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Giza Pyramid & The Sphinx Their True History and Purpose

My vast library of New Age books has allowed me to research many new interesting theories about humanities ancient history.

Ancient Stargates

Both the Sphinx and the Giza Pyramid were built to cover an ancient portal or star gate system that allows the users to travel the stars without space ships.

Both the Sphinx and the Giza Pyramid were built to cover an ancient portal or star gate system that allows the users to travel the stars without space ships.


Christopher Dunn

Ashayana Deane

History and Purpose

What really lead to Egypt becoming a center for spiritual and technological growth on Earth and an advanced human civilization was the Treaty of El-Annu (848,000 BC) or the ending of what was known throughout the local Galaxy as The Thousand Year War. I'm writing this article Giza Pyramid & The Sphinx Their True History and Purpose to explain in laymen's terms the very complex story behind the construction of both monuments and because the sources of my information are through numerous books, one of which one is very expensive and some of the others difficult to obtain.

In the book The Giza Power Plant Technologies of Ancient Egypt by Christopher Dunn, the author provides us with a compelling investigation into the mysteries of the purpose for this awesome legacy of human engineering. Dunn is a technical engineer by trade and takes the reader on a detailed examination of reverse engineering while providing the reader with a sound theory to the Giza Pyramid's true purpose. His basic premise is that the great pyramid of Giza is in fact a massive harmonic resonance chamber designed to generate power from the Earth's electro-magnetic grid through the seismic vibrations of the planet itself. The benefits of this system would be two-fold by providing an endless amount of energy to this technologically advanced ancient civilization, while also stabilizing the Earth's crust and preventing earthquakes.

In the book Voyagers Vol. 2, which is essentially a channeled digital translation of human history and the planet Earth, Ashayan Deane provides the reader with a exacting narrative of the origins of the human race and ultimately the reason for building the Giza Pyramid and the Sphinx. While essentially, both the Sphinx and the great pyramid of Giza were built to fortify Stargates buried beneath the ground in their respective locations, the book also describes how the Giza Pyramid functioned as large universal harmonic resonance chamber that could tap into, not only the Earth's power core but the core of other planets in our galaxy as well, backing up Dunn's research in his book The Giza Power Plant.

While the book Voyagers Vol.I & II has created much controversy even among New Age protagonists, it clearly defines a history that not only makes sense but provides a chronology of events that is backed up by many other sources, that incidently have also been ridiculed throughout time.

While many other writers and researchers have developed ideas and theories that have revealed the startling advanced geometry, mathematical precision, clear in depth knowledge of astronomy and extremely technical engineering prowess of the builders of the Sphinx and the great pyramid of Giza, most have fallen short of providing humanity for a logical reason for their creation.

Entire Truth

What needs to be recognized though is, "No single discipline is capable of analyzing and presenting the entire truth regarding the Great Pyramid. It requires experts from many different fields. Egyptology is only one of them. The fact is from laymen to senior research scientists, the old theories are being rejected, and there are new views being presented by researchers in various fields."

— Christopher Dunn

Higher Dimensional Beings

Graham Hancock

Consolidating Ideas

What I've tried to do in this article Giza Pyramid & The Sphinx Their True History and Purpose is combine all the different research and ideas into one logical theory that provides the reader with some logical dates of their construction, possible reasons for their existence and perhaps even inspire others to do their own research.

When I got my first computer in 2009 and was able to access the internet, I was told that anything I wanted to know could be found on the World Wide Web. I figured, surely somebody, somewhere, had figured out how the pyramids were built and so my first internet search was to find out how the great pyramid of Giza was built and by whom.

I have never accepted the idea that such a massive structure was built simply for a tomb, nor that it was constructed using thousands of slave laborers using crude and antiquated tools. The impracticality of such a notion is sophomoric bordering on the absurd. Before we get into the specifics of seven years of research let's review what is known about the great pyramid of Giza and the Sphinx.

  • First of all we need to consider the amount of construction material used and what it is composed of to fully appreciate this monumental achievement. Most Egyptologists estimate that between 2.3 and 2.6 million granite and limestone blocks, weighing between 2 to 80 tons each, were used in its construction. These stones have been shown to have been quarried over 500 miles away and Egyptologists would have us accept that they were then loaded on a barge brought to the site of the construction down the Nile. The average weight of these stones is around 2.5 tons.

  • The entire structure of the pyramid covers a little over 13 acres of land with each side being of relatively equal lengths. The North side is measured at 755.5 feet, the West side at 755.9 feet, the East side is 755.10 feet and the South side is measured at 756.1 feet, this is less than an eight inch difference all the way around. Each corner created an almost perfect 90 degree angle, of which two corners are off by less than half a degree. Each side is aligned perfectly to the four Cardinal points of the compass.

  • The great Pyramid of Giza is composed of 203 courses or layers of masonry and stands more than 450 feet above ground level. What is interesting to note is the first 18 levels of stones at the base gradually decrease in size from 55 inches (weighing 10 to 15 tons) in height to 23 inches in height (weighing 2 to 6 tons) at the eighteenth level up from the ground. However after that, the levels of stone grew back to the foundation size of 10 to 15 tons and 36 inches in height from the preceding level. This means that these blocks would have to be raised over 100 feet to be put into place and really defies the conventional thinking of making the base blocks larger and the top blocks smaller.

  • Originally the Giza Pyramid had been covered by at least 115,000 to 144,000 highly polished casing stones made out of white limestone, weighing 10 to 20 tons and cemented into place by a mortar (that has been analyzed and its chemical compound recognized but cannot be reproduced), so exactly that there is less than 2/100ths of an inch between them. What is even more astounding is these casing stones were six sided and yet fit together so perfectly that the blade of a knife could not be slipped between them.

  • The Giza Pyramid is the most accurately designed structure in the world, is located at the center of the geophysical land mass of the Earth and faces true north, with only a 3/60th of a degree of error. The amount of encoded information in the pyramid architecture is truly staggering and is repeated so many times that they simply cannot be considered a coincidence.

