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Gods and Goddesses Conditioned Humanity to Be Their Slaves


Annunaki is defined in the Sumerians language as “those who came to Earth from the sky/heavens” and is what the Ancient Astronaut  theory is based upon.

Annunaki is defined in the Sumerians language as “those who came to Earth from the sky/heavens” and is what the Ancient Astronaut theory is based upon.

Ancient His Story

Mainstream historians would like us to believe that humanity evolved over time from primitive man learning to adapt to his environment slowly. They would have us accept that ancient man was very primitive and only began to use crude tools 30,000 years ago, eventually learning such advanced concepts as agriculture, animal husbandry and architecture through trial and error. This article Gods and Goddesses Conditioned Humanity to Be Their Slaves will show that in fact we were created specifically to work for them through genetic manipulation and conditioning.

Current scientists and geneticists have learned through researching mitochondrial DNA that the current race of mankind only goes back on the human family tree, roughly 200,000 years. They were able to establish this in the same manner that one learns about their own family tree, through the gene pool. After sampling DNA from many females, of many different races all over the globe, they were able to establish and trace the human race all the way back to the first mother. To their astonishment this family tree ended between 190,000 to 230,000 years ago. This fact was startling because mainstream education has taught us that the human race is millions of years old.

To justify this fact they created the theory, widely accepted today, that the current race of man, known as Cro-Magnon must be an off-shoot race from the original, known as Neanderthal Man. That we must have evolved from an even more ancient original man and that we are in fact a hybrid of this species. However if this theory is true and Neanderthal Man is one of our ancestors, exactly who would be the other? After all, if in fact we are a hybrid species we would need at least one other species to be combined with. Of course, evolutionists would have us believe that we simply evolved from Neanderthal Man into the physically and mentally inferior species we are today as a natural form of evolution.

To be brief, it has been established through skeletal remains that Neanderthal Man had a larger brain capacity, was of thicker stature, more muscular, taller, heavier boned, covered in thick hair, was able to breath in a different manner that allowed him to live at much higher and colder environments and through dental records was predominantly a vegetarian. Physically he was far superior to modern man and in fact had a far larger brain. While having a larger brain doesn't prove he was any smarter than modern man, the potential certainly exist for this to be true.

While Neanderthal Man may not have been any smarter than us, it is a known fact that he was far stronger and many scientist believe he was even stronger than modern day gorilla's, which have been known to pull lions apart limb from limb.

So if we are to believe we evolved naturally from Neanderthal Man, why would we be mentally and physically inferior. After all, because we have very little hair, living in equatorial Africa, where archeologists would like us to believe we began, would mean that we would need clothing immediately or we would sunburn to death in a matter of days. Even if we were nocturnal (meaning we slept during the day and were awake at night), we couldn't protect ourselves from extreme temperatures or other large predators.

Further more, if in fact one of our ancestors on the human family tree were vegetarians, where and how did we learn to eat the flesh of animals? After all archeologists tell us that we only began to use crude tools and weapons 30,000 years ago, so how did we kill animals for nearly 200,000 years?

  • Ever try to run down a rabbit or deer?
  • Ever try biting a cow to death?
  • Ever try ripping a pig or goat limb from limb, assuming of course you could catch one?
  • Ever try catching a fish with your bare hands?
  • Ever try hitting a bird with a rock?

If, as Darwin's theory of evolution were to be true, we would have adapted/evolved for our benefit not our detriment. We would not have become a physically and mentally inferior version of ourselves but a superior version. That being said, we must have been created through a hybrid process but whom would be the other ancestor, this is the big question?

The ancient astronaut theory is based on legends and myths from every major ancient civilization on Earth.

The ancient astronaut theory is based on legends and myths from every major ancient civilization on Earth.

Zecharia Sitchin

Anakin Skywalker

Here is an interesting mental morsel and food for thought, as many of you may know movies and TV shows have been used for decades to implant ideas, concepts and technology into our consciousness as way of getting us used to this information and becoming aware of our changing world.

