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Gilmore Girls Quotes to Motivate You to Study


I recently finished rewatching Gilmore Girls on Netflix with my mum. As much as I love Lorelai's dry wit, Lane's rock 'n roll agenda, the pop culture references and the quirky characters in Stars Hollows, I love the motivation it gives me to study even more.

I wish I watched Gilmore Girls in High School to motivate me to study. I watched it when I was in elementary school so I never truly appreciated it until now. They say it's better late than never, so here are the quotes from Gilmore Girls I'm living by to help me get through in college and in life.

*Disclaimer: The post contains some spoilers. If you haven't finished the show yet and you're sensitive to spoilers, you have been warned.

"Who cares if I'm pretty if I fail my finals?"


Rory's last moments at Chilton made her sort her priorities. Sometimes, it doesn't matter what you look like. Having a beautiful mind is just as, if not more, important as having a beautiful face.

The dark eye bags and messy hair are only a sign of how much you value your education. Don't ever be ashamed of it.

"I'll have a life after I graduate from Harvard."


Paris Geller was always intense. She prepared herself for Harvard probably since she was in the womb. She's ambitious and resourceful.

Although, maybe you should still have fun at school. But it's good to give yourself some tough love sometimes, even if you don't plan on going to an Ivy League university.

"Nothing less than perfect will be tolerated."


Again, Paris was always intense when it came to, not only academic standing, but everything in her life. When she became editor for the Yale Daily News, she went full on The Devil Wears Prada. But, like what Paris said, if she were a man, her management style would have been normalized. Even Miranda Priestly said that people wouldn't blink an eye if a man was strict. Well, women can be just as hungry when it comes to achieving goals.

When you know your capabilities, you expect nothing less than that. Shoot for the stars, especially when you know you can.

"I'm going to kick butt. You just wait and see."


When the haters and the non-believers start doubting, you gotta remind them how great you are. Sometimes, you should look at the mirror and remind yourself too.

Honestly, this will be my new wallpaper. There are countless times when I doubt myself. There are countless times when I feel like giving up. This quote makes me forget all those negative thoughts because I want to see myself succeed, even if other people won't. Thanks, Rory, for giving me such a badass affirmation to get me going.

"I can't, I have to study."


The moment you get distracted, you have to remind yourself that you have to study and get your sh*t together. Friday night out? You have to study (and socially distance yourself).

You have big dreams and you have to work towards them every day. All your efforts will soon pay off. Keep going!

"If all else fails, you can marry rich."


When things don't work out, you have got to have a backup. Maybe the backup isn't finding a millionaire to solve all your problems. But you have to realize that rest matters just as much as studying. And failure and mistakes help you grow. Setbacks happen and pitstops exist for a reason.

When Lorelai got pregnant, she didn't wail and cry. She decided to take on a difficult job and make do with what she can. In the end, she raised Rory well. She opened her own inn. Oh, and she graduated from a local college.

When Paris didn't get into Harvard, she did wail and cry, which is also good. However, she picked herself up and decided to go to Yale instead. There she became more chill (well, as chill as Paris could get). Plus, she met the love of her life there, Doyle. Besides, she eventually ended up in her dream school in the end.


You've reached the end of this post.

This is just a reminder that you can do it. You can turn your pain, your struggles, and your academic-caused breakdowns into power and productivity.

sending love, lyka

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