  • According to the widely accepted theories of Egyptologists the great pyramid of Giza was built in about twenty years using around 100,000 slave laborers. For this to happen as they outline, it would require that they work ten hours a day, 365 days a year, without any mistakes. This would require that they move at least one block into place every two minutes or 31 blocks an hour for ten straight hours to accomplish moving the 2.3 MILLION blocks into perfect position in two decades of non-stop labor. However this does not take into consideration that the Nile River floods its banks 3 months out of the year, which might just slow things down a bit.

Egyptologists would have us accept the notion that ramps of earth, mud or even other blocks of stone were used to drag these huge building blocks into place using the power of human slaves using simple but crude tools and pulleys. But modern engineers have pointed out that the size, height and weight of such ramps would cause them to collapse under their own weight and were impractical, not too mention there is no evidence that they ever existed. However I will reveal more about the pyramid and the Sphinx's possible construction techniques later in the article.

The information encoded into the pyramid is a direct reflection of the dimensions of the Earth and its relationship to other planets in our solar system as well as other solar systems and stars in our galaxy. Many researchers and scientists believe the pyramid architects were sending a message to future generations but could the dimensions themselves have been an actually requirement to create a harmonic resonance with our planet?

If we consider the pyramids location, at the center of the Earth's geophysical land mass, the fact that many of the numerous visitors, researchers and scientist have noticed an actual physical and mental phenomenon when entering the pyramid, then accepting the idea that the Pyramid of Giza is harmonic resonance chamber receiving energy from the Earth itself is not that hard to imagine.

Now if we consider how our own astronomers and scientists tell us that the planet Earth has the most abundant life of any of the planets they have found so far, is it any wonder that more advanced civilizations with advanced technology and resources might just want to make it their own? After all, how could we as a civilization, without even having left the planet itself be able to protect it from any civilization even remotely more advanced than we are?

Keeping that in mind let's explore the history of our planet and solar system, that I have been able to discover from almost forty years of research and deduction. Remember that most of the more fantastic theories, ideas and concepts of our ancient past are considered myths, legends and mere stories. These stories are ridiculed by our mainstream educations systems and media however if we consider that perhaps the reason behind this ridicule and disdain is to prevent humanity from recognizing and accepting the true legacy of the human race, then these ideas begin to hold some merit in our deductive reasoning and consciousness.


The planet Earth has been shown by our own astronomers and scientists to be the most abundant life source in our known galaxy, is it any wonder other civilizations have fought to control it for eons?

The planet Earth has been shown by our own astronomers and scientists to be the most abundant life source in our known galaxy, is it any wonder other civilizations have fought to control it for eons?

A Brief History of Earth

As most of my readers know I'm fascinated with alternative views of ancient human history, mainly because ever since I was a little kid in elementary school I simply refused to accept the conditioned narratives spoon fed to us through our mainstream education system. Needless to say this lead to quite a bit of rebellious behavior on my part and some frustration for my teachers.

However it did allow me to begin my search for the truth at an early age and I continue to do so to this day. Below is my conception of human history gleaned from years of research and since I have never limited my paradigm to the quaint notion of proof or evidence, it allows me to continue to modify my paradigm as information presents itself.

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Our planet has a very complicated history and did not evolve like most planets do, nor did the humans that were seeded on this planet. In the beginning and for almost 225 million years humans on Earth lived in immortal bodies, without disease or old age and Ascended much like the rest of the Universe did. But because of the unusual circumstances of our planets creation and the competition for its resource (including humanity), developments beyond humanities control forced the Earth's Guardians, the Elohim to implement a series of mechanisms and defensive measures to protect humanity and the Earth.

To be brief all the planets in our solar system Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Maldak (which later imploded and became the asteroid belt), Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Nibiru were planetary fragments from a higher Harmonic Universe (HU-2) that broke off from a planet called (Tara) and were sucked into its Sun. All Suns have sets of white and black holes at their core that can be used to portal energy to other dimensional fields (Universes). These fragments were vaporized and the morphogenetic fields, carried by these fragments were pulled into the black hole as well.

These planetary fragments, from the planet Tara in HU-2, entered into the Harmonic Universe 1 (HU-1) in one large gaseous form, which separated into 12 fragments. One of these fragments fused with a nearby Star and became our Sun and the other eleven pieces began to build up matter density and re-manifest their forms through their portion of the original morphogenetic field of Tara and became the planets in our solar system.

However some of the souls that lived on this planet Tara, were also pulled along with these fragments, ripped from their morphogenetic field at Tara's core and disengaged from their original soul matrices which they needed, to continue to evolve. They literally became trapped in time inside the Unified Field of Harmonic Universe 1, as formless consciousness and there they would have remained for all time had not a group of higher dimensional beings, known as the Palaidorians created a rescue plan.

This group consisting of many HU-2 races, such as the Sirians, Pleiadians, Ur-Tarranates, Elohim, Lyrans, Ceres, Lumians and Alanians (which were one of the races of Tara) formed an agreement to rescue these trapped souls that was called the Covenant of Palaidor. The covenant petition even higher dimensional beings to assist them, such as the Breneau Rishi (beings of pure consciousness) and the entity known as Ra or the Ra Confederacy. Through this covenant, a rescue plan was developed and set into motion to allow these trapped souls to Ascend back to their original planet Tara, from Earth.

The Ur-Tarranates, using inter-dimensional time portal mechanics developed by the Ceres civilization transported into HU-1 at a time/space coordinate just after the Tara Cataclysm (which incidentally is the event known as the Fall of Man). Once on Earth they transmuted their body forms into a pure energy gestalt field of consciousness, with the help of the Sirian Council. In essence they gave up their own evolving life forms in a higher dimensional state to save the souls trapped in the Unified Field of HU-1. This pure energy field of consciousness served as a morphogenetic field for the 12 strand DNA Turaneusiam race prototype.

