out of a bottle (sounds like magic). All puns aside, children will become engrossed by the hands-on enviroment that is created here — along with the freedom to interact and experience science through this everday object.

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Just Add Milk

Finally we get to Just Add Milk. This is also geared for 5+ and yes it certainly does look like a 3/4th sized milk carton, complete with signage throughout that is similar to that of the real thing (but saying different things). When opened you will find inside a lot of stuff: there will paper to use along with food coloring and liquid soap and a science + art activity book. Here you need to go to the kitchen and get some milk (or heavy cream), some soda, vinegar and yes our old friend baking soda.

This kit is all about natural scientific reactions — like learning what happens when milk gets added to food coloring or soda or vinegar. But it also adds elements of artisitc endeavors — where tie-dye designs (hey you hippie!) can be saved on paper and designs made can be turned into mouse pads and window sun-catchers.

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