Star Trek in the 60s used communicators to get us used to the idea of having portable phones and other technology that was going to be introduced into the future. Disaster movies became very popular in the 70s to get us used to our climate changing. UFO type movies like Close Encounters and TV shows like the X-Files allowed us to get used to the concept of Aliens and other paranormal phenomenon and the concept that we are not alone.

However the movie Star Wars in 1976, had its messages as well, that many may have over looked, despite the book The 12th Planet by Sitchin being published that same year.

Allow me to explain, the most popular definition of the word Annunaki by Sitchin is 'those who from Heaven to Earth came', however it isn't the only definition. Others have translated it as 'those whom traversed the sky' or 'the sky (heaven) walkers'.

Now, who is the most famous Skywalker we all know, without a doubt that would be Luke Skywalker and his father we all love to hate Darth Vader. However what was Darth Vader's real name before he turned to the dark side of the force?

His real name was Anakin Skywalker and doesn't Anakin sound an awful lot like Annunaki?

Now Anakin Skywalker maybe a little redundant but when you are trying to introduce a subliminal message, a little over-kill is alright. What is being introduced is that just as our society has good guys and bad guys, so too does the Annunaki race that created us, because after all we learned our behavior from them.

That the War between good and evil has been going on for a very long time and that our ancestors, the Annunaki are engaged in this battle, as well. The concept is that it isn't that evil exists, it is that our choices become evil when we make the wrong ones.

The War between good and evil isn't won with Death Stars and light sabers but the choices each and everyone of us makes.

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Annunaki and Gold

For many years now, the Ancient Alien Theory has been bantered about by astronomers, archeologists, theorists, philosophers and writers. They have based their premise on ancient texts, cave paintings, architecture, myths, oral legends and history but mostly from clay tablets left, by what is widely accepted as, the first modern civilization the ancient Sumerians.

Zecharia Sitchin is the most famous proponent of this theory, a linguist and archeologist by trade turned writer by provocation. After teaching himself to learn the ancient language of cuneiform, the Sumerians used to record their history, he realized that they had recorded the genesis of mankind and left a written record of our beginnings. Through his research he was able to determine that the Sumerians had left a record of humanities origin for future races, that predated the Bible by as much as 6,000 years.

His first book of The Earth Chronicles series, published in 1976 called The 12th Planet, describes how a race of beings from a planet inside our own solar system, known as Nibiru, came to Earth over 400,000 years ago in search of the mineral we call gold to use to save their planet from a deteriorating atmosphere, caused by nuclear war. He shows through painstaking research and meticulous detail how the Annunaki, which is what they called themselves, landed on Earth and set up bases to mine our planet for gold.

Their entire purpose for coming here was specifically to mine gold, of which the planet Earth has an abundance of, to use as a protective chemical ingredient to spray into their atmosphere. Modern scientist have determined that this method of crushing gold down to a fine dust and spraying it into the upper atmosphere could potentially heal the depleted ozone layer as well as trap heat in our atmosphere.

A modern urban legend and propaganda tool is, that the main reason our ozone layer has holes in it is due to aerosol sprays but in fact what is not widely publicized is that nuclear detonations have had a far greater impact on the deteriorating ozone layer. Because this fact is considered part of National Security it is against the law for scientists to make it public or even discuss it publicly.

The Annunaki spread out over the entire world to hunt for gold deposits and to build pyramids that they used to harness the energy of the Earth's magnetosphere. Because of their superior technology they were able to construct these buildings quite rapidly using devices that shaped large rocks to form huge foundations and levitate these rocks into place. This technology allowed them to construct these multi-purpose landmarks of antiquity and construct cities and bases using the natural materials of the planet without the need for large manufacturing facilities.