This morphogenetic field of consciousness took on the form of a sphere and was subsequently named the Sphere of Amenti after a region on Tara. The Sphere of Amenti was then placed at the Earth's core and served as a two dimensional portal to Tara's core in dimension 5. This portal stabilized many other portals between Earth and Tara and also served as link to Tara's past and allowed the trapped souls to Ascend back to Tara in due time. To avoid confusion it must be understood that the First Seeding or First Race would be considered the original souls that came from Tara through its Sun and began incarnating on Earth 250 million years ago.

I won't go into all the details of how this morphogenetic process works but suffice to say, it allowed the trapped souls in the Unified Field of HU-1 the opportunity to re-evolve on Earth and Ascend back to Tara. The Sphere of Amenti entered Earth's core about 550 million years ago but the birthing of the trapped souls didn't begin until about 250 million years ago.

This began what is known as the Turaneusiam-2 or T-2 experiement. All 12 morphogenetic fields became a different tribe of humans, out which our present human lineage has emerged. Originally five races began the Covenant of Paliador, these races did not possess gender nor did they possess the degree of matter density we do now.

  1. Ur-Antrians- Brown skinned.
  2. Breanoua- Red skinned.
  3. Hibiru- White skinned.
  4. Melchizedeks- Yellow skinned.
  5. Yunaseti- Black skinned.

These races populated the Earth for untold generations, creating various racial mixtures through which many of the lost souls of Tara were able to Ascend. They did reproduce but not as we understand it, through the physical reproduction process of sexual intercourse but through a melding of morphogenetic particles. Known as the Second World by Native Americans, this great civilization lasted for 225 million years (250-25 million years ago). There are no remnants of this civilization left on Earth.

25 To 5 Million Years of Evolution

The seeding of the Third World began much like the previous one, except this time the five races polarized their morphogenetic field and divided into six females and six males. A total of 60 adult humans were seeded on earth 25 million years ago as the fourth stage of the Palaidorian Covenant began and these adults became the original ancestors of the current race of humanity.

Two more root races were added over the span of 20 million years, the Lumarians (a brown skinned race) around 15 million years ago and the Alanians (a red skinned race) appeared about 9 million years ago. Although, unlike the previous race, each soul would incarnate into each of the seven races, before moving into the Halls of Amenti and Ascension. These 7 races evolved on Earth from about 25 million years ago to about 5.5 million years ago . . . when a group of Aliens opposed to the Turaneusiam-2 experiment began what is known as the Electric Wars which lasted about 900 years.

Pole Shift, Floods & Breakdown of Unified Consciousness

The results of the Electric Wars had far wider implications to the planet Earth and the human race than can be discussed here but I will try to give my readers the main points, without digressing any further.

For a period of about 4,000 years following the end of the Electric Wars, the Earth underwent massive tectonic plate shifts, erratic weather patterns and sustained geographical upheavals. During some of the more calmer periods some animals were reseeded by visiting ET groups but for the most part the surface of the planet was uninhabitable. Then around 5,504,000 years ago a sudden final Pole Shift occurred creating an Ice Age that destroyed all remaining life on the planet except for some animals living deep in the Earth's oceans.

This Pole Shift resulted in the removal of the Sphere of Amenti from the Earth's core to prevent the planet from exploding. This removal of the Sphere of Amenti by the Ra Confederacy and the Elohim to a deep space location in dimension four prevented humanity from Ascending and caused the human soul to fragment upon death.

Essentially what this did was wipe out our racial memory core upon incarnation on the planet Earth, preventing any incarnating souls from remembering their purpose for incarnating on Earth, their connection to higher dimensions from which they came and their connection to the planet itself. It would block all the teachings of the Law of One learned over many lifetimes while exaggerating the perception of duality and separation of self from all things and each other. It in effect mutated our DNA memory system while distorting our natural evolution and fragmented our conscious mind.

This multi-layered consciousness would require that we develop the ability to dream as a way to reconnect our unified awareness of the past. What basically happened is we developed a type of tunnel vision that prevented us from accessing our spiritual bodies and become reliant on only our five physical senses.

Once the Sphere of Amenti was removed, the Earth's vibrational grid plunged to a much lower density, which caused massive global cataclysms, sinking continents and a global flood that covered 85% of the entire planet. This massive Extinction Level Event (ELE) created a permanent racial memory block for all incarnating souls that came afterwards.

Electric Wars

The Electric Wars as they were known, were fought around 5 and half million years ago, came about from Higher Dimensional beings opposed to the Turaneusiam-2/12 experiment and for control of the strategically important Earth portal or Stargate system and Sphere of Amenti. This group consisted primarily of Sirian-Annunaki and higher dimensional ET groups.

Essentially this war was brought about because some of the human race had begun to mutate by combining their morphogenetic life force with other ET groups visiting the planet and from animal interbreeding. This contaminated their human life force, preventing their continued existence as immortal beings and ability to genetically transmutate and Ascend.

Concerned that these mutations would contaminate the Tara races of HU-2 by ascending humans through the Halls of Amenti, the ET races mentioned above, tried to terminate the Turaneusiam-2/12 experiment on Earth. These groups descending on Earth in vast space fleets and engaged the Elohim of HU-3 and the Covenant of Palaidor in HU-2 in massive energy battles in the Earth's solar system as well as its atmosphere. These battles were called the Electric Wars because of the massive display of energetic forces and power by both sides.

Most of the humans on the planet during this 900 year war were either relocated to other HU-1 planets or Ascended through the Sphere of Amenti at the core of the Earth to Tara. Those that had mutated and lost their immortal status and pure genetic code were unable to ascend and were destroyed with most of the life on the planet Earth.

The Earth would have eventually been destroyed as well but the Breneau race of the Harmonic Universe-5 intervened and negotiated a treaty. The results of this treaty sealed the Halls of Amenti from humanity, preventing them from Ascending, until the genetic mutations could be reversed.

