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Gluons or Explosions

Gluons or Exposions

Gluons or Explosions

When thinking about the function of the Big Bang, it is assumed that all the matter in the Universe was contained at one compressed point. In “The Big Infinite” I proposed that there might just be a correct amount of matter that would achieve the same critical mass. Under this postulate a Universe could be created independent of the next Universe; these conditions would result in what is commonly referred to as the Multi-verse. I always come back to understanding what constitutes critical mass for a “Big Infinite” start.

The strong nuclear force defines the atomic structure. In the initial explosion when the universe came into being gave us the majority of known elements. As far as I am concerned, the actual nuts and bolts of everything that happens after the explosion is still up in the air. I believe that Newtonian physics gave rise to everything after the initial explosion. I always go back to the first instance and wonder why. Why and what causes critical mass on a universal scale. You would think that once there is so much mass that nuclear force is no longer relevant, that might cause an explosion. Then I wondered if there is a mechanism already programmed into our subatomic particles for this exact moment.

Particle physics helps the understanding of how elements are made. Human kind is on the precipice of fusion. This fusion of protons currently can only exist in stars. To achieve fusion you need heat and pressure. The race for fusion on Earth is the answer to all the energy needs humanity will ever need. Opposite the nuclear reactors of today; fusion doesn’t use radiation to achieve heat. Fusion is the expulsion of a neutron and the creation of a heavier element. The Gluon, a subatomic particle that holds protons together, is the antithesis to this reaction. Without a Gluon, protons will never stay together. The real question about the Gluon comes in when it is no longer needed.

In a universe generating black hole gravity is so strong, that all matter becomes stagnant. The gravity and mass is so large that all atomic structure space is reduced to zero. This means that all atoms are touching and no space is left for movement. Positive, negative, or neutral charge means nothing when you have what could be considered an atomic soup. This soup or solid depending on how you want to visualize it has a sub-atomic particle up to the challenge.

I postulate that the Gluon has a multi-purpose. I feel that to keep the Universe from ever becoming frozen to gravity, the Gluons final purpose becomes it’s opposite. The critical mass of a Universe’s end, is also its beginning. The Gluon is the force that starts the reaction to create anew. If the sub-atomic particle that is so strong it can hold two (or more) protons together used that energy to force all particles apart, you would have the answer to gravity. In a system where the Gluon is needed it behaves as programmed, but when gravity becomes stronger than strong nuclear force, the Gluon rights the ship.

When the Universe reaches absolute zero the Gluon becomes the “Explosion”. In “The Big Infinite” system the Universe is created, dies, and is created again. In the initial explanation the equation was only using the function of gravity and relativity. In this new explanation we use particle physics to explain the reactionary explosion for the “BANG”. For me, the more I imagine how the Universe is infinite, the more I believe in a higher power. A system that is so mathematically perfect, it will never end.

Michael Reichelt

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April 18, 2022

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