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Have You Ever Been In The Right Place at The Right Time?

Are you listening?

Are you listening?

Have You Ever Been In The Right Place at The Right Time?

I have (in the Fall of 2004). About 2 months after returning to my college (after I survived a coma...). Of course, that is simply another story...

I was a member of the Men's Club at St. Peter & Pauls' Catholic Church in Orlando, Florida. I had just attended one of our monthly Men's Club meetings (Tuesday Night) and was heading home in my escape (Thank God I had no passengers, I have said this in another story). I had just crossed Highway 436 and "out of the blue-green" from a grassy field adjacent to the road a car drove out and side swiped my escape as it passed from the field, over the curb onto the road (where my car was occupying the exact time and space). This guy came from the grassy field where there was no road! He was merging from a field where there was no "on-ramp!" He kept driving (after impacting the right side)! It was approximately 8:30 P.M. and it was, indeed, quite dark. Interestingly there is now a Starbucks and a Bruster's Ice Cream store located where the field of green once lay (these 2 stores are a daily part of our family's life, my daughter works at a Bruster's Ice Cream Store-"they do have the best ice cream" says my youngest... and I end up at a Starbucks each and everyday for my favorite (a black Columbian french-press).

Furious at this situation, I chased after him (calling the police on my cell phone), after-all, this is what one would categorize as a "hit and run!" I could not let him get away (stated Mr. Vigilante); he spotted me in his rear view mirror as he turned recklessly into a grocery store parking lot to try to escape the escalating situation. I accelerated caught up to him just after he parked and debarked from his car. I parked to block his car from exiting.

Well to say the least I was quite angry and not unlike "the Hulk!" No not "Hulk" Hogan... At this moment I began to realize I was slipping into the relative state of what some of my colleagues call "temporary" dissociative identity disorder (DID), I simply became someone else perhaps a person like Dave ("The Hammer") Schultz or "Bruiser" Bruce Roscyki (a saintly hero from one of my other stories) or Dave Semencko or "Tiger" Williams (no not the milder Woods) or even Sargent "Slaughter" or perhaps my favorite; that infamous cop-character John Mclane (yippi-kiaye...). I was ready to "float like a butterfly and sting like a bee!" And I don't float! Indeed I was about to find out that this "gentleman" was completely hammered and out of control. He was in no shape to "dance" although it appeared like he was willing. I got right-in-his-face and shouted what the H-E double hockey sticks are you doing (of course no hockey sticks were found)? Do you understand what you just did?...

He slurred his reply and tried to deny that he even hit my car! I smelled the alcohol emanating from his trap. That was it for me; the catalyst kicked in! It was DID or I should say it was done! I immediately began to turn that infamous "color green and I was no leprechaun!" The fury was building exponentially (perhaps a better way to describe it would be to refer to it as reactors over-heating rapidly, E=MC to the 2nd power); Einstein was right, I was going nuclear...There would be no poker-face!

I thank God (again), because at this moment his instinctual "flight gene" kicked in and he retreated rapidly (he must have literally seen my anger) I propose it was indeed tangible! A matter of fact it was so, so tangible, as I pursued him he stumbled and then fell, he slowly got up staggered and said a few choice words (not my choice words...). I contemplated hitting him; however, I began to feel sorry for him and decided it was not necessary. It would have simply been pathetic... I asked him where he was going-he replied that it was none of my business and kept walking and cursing. If he had not taken flight and physically fallen I may never have seen his fallen-state and I may have "fallen" myself (in my rage) and resorted to fighting. The result would have been horrendous for both...

I simply went back to my car and his car. I called the police once again and my better-half... and waited for the police to arrive. As I waited I confirmed the dents on his car as evidence of the accident. At this very moment, a lady (with three young children) stopped (in her mini-van) and was quite emotional as she thanked me for intercepting that drunk (she was in the lane beside me as he tried to "merge" from the grassy area onto the road). My escape acted as a blocker/deflector for her minivan (all of her children were sitting on the right side...). Of course I had no idea she was in the path of this accelerating "skud" and although I was furious and rather selfish about the damage to my car I suddenly realized that perhaps that I had unknowingly acted as a "stumbling block" (I reflected on a distant memory-when I was 6 years old I was described in our local newspaper as a stumbling block when they described my play as a goalie in our community minor hockey league).

I began to realize/contemplate that maybe this was necessary even perhaps planned by a higher authority (i.e. coincidental) to possibly prevent a more serious and potentially fatal situation or at least significant grief for a mother and her children or just another of a myriad of life's important lectures from you know who, for those who may listen... Was I just a pawn moved to intercept a black "skud" pawn to protect a "queen" or perhaps a rook ?(the word rook is derived from the word rokh which refers to a type of charriot). Who knows? I suspect Someone does...

Well the police came took my statement and then tried to find this "gentleman". They did; they found him in a bar! His attachment was significant. He would soon lose his attachment to his car and would be given some much needed help through A.A. not AAA. Perhaps everyone involved received help this eve (including the "gentleman" the woman and her children and of course, the stumbling block...) !

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John Connor (author) from Altamonte Springs on September 22, 2014:

If it wasn't for God's Grace in the nic-of-time it would not have been in check; thus, the honor goes to God...

Michelle Liew from Singapore on August 04, 2012:

Kudos to you, Connor J, for keeping the fight gene in check! Glad that the guy was found and given his just desserts. All the way!

John Connor (author) from Altamonte Springs on January 19, 2010:

Dear Duchess,

I really have no earthly idea; however, I would like to believe that when we all "chip in" and help each other (as our initial response-without thinking); perhaps, we are actually instruments of a higher cause. I can only speculate; it does seem to fit this episode.

Duchess OBlunt on January 17, 2010:

Thank you for sharing this story. I'm glad no one was hurt! and I'm happy you managed to get him nabbed before he could get back in his vehicle and very likely hurt someone(s) the next time.

Maybe that night, being in the right place and the right time, you were that woman's guardian angel.

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