The Electric Wars also had a terribly destructive impact on the planets surface, destroying most of the life and causing widespread destruction but also created extensive damage to the life force of the planet Earth, as well. This lead eventually to a dramatic Polar Shift which caused the Earth's vibrational grid or (Life Force) to plunge to a very low rate and it could no longer hold the higher vibrational frequency of the Sphere of Amenti at is core.

Had the Ra Confederacy and Elohim Guardian race not removed the Sphere of Amentia along with the morphogenetic grid of humanity immediately, the planet would have exploded. The Sphere of Amenti was taken to a secret location in the fourth dimensional Universe and served as a collector for human soul fragments unable to Ascend. Of course the Earth without humanities morphogenetic grid in its core could no longer share the racial memories with those that still lived on it or would incarnate on it in the future.

However this arrangement also manifested in humans by blocking the energetic connection between their etheric and physical bodies. This created the perception of duality between the conscious mind and the physical body, which humans still to this day endure. This war effectively ended mankind's ability to Ascend naturally through the Halls of Amenti and although they could still evolve spiritually, Ascension for the most part came to a grinding halt.

Until the Sphere of Amenti could be returned to the Earth's core humanities evolution was stunted and it could take untold millions of years for the Earth to raise its vibrational frequency high enough to allow the Sphere of Amenti to return.

5 Million Years Ago

For about a million and half years the situation on Earth remained unchanged and looked bleak, until a plan was conceived which would involve using another planets core as a host for a portion of the morphogenetic field of Earth and its incarnating souls. By creating an artificial portal bridge between this host planet, Sirius B, the Sphere of Amenti (in dimension4) and the core of the Earth, it was hoped that it would jump start humanities abilities to achieve Ascension.

Of course this would create a hybrid strain of Sirius/Human consciousness, which became known as the Kantarian race. This experiment gave humanity far more evolutionary options and prevented soul fragmentation upon death of the body. The many different groups of humans that fled to other planets during the Electric Wars were allowed to return to Earth to complete their soul evolution.

One group from the Pleiades star system became known as the Dagos, a dark brown-skinned race, returned to Earth about 3,905,750 years ago and set up a colony in Africa. Various other races over the next million years began reseeded the Earth which became the ancestors of the Atlantian and Lemurian civilizations, this was known as the second seeding of Earth or the Fourth World by Native American people.

Also during this time groups of humans that had fled underground returned to the surface and rebuilt their civilizations, such as the Lemurians and Atlantean civilizations. the five main root races of humanity all enjoyed an evolutionary renaissance on Earth for almost 3 million years, living in peace and harmony.

Bauval & Gilbert

Drakon From Orion

Approximately one million years ago a race known as the Drakon Empire came to Earth and began to tamper with the genetic codes of the evolving races, creating human hybrid race known as the Dracos. The Drakons were a sentient, intelligent, bipedal reptilian race, that exhibited very aggressive war-like behavior. They were expert geneticist and scientists but had little regard for other sentient races and lacked spiritual development. They had interbred with strains of the Annunaki Resistance and did have some human DNA but had been banned from Earth after the Electric Wars.

The Draco-Reptilian human hybrid race they created using human DNA, had the body of a human but the facial features and temperament of the Drakons. The Drakons began to round up and enslave the human races on the planet and created a intelligent species of dinosaur to work as wardens or monitors for their newly enslaved prisoners.

Dinosaurs had been seeded on this planet over 375,000,000 years ago by another ET race as an experiment and up until that point were vegetarians and docile. But this new race of dinosaur were, of course aggressive and carnivorous, and began eating the human populations and enslaved prisoners.

These were the preceding events that lead up to The Thousand Year War detailed below and drove many of the evolving peaceful humans back underground. Some of these civilizations were allowed to enter the portals that guarded the entrances to Hollow or Inner Earth and begin civilizations inside the planet.


While I cannot confirm this I do have it on good authority that this what a Elohim looks like. Does that look like a fallen angel to you . . . just saying?!

While I cannot confirm this I do have it on good authority that this what a Elohim looks like. Does that look like a fallen angel to you . . . just saying?!

The Thousand Year War

The Thousand Year War, mentioned above was just such an Event that was beyond the scope of human control and although we cannot be considered innocent bystanders because we did participate to a degree in the War we didn't have much input in the outcome and we certainly paid the ultimate price. In a nut-shell The Thousand Year War was between the Earth Guardians known as the Elohim and the Sirian faction of the Annunaki over control of the evolutionary direction of humanity, Earth's abundant resources and the reintroduction of the Halls of Amenti (Gates of Heaven or Stargate) into Earth's planetary core.

However the War started on Earth between the ancestors of the Egyptians, known as the Serres (a superior guardian race created by the interbreeding of the descendants of a Harmonic Universe-2 (HU-2) civilization known as the Ceres) and the human races known as the Atlanian and Aryian races and the Nephilim. The Nephilim were a race of giants created 950,000 years ago from the interbreeding of the Annunaki and the Atlantian culture.

The Annunaki had infiltrated Atlantis and convinced this thriving culture that they were in fact their Gods by teaching them an elitist, materialistic distortion of the principals of the Law of One. They were expert geneticists and possessed advanced technologies, which helped them to convince the Atlantians of their superior wisdom and abilities. Their patriarchal society and sexist version of the Law of One, helped to instill the notion that women were subservient to men and should be used for breeding purposes only.

The Nephilim, due to their advanced genetics and much larger size quickly began to dominate the less developed human races on the surface. The Nephilim created a highly advanced materialistic culture built on the exploitation of less evolved life forms, about 950,000 years ago. The Annunaki were great geneticist and began experimenting on human/animal life forms, creating terribly distorted mutations, what is known in mythology and legend as Minotuars, Griffins and Centaurs.

For about 100,000 years, after the Nephilim race was created, humanity flourished despite these giants dominating culture and aggressive tendencies. Many of the ancient races of man retreated underground to escape the aggressive warlike nature of the Nephilim, creating city-states in large caverns, honeycombed throughout the Earth's crust. Some of these early races were allowed to enter into the protection the Inner Earth sanctuary, through portals guarded by the Priests of Mu. These races became the Inner or Hollow Earth civilizations known as Agartha and other cultures such as the Vril.

