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Goodness in US

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We, human beings, are capable of many bad things and evil deeds. Since our emergence as a member of Nature's living world:

1) For lust of material comfort and survival, we have caused the extinction of countless living things,

2) For greed and hatred, we spread malicious rumors and resort to murder to strike down those who are in the way,

3) For natural resources and territories, we develop weapons of mass destruction to take them by force from the weak counties.

Yet, despite destruction, disruption, and decadence, our 7 thousand years of civilization is still thriving with a population reaching 7 billion people for the first time. Our good fortune can be attributed to the goodness in us. Our conscience, kindness, and forgiveness save us from our violent, revengeful, and killing instincts.

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Just like any other living thing in Nature, we will always try our best based on our capabilities to survive to see the next day. The difference is that we have not only survived but also thrived and turned the Earth into our playground and all that in it into our personal possessions:

1) We kill animals indiscriminately for their meat as food and its skin and fur as clothing and shoes,

2) We cut down trees, get rid of the grasslands, and flatten hills to build farmlands, housings, and recreational facilities,

3) Digging beneath the ground for oil, excavating chemicals and minerals for medicines and electronics, and mining metals and marbles for building infrastructures.

Earth's landscapes have been altered and transformed by our urges and lust causing the extinction of countless plants, insects, and animals. Fortunately, through our awareness, observation, and goodness in our desire, we have also started to learn, study, and document what is happening around us and the consequences of our blunders and careless actions. All these efforts lead to the implementation and practice of the environmental and endangered species protection guidelines.


Even though we no longer have to fight for food and to mate like any other living things in Nature, we still have to compete for livelihood in society:

1) At work, our continuing employment depends on our performance on the job. To get a pay increase and or promotion, we have to demonstrate that we can do a better job than the co-workers. But, not everyone will play the game according to the rules. Some will use personal connections, exaggerations, and or false rumors, to gain an edge.

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2) Away from work, we seek friendship, courtship, and sportsmanship. Along the journey, we face unexpected competitions from people of all walks of life as true intentions and actions are mired in jealousy, dishonesty, and prejudice.

Even though competitions are not always fair and square, through the goodness in our heart, we believe that with determination and hard work, we will prevail in the long haul.


Before the dawn of our civilization, we had developed spear, bow, and arrow to defend ourselves against fierce predators as well as to kill big and strong animals for food. As time went on, we became the most dominant animals in Nature as we continued to develop more deadly and sophisticated weapons to be used against our most fearsome enemy – ourselves.

The weapon innovation and technology started to take off when nations were formed to protect their people's territory, to take other nations' natural resources, to settle trade disputes with the other nations, and to resolve religious belief difference with the other nations.

Regional conflicts quickly turned into global warfare resulting in the deaths of hundreds of million people and immeasurable property damages. To stop the carnage and destruction, the goodness in our soul comes to the rescue:

1) We established the United Nations where representatives from every nation on Earth can sit down to discuss and iron out complaints/grievances/demands. Aggression, violence, and use of weapons of mass destruction will be dealt with by an international coalition of force.

2) World Health Organization and hunger relief agencies aim to help the improvised nations with health services, disease control, famine relief, agriculture, and farming assistance.

3) World Heritage Committee identifies and preserves historically unique human cultures and structures that inspire and contribute positive values to mankind.


Without the goodness in us, our civilization will not last this long. With the goodness in us:

1) We can create and enjoy arts that lift the spirit,

2) We can compose and listen to music that soothes the mood,

3) We can write and read stories that broaden our imagination,

4) We can cook and eat delicious foods that stimulate our taste buds.

In Nature, life is regulated and managed by the ecosystem. All living things depend on one another for existence and no living things can change the status quote. But, we have changed all that believing that we are the master with infinite power and everything in Nature is at our disposal to satisfy our physical needs. But, absolute power corrupts absolutely. Fortunately, the goodness in us is keeping our violence in check, emotions in control, and desires in place. Most importantly, the goodness in us gives the human species a chance to know its role in Nature and the meaning and purpose of its life on Earth.

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