For over 200,000 years they mined gold on this planet with little interruption. They set up a base on Mars to use as their processing center to refine the gold into dust for easier transportation to their home world Nibiru, what NASA calls Planet X. Because Nibiru only passes by the Sun every 3,657 years and making the journey through the asteroid belt was somewhat problematic even for them, the base on Mars was set up as a way station and refining center, also some mining was done on the planet surface.

Tree of Life

Using sacred geometry we see how it relates to our own human form, chakras and the Tree of Life.

Using sacred geometry we see how it relates to our own human form, chakras and the Tree of Life.

Gold and Clones

However because they were not the natives of this planet, although they were able to breathe the atmosphere, the hardship of living here and mining gold deep beneath the Earth took its toll on the Annunaki workers and they went on strike about 230,000 years ago. Because they had to endure over 3,500 years, Earth time, between replacement workers and their home planet was so far away and inaccessible and the gold was so badly needed, this was a serious concern for the ruling class of Nibiru.

After much discussion and debate it was decided that if their scientist could genetically modify the current primitive form of human living on the planet (Neanderthal Man) into clones with sufficient intelligence to understand what was needed of them, then it wouldn't break the Laws of the Universe which they abided by, which forbade the interference of any indigenous life forms evolving on a planet they visited.

After much trial and error, that involved hundreds, if not thousands of years, clones were finally created that could be used for the task. Initially only seven male and female clones were created, yet they were unable to pro-create and lacked souls but had the sufficient intelligence to perform manual labor and understand basic instructions however it was a time consuming arduous task to create them. Mass producing these clones was somewhat problematic for the Annunaki because it required their own females to bring these clones to term and birth them, they could not be created in a laboratory.

The average Annunaki is around twelve feet tall, the females around ten and because of the orbit of their home planet they live to be hundreds of thousands old years old in Earth years. Because the clones were sterile and could not pro-create and the Annunaki could not reproduce them in the laboratory, it required the undue hardship of a surrogate Annunaki mother of which few were willing to participate, even it meant saving their planet.

Eventually it was decided that these clones would have to be genetically altered to allow for pro-creation, as the process they had used would take too much time and was unpractical for creating a workforce large enough for their purposes. So the Annunaki geneticists went back to work and using DNA from one Annunaki's males rib (lead scientist Enki) and one Annunaki's female rib (Ninmah) they injected it into the first two male and female clones respectively. Incidentally the first two clones were named Aduma (male) and Ti-Amat (female).

When this was done, both clones were introduced into the natural garden/park/orchard like setting the Annunaki called Edin they had created in their first settlement on Earth. This allowed the Annunaki scientists to observe the clone/hybrids in their natural Earth environment to see if they would reproduce. However what soon became apparent was that the new DNA, the geneticists had introduced had given the hybrids self awareness, had made them self conscious, because both Aduma and Ti-Amat had now clothed themselves using leaves from the orchard.

This was an unexpected turn of events because it showed that they were now endowed with an intelligence and awareness of themselves as sentient beings. Because the Annunaki were philosophically divided on the topic of creating a new species and had only proceeded on the pretext that clones would be created not sentient life forms, the ruler of the Annunaki expedition to Earth, Enlil decided to expel these two first humans from the Edin.

The lead geneticists Enki, took the two first humans to his settlement in Southern Africa where they were allowed to pro-create under the watchful eye and protection of the Annunaki gold miners at their compound. Aduma and Ti-Amat proliferated having many children, whom they themselves had children and soon a new race was born on the planet Earth.

Now to be clear the current race of humans (us) that lives on this planet we call Earth was by no means the first, in fact there is much evidence (not shared with the public) that we are the fifth race of mankind and that humanity has lived here for 7 and half million years (see Gnosis And The Law, pg. 105). There is profound evidence recorded throughout our history that the Annunaki were manipulated by higher life forms into creating the current race of mankind as an experiment to save our race from extinction.