The Elohim and Ra Confederacy went to great lengths to genetically splice-out the Nephilim genes from the human morphogenetic field, so as to prevent it from taking humanity in a completely different evolutionary path. Although they had to leave the altered and dismantled DNA in the cells as dormant (geneticists have categorized this as Junk DNA) it still allowed humans to Ascend, which is what the Annunaki were trying to prevent.

By preventing humanity from Ascending, the Annunaki hoped to enslave the human race into a species that reincarnated over and over again without remembering their past lives or planetary memories. This would allow them to manipulate the entire race through disinformation of a false and distorted version of the Law of One and turn the entire planet into a slave race, to do their bidding.

However what this power struggle produced was essentially a civil war between the Annunaki and the Earth civilizations they influenced and controlled. This civil war ended up destroying the ancient advanced civilization of Atlantis and isolating the Inner or Hollow Earth civilizations from those on the surface. This true history of our planet has been censored, distorted and ridiculed ever since which has allowed the Annunaki and Hollow Earth civilizations to continue to play Gods on our planet ever since.

The protection afforded the Inner Earth and Hollow Earth Civilizations, through the portal systems, allowed them to live relatively peaceful lives as opposed to cultures that evolved on the surface, that had to endure countless ET invasions and wars. The Inner Earth civilizations quickly became more technologically and spiritually advanced and although technically still part of the human race for all practical purposes they were considered a breakaway civilization.


This artist conception of Atlantis shows the most commonly accepted description of its structure.

This artist conception of Atlantis shows the most commonly accepted description of its structure.

Destruction of Atlantis

Again to be as brief as possible while providing enough information for this to make sense to my readers I will give you a Readers Digest version of events after the creation of the Arc of the Covenant and between the Destruction of Atlantis, which was roughly a span of 800,000 years.

After the Treaty of El-Anun and the end of The Thousand Year War, the Earth went through a long geographical and spiritual adjustment period in which for all practical purposes evolution and Ascension came to a grinding halt. The Nephilim were removed from the planet and taken to Sirius A where they joined the remnants of the Annunaki Resistance and Dracos.

However once the Arc of the Covenant was created the higher dimensional Guardian Races began the process of the Third Seeding of Earth. The two primary groups of descendants of humanity that had fled the Earth during The Thousand Year War and still possessed a reasonably pure genetic lineage were the Melchizedeks/Hibiru hybrids known as the Hebrews and the Serres-Egyptians. Both these groups were commissioned by the Elohim, Ra Confederacy and the Palaidorians of HU-2 to participate in the Third Seeding.

Upon returning to Earth they found that a small group of humanity from the Second Seeding had survived the War, mostly the descendants of the Ur-Antrian race. This groups had survived by moving underground into the large caverns created during the Electric Wars. So a crossbreeding program was orchestrated. even though both the Melchizedek and Serres humans now had some Alien genetics in them.

This new race was called the Urtites and they established their presence on Earth about 800,000 years ago. Working with the Inner or Hollow Earth civilizations and the Palaidorians, they created a group of Guardians known as the Priest of Ur. This group lived primarily underground and with the Inner Earth civilizations and served as the Guardians of the Arc of the Covenant.

This new race of humanity, called the Urtites, were the common ancestors for many ancient surface civilizations, when the Earth surface once more became habitable around 750,000 years ago. This race established pockets of humanity spread all across the globe from North and South America to Africa and from East Asia to Europe. Around 75,000 years ago the Lemurians developed a sophisticated civilization on a large land mass the Pacific Ocean and around 72,000 years ago the Atlantian civilization began on a large land mass near what is now the Caribbean.

The Atlantian culture benefitted from a large population of Annu living among them and their connection and interstellar commerce with their Sirian forefathers. The Lemurian civilization developed trade with their star race ancestors the Pleiadians and both civilizations developed a high degree of technological advancements. The Annu-Melchizedeks brought the true teachings of the Law of One to both cultures.

As both cultures thrived under the tutelage from their ancestor star races, the Sirian Council and Ra Confederacy allowed these ancient Alien races to provide new advanced technology in the form of large crystalline powered energy generators to these newly developing Annu, Lemurian, Atlantian and Ur-Antrian human races and taught them how to harness the power of the Earth's core.

This new technology allowed humanity in general to thrive and permission was granted by the Elohim and Ra Confederacy to allow power to be drawn from the Sphere of Amenti, through the Arc of the Covenant which would provide these new races of man the ability to accelerate their genetic evolution, use a new form of bio-energetic healing and teleport massive objects immense distances.

This new power source fed through the Arc of the Covenant, which was located in Atlantis, provided power to every continent and civilization on the planet. Advancements both spiritual and technological allowed humanity to thrive for over 20,000 years, this was truly the Golden Age of Man. These two civilizations of humans that are only considered legends and myths by our own mainstream education system, developed civilizations that far surpassed our current one in terms of technology, health care, food supply, education, astronomy, science and spirituality.

Both Lemuria and Atlantis routinely carried on trade with Aliens from distant star systems. Although they had interstellar space craft their access to Stargates allowed them to simply walk through one to reach the other side of the galaxy. When you realize and recognize that our ancestors had far surpassed our own current civilization, then it will help you to better understand why this information has been hidden from you.

Because these civilizations had now grown into such powerful and advanced societies and cultures, the Annunaki Resistance wanted what they had and plotted to cause their downfall. They did this by covertly infiltrating the Atlantean culture about 55,000 years ago, creating genetic and social digression. They began interbreeding with the Sirian-Annu Annunaki and over the course of many generations (the average human life span was 900 years back then) they began to distort the teachings of The Law of One.

About 52,000 years ago the Annunaki Resistance helped their Draco allies to secretly land on Earth in the Lemurian region and set up underground bases. Their Draco allies then began a series of systematic terrorist attacks planned on creating chaos and havoc among the peaceful Lemurians and other neighboring human civilizations, including some Atlantean cultures.

