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Who Were the Greek Goddesses, Titanesses, and Muses?



Part 1 Introduction

Greek Mythology | Myths were told by the ancient Greeks as a way to inform, teach, and continue their cults and ritual practices. The tales were about the origin and nature of the world and all aspects of nature and the environment. Most Goddesses were identified as having been associated with a particular aspect of Greek life.

Titanesses | The first generation of twelve mighty Titans were born of Gaea and Ouranos. Six were females | Mnemosyne, Phoebe, Rhea, Tethys, Theia, and Themis. They were immortal giants of incredible strength and knowledge. They were also known as the “Elder Gods” or “Titanides”.

Olympians | There were twelve great gods and goddesses of the Greeks who were known as the Olympian Gods and had a home on Mount Olympus. Seven were females | Aphrodite, Artemis, Athena, Demeter, Hera, Hestia, and Tyche.

Muses | The Nine Muses were Greek Goddesses who gave inspiration in Literature, Science, Music and the Arts. They were known as, the protectors of these branches of knowledge in Ancient Greece. The Nine Muses were | Calliope, Clio, Erato, Euterpe, Melpomene, Polyhymnia, Terpsichore, Thalia, and Urania.

Note | Still to this day the most knowledgeable of learned persons sometimes do not agree on the spelling of names, the realms and the roles, of the individuals who are part of the Greek Myths. I have chosen my preferred narrative. You may have other interpretations.



A to C

Achelois | Goddess of Pain Relief and Healing

Alectrona | Goddess of the Sun and Morning

Mother Doris | Father Nereus | Married to Poseidon

Amphitrite | Goddess of the Sea

Mother Rhodos | Father Helios | Married to Poseidon

Antheia | Goddess of Gardens, Flowers, Swamps, and Marshes

Apate | Goddess of Deceit

Mother Nyx | Father Eribos

Aphrodite | Olympian Goddess | Goddess of Love and Beauty

Artemis | Olympian Goddess | Goddess of the Moon, Hunting, Birth, and Nature

Astraea | Known as the “Star Maiden” | Goddess of Innocence, Justice, and Purity

Mother Eos | Father Astraeus

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Até | Goddess of Mischief, Ruin, Folly, and Delusion

Athena | Olympian Goddess | Goddess of Wisdom, Art, Poetry, and War

Atropos | One of the Three Fates | Goddess of Destiny and Fate

Bia | Goddess of Force and Raw Energy

Brizo | Known as the “Protector of Sailors, Fishermen, and Mariners”

Calliope | One of the Nine Muses | Muse of Eloquence and Epic Poetry

Ceto | Goddess of Sea Monsters

Mother Gaia | Father Pontus

Circe | Goddess of Magic, Potions, and Herbs

Clio | One of the Nine Muses | Muse of History

Clotho | One of the Three Fates | Goddess of Destiny and Fate

Cybele | Mother of the Gods | Goddess of Mountains

D to H

Demeter | Olympian Goddess | Goddess of Sacred Law, Fertility, Agriculture, and the Harvest

Dike | Goddess of Justice, Judgement, and Order

Mother Themis | Father Zeus

Eileithyia | Goddess of Childbirth and Midwifery

Mother Hera | Father Zeus

Elpis | The Spirit of Hope

Enyo | Goddess of War and Destruction

Mother Hera | Father Zeus

Eos | Goddess of the Dawn

Children Helios (God of the Sun) and Selene (Goddess of the Moon)

Erato | One of the Nine Muses | Muse of Lyrical Love and Epic Poetry

Eris | Goddess of Chaos, Discord, and Strife

Euterpe | One of the Nine Muses | Muse of Music, Lyrics, and Poetry

Gaia | Mother Earth | Goddess of the Earth

Harmonia | Goddess of Harmony and Concord

Mother Aphrodite | Father Ares

Hebe | Goddess of Eternal Youth

Mother Hera | Father Zeus | Husband Heracles

Hekate | Goddess of Magic, Ghosts, Witchcraft, Necromancy, Crossroads, and the Moon

Mother Asteria | Father Perses

Hemera | Goddess of the Day, Daytime, and Daylight

Mother Nyx | Father Erebus

Hera | Queen of the Olympian Gods | Goddess of Goddesses, Women, and Marriage

Hestia | Olympian Goddess | Goddess of the Home, Architecture, Family, Domesticity, and the Hearth

Hygea | Goddess of Cleanliness, Sanitation, and Good Health

I to U

Iris | Messenger of the Olympian Gods | Goddess of Rainbows, the Sea, and the Sky

Keres | Female Death Spirits | Goddesses of Violent and Cruel Death

Mother Nyx

Khione | Goddess of Snow

Mother Oreithyia | Father Boreas

Lachesis | One of the Three Fates | Goddess of Destiny and Fate

Mania | Goddess of Madness, Insanity, Frenzy, and the Dead

Melpomene | One of the Nine Muses | Muse of Tragedy

Metis | Goddess of Wisdom, Deep Thought, and Prudence

Mother Tethys | Father Oceanus | Husband Zues

Mnemosyne | Titan Goddess | Goddess of Memory and Remembrance

Mother Gaia | Father Ouranos

Nemesis | Goddess of Vengeance and Retribution

Nike | The Winged Goddess | Goddess of Victory

Mother Styx | Father Pallas | Sisters Cratos (Supremacy), Zelus (Rivalry), and Bia (Force)