In The Lost Book of Enki, Sitchin explains that Enki the lead geneticist was not trying to create a new life form just a worker clone and that could take the place of the exhausted Annunaki worker's. This book recorded in the clay tablets of the Sumerians is told from the perspective of the Annunaki scientist, Enki also known as Ea. It describes how higher dimensional beings (Angels) were present during his experiments and that he believed it was not by chance that lead to Adamu and Tia-mat becoming sentient life forms with souls.


On a temple wall in Abydos, Egypt hieroglyphics of helicopters, aircraft and other technology shows that our ancient 'gods' were just beings with superior technology.

On a temple wall in Abydos, Egypt hieroglyphics of helicopters, aircraft and other technology shows that our ancient 'gods' were just beings with superior technology.

Chris H. Hardy

Drunvalo Melchizedek

Conditioning and War

What must be recognized is that the Annunaki, our creators through DNA manipulation, passed down their character defects, emotions and physical practices as well as their knowledge, science and technology. So while we were created by advanced sentient beings from another world we were not immune to their emotional frailties, greed and lust, as we tried to mimic their advanced spiritual concepts and ideas we also began using their more primitive based ideas to settle disputes and control each other.

The whole reason the Annunaki had come to Earth was to find gold to use to repair the failing atmosphere on their home world, Nibiru. They had caused this deterioration of their atmosphere, through the use of nuclear weapons used in a War that had happened a million years before their arrival on Earth. Achieving technological sophistication does not automatically bring about spiritual advancement as our own society clearly demonstrates.

The Annunaki society is based on a tyrannical concept of a King and noble family or ruling elite with lesser nobles, scientists and military with a clear distinction between the working class, much as our own human society is based. Because of this societal and political arrangement there exists rivalries, jealousy and political intrigue as members of the ruling elite vie for power and status. Naturally this behavior was brought with them from Nibiru, when the Annunaki expeditionary force established the mining colony here on Earth.

They basically evolved as a warrior species that settled their disputes with bloodshed, this naturally lead their newly created sub-species here on Earth to emulate their behavior.

In the beginning of our existence we did not have any of the motivating factors that lead to warfare. We had plenty of room to spread out and no need for territorial disputes, plenty of resources (food and water), no money based economy, no religious conflicts. simply none of the ingredients that lead to warfare. However in an effort to be more 'godlike' we accepted the practices of our creators because spiritually we didn't know any other way.

So before the creation of the sub-species they called the human, the Annunaki were forced to settle their difference more diplomatically because of their few numbers here on Earth, limited resources and the very real need to save their planet. However after the creation of humanity some members of their society felt that they had an expendable resource they could use at their discretion, much like we treat cattle in our modern day society.

Once they adopted the attitude and philosophy that they were the owners and 'gods' of humanity they thought nothing of using the newly created sub-species of humans as cannon fodder to settle their conflicts, quarrels and spiritually debased behavior of territorial disputes, revenge, murder and warfare. They in fact taught humanity the art of war, showed them how to make weapons and introduced them to murder as a way of life.

Granted they also gave us the knowledge of civilization through laws, mathematics, astronomy, animal husbandry, agriculture, medicine, architecture and whole list of other accomplishments what must be remembered is that we were specifically created to work as slaves despite their best intentions.

The Gods and Goddesses Conditioned Humanity to Be Their Slaves but eventually used us for their wars, as their sex slaves and for their own entertainment.

Flower of Life

Sacred Geometry defines the building blocks of our Universe and how the Tree of Life relates to our existence. We see how 7 circles of the same size placed at 30° angles can create all of the platonic solids by drawing a straight line to all points.

Sacred Geometry defines the building blocks of our Universe and how the Tree of Life relates to our existence. We see how 7 circles of the same size placed at 30° angles can create all of the platonic solids by drawing a straight line to all points.


Nature and Hybrids

Once this new race had grown in numbers and age they were used for their original purpose, which was to mine gold and also work as common servants.`

As this new species proved to be so useful and the Annunaki began to rely on them more and more they were in high demand. Also, as the Annunaki expanded their mining operations they began to use these workers as common servants not just miners, these workers then took on a whole new aspect of life for the Annunaki.