Before the Sirian Council could get to the Earth and capture and remove the Draco terrorist assult forces, both Atlantis and Lemurian officials tried to destroy the Draco bases using the crystal energy generators but their plan ended up causing a massive underground explosion that caused the almost complete destruction of Lemuria itself. This utter and complete catastrophe, forced the surviving Lemurians to flee their lands and seek shelter among other human races, spread through out the planet and beneath the surface in Hollow or Inner Earth.

The results from this explosion were massive volcanic activity, huge earthquakes and floods and continuous shifting of the tectonic plates of the Earth. These Earth changes in turn caused a mini-ice age and forced almost every human on the surface to retreat underground or to Inner or Hollow Earth civilizations, for help and safety.

However it also, caused most of the Annunaki Resistance and almost all the surviving Dracos to flee the planet as well but severly damaged the Arc of the Covenant. The Elohim and Sirian Council with the help of the Ra Confederacy were able to salvage the Arc and rebuild it but it had to be moved to a more stable location in Egypt. The Arc of the covenant rescue operation and relocation to Egypt happened 51,750 years ago.

Sphere of Amenti

The Sphere of Amenti is the key to humanities Ascension but having access to the planets Star Gates is essential for the future of mankind.

The Sphere of Amenti is the key to humanities Ascension but having access to the planets Star Gates is essential for the future of mankind.

Graham Hancock

Arc of the Covenant

The Sphere of Amenti has been removed from the Earth's core on numerous occasions to protect it and the Earth from destruction. The last time this was done was 849,000 years ago, during the outbreak of The Thousand Year War. The removal of the Sphere of Amenti from the Earth's morphogenetic grid and the results of this lengthy war, caused wide spread surface destruction and an unbalancing of the Earth electro-magnetic grid.

The Earth endured a geographical and climatic change and a partial Pole Shift that lead to 85% of the Earth to flood. This caused the extinction of many animals and plants and some humans that were unable to be relocated to other star systems or find shelter beneath the surface or in Hollow Earth. This global catastrophe, which is what the Biblical Flood stories are based upon, put a hold on human evolution.

Because the Sphere of Amenti served as a Stargate or portal system to allow genetically and spiritually evolved humans to Ascend to their next evolutionary stage and return to Tara, the original home planet in Harmonic Universe 2, another portal system would have to be created and placed on the Earth, linking to the Sphere of Amenti (hidden in the core of a planet in the Adromeda star system).

This new Stargate or portal system was initially called the Arch of the Covenant of Palaidor and later became known as the Arc of the Covenant. However to protect the original genetic strain of humans, that had become tainted by numerous Alien crossbreeding programs over the course of their 250 million year history, the Arc of the Covenant was only used to introduce new humans into the evolutionary process, in other words it became a one way link.

This was done, so that only the original pure race of humans could Ascend, thus preventing genetically altered humans created from crossbreeding programs to Ascend. This would allow the genetically altered humans a chance to evolve, become a more spiritually sophisticated, harmonically balanced and genetically pure race however this would of course take time.

Essentially, this concept, known as the Shield of the Arc, was designed as protection and allowed the Arc to self regulate itself. Once a certain amount of living humans (8% of the total population) achieved a spiritual and genetic purity through crossbreeding with other pure human races, the vibrational grid of the planet would rise and this would allow the Sphere of Amenti to return to the Earth's core.

This was a brilliant plan because once the Sphere of Amenti was returned to the Earth's core it would restore the genetic and universal memories of every single human on the planet. Essentially it would create a mass awakening on a global scale of the true nature of humanity and its 250 million year history. But even more importantly it would reveal the hidden information on Ascension mechanics and ALL of humanity would rapidly learn the requirements needed to move to the next level of human evolution.

Ah . . . the best made plans of Mice and Men and Alien Guardian races from the Higher Dimensions.

What must be understood is that for the Sphere of Amenti to return to the Earth's core through the Stargate of the Arc of the Covenant, it would require a tremendous amount of multi-dimensional organization, corporation between numerous higher dimensional races and about 800,000 years of evolution . . . what could possibly go wrong?

The Rise of the Egyptian Civilization

The relocation of the Arc of the Covenant, 51,750 years ago to Egypt from Atlantis, is what lead to Egypt prospering and becoming a center of trade and spiritual mecca for the followers and practitioners of the Law Of One. The Annu-Melchizedek, Serres-Egyptian and Hebrew races all became the guardians of this ancient portal and energy device, due to their pure genetics.

The Arc of the Covenant had to be moved from its location in Atlantis, after the cataclysmic explosion that destroyed the island continent of Lemuria in the Pacific Ocean, 52,000 years ago because the portal tunnel system between these two civilizations had become unstable.

As I said above Earth's history gets complicated and confusing because there were two competing factions of Annunaki interlopers in Earth's history. The descendants of a Sirius-Annunaki race that practiced a distorted sexist patriarchal philosophy of the Law of One allied themselves with the Nephilim and Draco Empire and engaged the Elohim in the Thousand Year War. But when that War ended with the Treaty of El-Annu, a new hybrid breed of Annunaki-human was established and allowed to evolve on Earth on the condition that they would embrace the true teachings of the Law of One. This new race of Annunaki hybrid Melchizedek humans were called the Annu and were closely linked to the Sirian Council.

The Annunaki that refused to embrace and practice the Law of One, the main instigators in the Thousand Year War, were known as the Annunaki Resistance. This rebel race of Annunaki Resistance were able to influence the newly created Annu race by quietly infiltrating the Atlantian civilization and interbreeding with the Annu, this group became known as the Annu-Templars.

What lead to the construction of the Sphinx and the Giza pyramid was the continued aggressive power struggle between the Annunaki Resistance and their allies the Annu-Templars and the human races both on the surface and the Inner-Earth Civilizations. These Inner Earth Civilizations were protected by portal defense (stargates) systems but the Annunaki Resistance had gained technology that would potentially allow them to circumvent these defenses.