Nyx | Goddess of the Night

Mother Chaos | Children Hypnos (Sleep), Thanatos (Death)

Peitho | Goddess of Charm, Seduction and Persuasion

Mother Thethys | Father Oceanus

Persephone | Queen of the Underworld | Goddess of the Spring

Mother Demeter | Father Zeus | Married to Hades

Pheme | Goddess of Rumour, Report, Fame, and Gossip

Phoebe | Titan Goddess | Goddess of Brightness and Radiance

Mother Gaia | Father Ouranos

Polyhymnia | One of the Nine Muses | Muse of Sacred Poetry and Hymn, Dance, Eloquence, Geometry, Agriculture, and Pantomime

Rhea | Titan Goddess | Goddess of Fertility and Motherhood

Mother Gaia | Father Ouranos

Selene | Goddess of the Moon

Mother Theia | Father Hyperion

Styx | Goddess of the River Styx

Mother Tethys | Father Oceanus

Terpsichore | One of the Nine Muses | Muse of Dance and Chorus

Tethys | Titan Goddess | Goddess of all Fresh Water

Mother Gaia | Father Ouranos

Thalia | One of the Nine Muses | Muse of Comedy and Idyllic Poetry

Theia | Titan Goddess | Mother of the Sun | Goddess of Sight and Heavenly Light

Mother Gaia | Father Ouranos | Children Eos, Selene, and Helios

Themis | Titan Goddess | Goddess of Law, Natural Law and Customs, and Divine Order

Mother Gaia | Father Ouranos

Thetis | Goddess of Creation

Husband Peleus | Children Achilles

Tyche | Olympian Goddess | Goddess of Prosperity, Chance, Fate and Fortune

Mother Aphrodite | Father Zeus (or Hermes)

Urania | One of the Nine Muses | Muse of Astronomy and Astrology



A to D

Agriculture | Demeter

Architecture | Hestia

Art | Athena

Beauty | Aphrodite

Birth | Artemis

Brightness | Phoebe

Chance | Tyche

Chaos | Eris

Charm | Peitho

Childbirth | Eileithyia

Cleanliness | Hygea

Concord | Harmonia

Creation | Thetis

Crossroads | Hekate

Cruel Death | Keres

Customs | Themis

Dawn | Eos

Day | Hemera

Daylight | Hemera

Daytime | Hemera

Dead | Mania

Deceit | Apate

Deep Thought | Metis

Delusion | Até

Destiny | Atropos, Lachesis

Destruction | Enyo

Discord | Eris

Divine Order | Themis

Domesticity | Hestia

E to I

Earth | Gaia

Eternal Youth | Hebe

Fame | Pheme

Family | Hestia

Fate | Atropos, Lachesis, Tyche

Fertility | Demeter, Rhea

Flowers | Antheia

Folly | Até

Force | Bia

Fortune | Tyche

Frenzy | Mania

Fresh Water | Tethys

Gardens | Antheia

Ghosts | Hekate

Goddesses | Hera

Good Health | Hygea

Gossip | Pheme

Harmony | Harmonia

Harvest | Demeter

Healing | Achelois

Hearth | Hestia

Heavenly Light | Theia

Herbs | Circe

Home | Hestia

Hunting | Artemis

Innocence | Astraea

Insanity | Mania

J to P

Judgement | Dike

Justice | Astraea, Dike

Law | Themis

Love | Aphrodite

Madness | Mania

Magic | Circe, Hekate

Marriage | Hera

Marshes | Antheia

Memory | Mnemosyne

Midwifery | Eileithyia

Mischief | Até

Moon | Artemis, Hekate, Selene

Morning | Alectrona

Motherhood | Rhea

Mountains | Cybele

Natural Law | Themis

Nature | Artemis

Necromancy | Hekate

Night | Nyx

Order | Dike

Pain Relief | Achelois

Persuasion | Peitho

Poetry | Athena

Potions | Circe

Prosperity | Tyche

Prudence | Metis

Purity | Astraea

R to W

Radiance | Phoebe

Rainbows | Iris

Raw Energy | Bia

Remembrance | Mnemosyne

Report | Pheme

Retribution | Nemesis

River Styx | Styx

Ruin | Até

Rumour | Pheme

Sacred Law | Demeter

Sanitation | Hygea

Sea | Amphitrite, Iris

Sea Monsters | Ceto

Seduction | Peitho

Sight | Theia

Sky | Iris

Snow | Khione

Spring | Persephone

Strife | Eris

Sun | Alectrona

Swamps | Antheia

Vengeance | Nemesis

Victory | Nike

Violence | Keres

War | Athena, Enyo

Wisdom | Athena, Metis

Witchcraft | Hekate

Women | Hera





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