Eventually lust overruled law and the Annunaki began to have sex with this new species, probably never considering that the consequences would be the creation of an entire new sentient race of beings. The very principle in which the ruling elite of Nibiru wished to prevent by instituting laws forbidding For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge with these workers and preserve the Annunaki bloodline happened which created an offspring that not only had souls but produce longer life spans and greater knowledge.

What complicated the matter even further was the fact that because the Annunaki had used their own DNA, mixed with Neanderthal Man, to create this new race, these beings had much of the Annunaki features and the Annunaki men found them very desirable despite rules that forbade them from having sexual relations with them. Since fertilization between species didn't seem possible, they probable felt immune to any consequences but nature has a way of adapting.

What must be understood is that before the creation of this worker race (the term worker has been mistranslated or censored as worship from the cuneiform texts by archeologists) the Annunaki considered themselves alone on this planet, with no interaction between the more primitive species, the Neanderthal. Once humanity had been established it was only natural for us to start to mimic our creators and try to be more like them. This lead to a natural form of worship that was manipulated by the Annunaki as they became more dependent on our servitude for their every needs.

Again it is important to recognize that just like our society, the Annunaki were philosophically divided on how to treat this new evolving species. In our current society some people feel that more primitive tribes of man should be allowed to evolve on their own, while others feel it is our responsibility to bring them into the modern age, through education and religious indoctrination.

As mankind grew in population and knowledge it was only natural for them to want to become more like their creators and to please them. They would do this by bringing them food, working harder in the mines for gold, giving them sexual favors and pleasing them in every way they could. Of course it was only natural for the Annunaki, being technologically, physically and intellectually far superior, to begin to feel that they were this inferior species gods and act accordingly.

Once mankind had proliferated and spread throughout the globe, working in the various Annunaki cities and compounds and their numbers became great, two distinct classes of sentient beings were established on this planet. Of course the Annunaki lived in more technologically advanced establishments while mankind lived in more primitive dwellings and cities. The Annunaki had the advantage of airships, advanced weapons, longer life, sophisticated intelligence and far superior strength, as well as being almost twice as large.

Enki believed that mankind should be taught the knowledge of civilization and introduced his group of humans to such advanced concepts as agriculture, spiritual guidance, animal husbandry (livestock), music, astronomy, law, mathematics, language, writing and medical technology and practices.

While Enlil his brother and the ruler of the expeditionary force on Earth felt that the human race should be allowed to remain ignorant and have to learn these concepts on their own, as much to control the growing population as to separate the species. He viewed the evolving species of man as cattle to be used at his discretion and Enki viewed them as children to be taught to be responsible.

This fundamental difference in philosophy, where some Annunaki felt the relationship was more of a parent/child relationship and others felt that it was more an owner/slave/cattle relationship lead to a profound disagreement in how the evolving sub-species known as mankind should be treated. Eventually this disagreement lead to some tribes of humanity becoming more advanced than others spiritually as well as technologically and other tribes becoming more warlike.

This quote from The Urantia Book sums up the essential aspect of this relationship.

"The relationship of child and parent is fundamental to the essential concept of the Universal Father and his universe children. Therefore does such an experience become indispensable to the experiential training of all ascenders." (516.2) 45:6.4

The education of humanity was an essential part of mankind's development in the early stages of our species beginnings. So while certain groups of humanity understood our origins and the nature of the Universe, other tribes were rooted in ignorance and superstitions. This lead to a profound difference in the way in which we developed as an overall species on the planet.

This is also one of the main reasons there exist such a disparity in some cultures and tribes of humanity. We didn't evolve and adapt as one species based on one source of information but as a divided race with various jealous and spiteful 'gods' as our benefactors. Some of the 'gods' were intent on educating us and treating us as their children, while others simply used us for their own pleasures and greedy purposes.