This lead to the Annunaki of the Sirian Council to petition the Interdimensional Association of Free Worlds for permission to make a show of strength on Earth and to offer the Inner Earth Civilization and the surface civilizations protection from the growing Annunaki Resistance. Permission was granted and the Sirian-Acturian Coalition for Interplanetary Defense was called in to assist the Annunaki with this mission.

The first goal was to construct a base of operations over the portal that lead directly to the Inner Earth Civilization in Egypt, this was the location for the Sphinx. During the same time another massive base was constructed over the portal that lead direct to The Arc of the Covenant, this was the Giza Pyramid.

The Sphinx was constructed to serve as a fortification and storage facility, which housed the ancient records and texts of early human history and the energy transmitting machines that were linked to the Arc of the Covenant and the smaller Ankhs that were used for construction tools and healing purposes. It was built as a tribute to the ancient Annunaki Gods, with the head of an Annunaki warrior on the body of Leonine. The Leonine's were an ancient superior bi-pedal feline race that was instrumental in the development of early Annunaki civilization.

It is important to note that the Ankhs were only tools that drew their energy from the Arc of the Covenant. These tools were designed to use the natural laws of inter-dimensional energy mechanics to synthesize high frequency energy waves which provided the Ankhs with the power to reverse gravitational polarity and manipulate particles within the morphogenetic fields of Earth's matter, such as rock. In effect, it allowed one to manipulate rock into any shape or form and moved it effortlessly. The Ankhs also were used for weather modulators, healing devices and inter-dimensional transport devices.

The next major construction and fortification was the Great Pyramid of Giza which was situated directly over the portal opening to the Arc of the Covenant, this happened in 46,459 BC. However it has been rebuilt twice since then due to flooding and earthquake damage, once in 10,500 BC and again in 9,000 BC, with minor reconstruction at various other times. It was not constructed as a tomb, despite what Egyptologists would have us believe.

The main purpose for its construction was to serve as a massive fortification for the Arc of the Covenant's portal to the Sphere of Amenti, which at that time was hidden in the Andromeda star system and to serve as an inter-dimensional teleportation center.

It was designed basically as machine or device to be used as a Harmonic Resonance Chamber that could pull energy from deep space. It did this by using a very large Ankh positioned beneath the capstone to draw energy directly from the core of the planet Sirius B.

When it was built both the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Arc of the Covenant were situated on the Earth's geographical center point, within the energy vortex that represented the "Heart Charkra" within the Earth's planetary bio-energetic system. By creating a Harmonic Resonance Chamber within an inter-dimensional vortex it allowed for instantaneous transportation from Sirius B and other star systems to Earth should the Arc come under attack. This gave the Sirian Council and Galactic Federation fleets a great advantage.

While the Pyramid remained in operation as an interstellar teleportation center, it served as the greatest deterrent to an Annunaki Resistance and Draco Empire invasion. The pyramid served its purpose as an interstellar teleportation center for over 20,000 years, until an explosion in Atlantis knocked the Earth off its axis and misaligned the vortex. This lead once again to having the Sphere of Amenti removed from the Earth's core.

Krista Raisa & The Sphere of Amenti

While the video below is not a vast wealth of knowledge, I'm sharing it with you as an example of how our younger generation is already awake and years ahead of the older generations in terms of spiritual evolution.

Ashayana Deane's early work is consistently well presented however her videos and interviews lack cohesion and are not what I would call fluid. She has a vast amount of information, knowledge and wisdom to share and if you can find and purchase her books at a reasonable price I highly recommend them but her videos may turn some people off.

Krista Raisa

Fall Of Man and Full Disclosure

One of the main reasons for so much confusion concerning our planet's history is that the creation of the Earth was part of a complex plan to save millions of souls that had become isolated from their planetary morphogenic grid in the Harmonic Universe-2, directly above us in the evolutionary ladder. This is what the Bible refers to as the Fall of Man, which in essence didn't happen in our Universe or on the planet Earth and actually occurred before the Earth even existed.

When reviewing myths, legends and stories of our ancient past one must consider that history is often described by those in control (or the victors) to be slanted in favor of only the information they wish to share. If you wanted to prevent any culture or group of people from learning the truth about their Guardians would you not portray them in the least favorable light?

The Elohim have often been described as fallen angels but could this not be disinformation propagated by those in power to prevent humanity from recognizing the true nature and role they have had with humanities existence on Earth?

Be that as it may, considering the vast amount of information now being presented to the common man through books, videos and the internet, it is becoming increasingly evident that a Full Disclosure Event is right around the corner. Surely, if I can learn the secret history of mankind through just the normal channels of information available to the average human, we cannot be to far from experiencing a data dump that would reveal to everyone the true nature of the human condition.

This is exciting times to be living in and regardless of anyone's spiritual evolution, a data dump on the internet exposing the truth behind the centuries of control by The Cabal, disclosing of information in regard to Secret Space Programs, our Hollow or Inner Earth ancestors and the true history of mankind, will invariably raise the level of human intelligence and provide the impetus for a spiritual rebirth of the human condition.

According to the numerous sources of information I rely on for most of my articles, this kind of mass awakening is already in progress and like the 100 Monkey Theory, once a certain percentage of the Earth's population attains a soul awakening it becomes a cascading affect that will propel humanity into the next level of human evolution and eventual Ascension.

This is one of the main reasons I write these kinds of articles Giza Pyramid & The Sphinx Their True History and Purpose to help us all explore the truth of our condition here on the planet Earth. It also helps me to clarify my own thinking by putting my thoughts into a written format that anyone can understand.

My library is vast and contains more information than any one person can fully absorb but by sharing this information with others and getting their feedback we can explore these ideas together and hopefully produce some wisdom that will help guide us all on our journey. If you have made it this far, I thank you for reading this article, which took nearly a month of writing and editing to achieve.

© 2016 somethgblue


Nadine May on November 09, 2020:

Just read your very interesting post again - almost a book on its own!

