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Winter Solstice at Newgrange: Giant Walking On Water


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The megalithic Newgrange burial mound is Ireland's most famous ancient site. The massive man-made hill is built of boulders and stone, surrounded by a ring of ninety-seven numbered kerbstones which confine the cairn's base.

It is situated on a low ridge overlooking the River Boyne, roughly sixteen kilometers inland from the river's mouth.

Newgrange is remarkable for its orientation to the winter solstice sunrise. Above the entrance to the passage of the mound there is an opening called a roof-box. On winter solstice mornings, a shaft of light enters the chamber from the roof-box. As the sun rises the beam spreads, illuminating the entire chamber.


The YouTube video below, entitled Giant Walking On Water, recounts the tale of Orion as it relates to the winter solstice rising sun and Kerbstone 52, the summer solstice sunset stone at the rear of Newgrange, positioned directly opposite the Entrance stone.

Kerbstone 52: summer solstice sunset stone

Kerbstone 52: summer solstice sunset stone

Over the ages scholars have tried to make sense of the artwork on this stone and many interpretations have been put forth. The video below presents what I believe to be a plausible explanation of the meaning of the sunset stone.

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