Ooparts (Out Of Place Artifacts)

Many of the Sumerian clay tablets depict artifacts and technology that seems out of place based on our current popular beliefs.

Many of the Sumerian clay tablets depict artifacts and technology that seems out of place based on our current popular beliefs.

The Annunaki Lesson

What should be considered is that the Annunaki had a lesson to be learned and choices to make as well as humanity. They may have been technologically more advanced but they still committed murder, were greedy and lustful and practiced war.

They were divided on how to treat this race they had been duped into creating, oh yes, they may have had the best intentions in creating a clone race but ultimately their actions lead to the creation of a sentient race that side stepped natural planetary evolution.

Their own immortal souls were at risk as well as ours and they too were being manipulated by higher forces from dimensions of reality well beyond the third dimension, they as well as us live in. According to their own related history inscribed in the clay tablets of Sumer, they believed in a Supreme Creator, had fought nuclear wars and outlawed that kind of weaponry, had abolished slavery on their world and had sought to live a peaceful existence despite their obvious shortcomings.

Eventually the majority of their kind voluntarily left our planet over 3,500 years ago because they felt they were doing more harm than good. Of course their technology had advanced to the point that they could mine their gold in the asteroid belt and on other less hospitably planets with little risk.

They also recognized that they alone could not have created a sentient race without Divine help and they realized that they too were being tested. That their continued presence on the planet Earth would only lead to further bloodshed and slavery and felt it was their moral and ethical responsibility to leave.

They will not be coming back unless we invite them.

You Make the Call


While of course, much of this article is speculation based on research, it goes a long way to explaining many of the ancient myths and legends of our origins. This article Gods and Goddesses Conditioned Humanity to Be Their Slaves was written to show how so many civilizations all over the world could have the same origin ideas.

Michael Tellinger in his book Slave Species of the Gods spends an entire chapter showing how many prominent ancient civilizations such as the Romans, Greeks, Mayans, Egyptians, Chinese and even tribes in Africa all have about the same number of Gods and Goddesses, with the same powers and often with very similar names despite cultural and language differences.

This shows how as humanity migrated over the Earth, their masters or 'gods' followed them trying to influence and control them. Having superior technology allowed them to show up in aircraft or boats and provide not just useful knowledge but technological wonders that would have seemed miraculous to the native populations.

Consider how a child that grows up in a stable environment, gets a good education and is shown love and attention develops as compared to one that doesn't and you will understand how some cultures and tribes of humanity were warlike and aggressive while others were more spiritual and benevolent.

Now consider how having and preserving superior knowledge would give you a distinct advantage over other tribes and cultures of humanity and you will understand how secret societies have been developed over the ages to preserve this knowledge and limit whom is taught it.

After all if you possessed the secret to immortality would you share it with the rest of humanity?

Knowledge is Power, this is a fact of life, so by limiting who has the technology to create free energy, anti-gravity propulsion, life saving medical practices and cures for diseases, superior weapons and whole list of other advanced technology would put the keepers of this information in a position to rule the world.

Now consider how, if the true origins of our species were to become public knowledge how this information would prevent those in power from continuing to rule the world through the censorship of ideas and knowledge.

My research has lead me to conclude that almost all of the Annunaki expeditionary force returned to Nibiru on its last pass through our solar system roughly around 1,500 B.C. Although a small contingent stayed behind led by Marduk, Enki's son, allied with the Alien Reptilians to rule from underground sanctuary's and bases of operation.

This ruling body has manipulated mankind for the last 3,500 years, infiltrating secret societies created by benevolent Annunaki's, such as the Freemasons as a way of preserving ancient knowledge and controlling the ruling class of humanity through greed, corruption and avarice.

If current channeled information is to be relied upon then even this small group has been forcible removed in the last couple of years. However the lasting influence of humanities ancient 'gods' and 'goddesses' could take a while to break free from without some outside help.