Doris James MizBejabbers from Beautiful South on April 21, 2017:

Just to let you know, I've gone back and reread this and it just raises more questions for me. I bought the Urantia Book and have read about 20% of it, however, it is a little too religious based for me. I’ve looked over Krista Raisa’s website and intend to ponder it a little more. She probably should not have published that video because it does leave her looking air-headed and confused. Some of the things she said she didn’t understand, I understood because I’ve been studying them for years. However, she said something fascinating, something about Tara becoming Gaia. I’m assuming she meant this literally?

Pamela Jason on April 10, 2017:

Many thanks Blue you left nothing out I see.. Great article no stone left unturned.. Cheers this resonates and rocks

Nadine May from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa on April 10, 2017:

Wow again a very comprehensive article on the voyagers material. There is so much in these books, I need to get my head around it before I can bring the images of these times as visual information.

Elena has send me Volume 1, so I can not start reading them from the beginning. Yes the Originally five races information is also found in other literature. They seem to use the term 'root races'. I love your images.

sunflowerforests from The light in the forest of doubt. on March 05, 2016:

I emailed you. Please check that.

Jay C OBrien from Houston, TX USA on March 03, 2016:

He, Davidovits is the president of Geopolymer Institute, chair of the annual conference Geopolymer Camp, and an active member of several scientific societies including American Chemical Society, American Ceramic Society, American Concrete Institute, New York Academy of Sciences and International Association of Egyptologists.

What are your qualifications in chemistry?

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on March 02, 2016:

Because I don't think the stone was carved, I'm sure he is qualified . . . anyone is qualified to express their opinion.

Wikipedia is a Government controlled website designed to condition the sheep, if you really dig deep into Wikipedia you will be amazed how controlled and censored that site is, don't be fooled by it.

Investigate how Ed Leedskalnin could complete his Coral Castle by himself moving 10 to 20 ton rock, all by his lonesome and you will know why I don't accept Davidovits theories.

Jay C OBrien from Houston, TX USA on March 02, 2016:

Even a basic review of the French chemist reveals he is qualified to make a statement about the composition of the pyramid blocks. See Wiki...

Joseph Davidovits (born 23 March 1935) is a French materials scientist known for the invention of geopolymer chemistry. He posited that the blocks of the Great Pyramid are not carved stone but mostly a form of limestone concrete or man-made stone. He holds the Ordre National du Mérite, is the author and co-author of hundreds of scientific papers and conferences reports, and holds more than fifty patents.

Why do you disagree with him?

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on March 01, 2016:

MizBJ, you can click on the link at the top of the article for the book The Ra Material: An Ancient Astronaut Speaks and it will take you to Amazon and you can buy it, it is not very expensive.

I have the first three books and have read them many times, some of what it talks about has already come true as they were written/channeled in 1984.

JC, I have read the French Chemists deductions and simply don't agree with them, so I didn't include that material.

My thinking is more along the lines of Ed Leedskalnin's Coral Castle, in which the Ankhs were used to reverse the polarity of the rock, after it's molecular structure had been altered so that it could be reshaped into the blocks needed at the precise measurements.

I think Thoth, the Elohim nad the Ra Confederacy developed the technology to do all this and may have even used anti-gravity sleds and built the pyramid from the top down in a matter of days.

Certainly since there is every indication, according to my research that they were built between 50 and 75 thousands years ago that both the Sphinx and the Giza Pyramid have been underwater multiple times since then.

As far as the races of man go, there are many, many different sources that back up the contention of five root races, of which Edgar Cayce is just one.

Thanks for reading, I know it is a lot of information to absorb but Hub Pages has gotten particular about websites to link too so I have been careful not to include to many links they might not approve.

Jay C OBrien from Houston, TX USA on March 01, 2016:

Just a note, the Great Pyramid was built by poured in place concrete. This was discovered by a French chemist who analyzed the blocks. There was too much moisture in the blocks to be natural plus other polymers existed which were not natural to the blocks.

Do not forget the horizontal weathering indicating the Pyramids were submerged. Weathering by water is horizontal. Weathering by wind is vertical.

From article:

Originally five races began the Covenant of Paliador, these races did not possess gender nor did they possess the degree of matter density we do now.

1.Ur-Antrians- Brown skinned.

2.Breanoua- Red skinned.

3.Hibiru- White skinned.

4.Melchizedeks- Yellow skinned.

5.Yunaseti- Black skinned.

Edgar Cayce had a similar statement on this section.

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on March 01, 2016:

I try to stay away from organized religions and trying to interpret them but if you read the Law of One Material, you will see where they all come from.

It basically implies that we are all from One Source.

Yes, there were initially five root races and two more were added but a root race doesn't imply a civilization, for example Atlantis or Lemuria or Egypt were all civilizations that were comprised of many root races.

It was a lot to take in and I could and still might make some Hubs from this one but I wanted to get the gist of it out there.

I keep hoping the Data Dump all the "insider" keep talking about will happen soon and we will all know the truth but until then I think it is important to get as much information into the public consciousness as possible.

Doris James MizBejabbers from Beautiful South on March 01, 2016:

Wow! Can you get much more confusing? LOL. OK, I would like to see more information, if you have it, as to how the Hebrews got control of the Arc of the Covenant and lost it, and still think that they are God’s Chosen People. Who was the “Lord” who kept them in the wilderness for 40 years, one of the Annunaki Resistance they call Jehovah? Who is I AM that I AM?

I can identify with the way you can change your paradigm. As we learn and open up ourselves to even more knowledge, we grow. I've had more than one closed-minded religious person say to me that I couldn’t make up my own mind to what I believe, and that at least he/she knew what he/she believed.

This is so much to digest, so I must go back over it and reread it for more understanding. We were taught in our metaphysics classes that there were at least seven great civilizations before us. We were also taught about root races and sub-root races. I would have to go back and look them up, but it seems like our human race is about a fourth sub of a fifth root or vice versa. Memory fails me on that one. Fantastic article, and I hope you keep us moving along with more.

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