To be sure these Gods and Goddesses Conditioned Humanity to Be Their Slaves but the truly evil ones are our fellow humans that have embraced this ancient way of life, knowledge and technology to enslave their own kind and rule humanity through their own greed and lust for power.

© 2014 somethgblue


somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on September 21, 2019:

Scientist have told us that the entire Universe (One-Verse, did God sing reality into existence?) is comprised of photon particles (light). Lending credence to the idea that our reality is a hologram, which if true would lend itself to our minds creating our own personal reality which we all share or simply put we all create a shared illusion of what reality should look like . . . follow me?

So is the Vatican basement scary or is that the reality which the Vatican wishes to project? So if we filled the basement with light, would it look different . . . reality is all about perspective. The information stored in that facility could be used for good by using it to "enlighten" the masses or it could be hidden and not shared to the masses, thus allowing it and the masses to be kept in the dark, no light . . . information doesn't scare me, it is the choices people make w/ their information that scares me!

Squires on September 19, 2019:

Look at the basement of Vatican scare the heck out of u

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on September 16, 2019:

I reckon the Vatican is fully aware of all this information and more . . . I would give a body part to take up residence in the Vatican Library!

Lawrence Kariuki on September 16, 2019:

Thanks for this hidden knowledge.Can you send this information to Vatican!?

Debra Allen from West By God on September 26, 2014:

I shared this again.

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on September 25, 2014:

Not unless we invite them, we are both third dimensional beings and although they're thousands of years ahead of us technologically speaking, spiritually we are in the same boat, so to speak.

It has been determined by the Council of Worlds that they are no longer allowed to interfere with our spiritual development and are part of the quarantine imposed on this planet we call Earth.

They have their own spiritual lessons to learn and part of that was how to treat the race they helped to create. That part of their spiritual education is over, now any future meetings will be on more equal footing.

So, no they will not be making a return visit anytime soon, as we have a very special development awaiting us as our planet moves into the Photon Belt and the fifth dimension, hopefully many of us will be joining it.

alvin on September 25, 2014:

all we need is a living evidence..... or will the annunaki come again to earth ?

Nadine May from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa on September 23, 2014:

I truly feel and believe (don't really like that word but you now what I mean)that if we have an inner desire to fully awaken, we will get what we ask for! Thanks again.

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on September 23, 2014:

Speaking of libraries, I have taken your advice and am now restructuring some of my rather lengthy unpublished articles, to make them more reader friendly.

Wouldn't it be cool to have access to the Library of Porthologos, or the Akashic records, the learning that one could achieve wold be awe inspiring.

Thank you for reading and sharing, my thoughts are with you!

Nadine May from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa on September 23, 2014:

Daniel your article is simply mind-boggling and super super informative and thought provoking. I do follow your whole reasoning and indeed there must have been an outside influence. Today more and more truth is been awakened either due to our own cellular memories, but also from our Soul, the library of Spirit. I,m bookmarking this post, and share it all over. Thank you!

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on September 23, 2014:

The quest for the truth has to be food for thought, without the Annunaki being able to present their side of the story, all we can do is speculate.

Thank you for reading and leaving a well thought out comment. Human behavior cannot be explained properly without some sort of outside influence.

Certainly the matter of DNA is not explained very well by the most commonly held beliefs on the subject and evolution quite frankly doesn't add up.

Leslie McCowen from Cape Cod, USA on September 23, 2014:

Very interesting hub. Sitchin strikes a chord with me, too. And very often I think: what some are doing to others......this cannot be human.

Just the other day, I heard on the radio that humans are supposed to have 12 strands of DNA, and we've been stripped down to 2.

As another writer posited: What explains this dichotomy, where we can be such brilliant people, and also such brutal savages (Casteneda)

It's an endless quest for the truth.....but maybe we'll find it.

Nice hub...very informative and thought-provoking

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