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Get Rich quick Syndrome: Misery of many People

Get rich quick. A picture that explains the topic.

Get rich quick. A picture that explains the topic.

Riches are good. Riches are nice. It can make you demand for anything you want. The items are then supplied within the shortest time. It gives joy. When one is rich, it sometimes makes him be at rest. His mind becomes settled. It can make a man forget about food. The reason is because his wealth alone gives him satisfaction. He remembers his mansions and smiles. He thinks about his container of goods that is coming from abroad and says, “God is great.” Acquiring material things is good. It helps so much.

What is rich? The definition according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary is having abundant possessions and especially material wealth. defines same term as having wealth or great possessions; abundantly supplied with resources, means, or funds; wealthy. All the definitions point at being in possession of many good things.

Almost all the people in the world want to be rich. People want to drive good cars. They want good homes. They want to possess all the good properties to furnish their houses. Men and women want to travel round the world. We want to visit the most expensive parts of the planet. We want to be rich and be recognized by people. This has resulted to get rich quick syndrome.

The disease of “get rich quick syndrome” has put many people into misery. It has made many people to be in the state of pity. People who were recognized by their loved ones before are longer recognized again. This is because of the suffering and torture they are passing through in prisons. Their criminal acts landed them there. They wanted to get rich quick but ended up putting themselves in mess.

Young men have been imprisoned in foreign lands because they were caught pushing hard drugs. Some are sentenced to imprisonment with hard labor. They allowed get rich quick syndrome to be activated in their systems. This at the end turned their lives into misery. Some are in such pitiable condition gnashing their teeth. Many ended up being infected by diseases in the prisons which cost them their lives.

There are many young people. Some madness is not ordinary. Many are mad today because they dirtied their hands. Because they want to get rich quick, they get involved in ritual killings. Some have sacrificed their loved ones because they want to make money. Some sacrificed because they need power to sustain what they have acquired. This kind of wicked behavior is mainly found in Africa. Some who could not meet up with the demand of the occult they are into end up as mad people.

Many of the people who do this did not know that one day what they use in possessing their properties will fail. When it fails maybe because they could not keep the rule, some become mentally ill which end up in madness. They are mad because of their high love for money. The madness becomes the genesis of their misery.

Self comparison

Self comparison is one of the major reasons why people are affected by get rich quick syndrome. People over the years have learn to compare themselves with others. Because others who are of his age are driving the latest cars, he said he must do same. He forgot so quickly that life journey varies. He forgot that graces are not the same. No community of the world has all rich. Some are rich, some middle class, and other low class.

But that does not mean that one who is in the middle class cannot step up. A young man in my community once vowed that he must build classic house because Emma who is a successful businessman did so. I did not argue with him rather I wished him well.

After few years of making the vow, he ended up joining a dangerous secret cult. The cult does money rituals. After some time, he became rich and the community began to celebrate him. This is due to his illegal made money. Money made through sacrificing of lives of the innocent ones.

He really built the house. But, he forgot that what goes around comes around. He was ignorant of that. After years of enjoying his blood money, issues began to come up. He could not meet up with the demand of the cult. At the end, the young man died young at the age of 38. He was sacrificed to the devil of the cult because he failed in the demand of the group.

There are many similar stories in many societies. People have pushed themselves into misery because they want to get rich quick. Riches will come if only you do what is expected of you. You may not be the richest in the world. The important thing is that you live a comfortable life. All people should learn not to compare themselves with others. The journey of life is different per individual.

Self comparison as one of the causes of get rich quick syndrome.

Self comparison as one of the causes of get rich quick syndrome.


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This is another factor that has put so many people in state of regret. Some people are blaming themselves today because of their greediness. Youths of today are turning into something else. They are never satisfied with what they have at their possession. Some who are living in bedsitters want to be in three bedroom flats. Those who are moving with motorcycles want to drive the latest cars either by hook or by crook. Because of this mentality, many have fallen victim of life in agony. Some others are in the state of high confusion. All these happen because of their greediness.

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There are many inmates in the United States of American prisons today. Some got into the prisons because they wanted to get rich quick. The sad news is that such behavior landed them into problem. There are 45,493 foreign-born inmates currently in BOP custody, of which 3,939 are U.S. citizens (either naturalized or derivative) - Katie Pavlich. The loved ones of some of these inmates do not know that they are there. Some think they are dead not knowing they are passing through pains somewhere.

So many Nigerians have died because they wanted to travel abroad and make more money. They were not satisfied with what they had. Not only that, but, did not make their move through the legal channels and that made them perish.

No fewer than 10,000 Nigerians have died between January and May 2017 while trying to illegally migrate through the Mediterranean Sea and the deserts, the Nigeria Immigration Service has said (Abdulfatai Ayobami Ibrahim 2017). It is not as if some of these people did not have what they were doing before they took the decision to leave the country illegally. They did so because they wanted to get rich quick. Some who succeeded went to the abroad and began to push drugs. This high quest at the end landed them into trouble. Some when dead through this means have their bodies consumed by vultures and aquatic animals. It is advised that travelers should learn from those who were victims of illegal immigration from their countries. If any must move, let it be legal.

Some Nigerians due to their greediness are found dead in Libya prisons. They wanted quick money. The most pitiable of all is that students in secondary schools in the country want to travel to the country (Libya) illegally.

They do not even care of getting there Senior Secondary school certificate before taking the death-risk. All that is in their minds is how to cross through deserts and get to Libya. I witnessed this. It happened when I was serving in a secondary school in Edo state. Two final year senior secondary school students left the school to Libya without the consent of their parents. They want to answer young money at all cost. This action has landed many into misery.

A young Nigerian who was perishing in a prison in Libya has regretted taking the decision to travel illegally. He said this “One day, I called my father and told him I would make the journey to Europe. I told him it was either I die or become rich. To make it in life, I knew I had to take some risks,” he said (Olubode Olusesan 2016). The 31-year-old Osas Ekhaguere woke up in the dingy cell he shared with about 125 other inmates, mostly Nigerians, he believed it was going to be his last. This young man was once a computer operator but put his life into misery because he wanted to get rich quick.

 Illegal migrants from Africa arrive on shore after being rescued by Libyan coast guards.

Illegal migrants from Africa arrive on shore after being rescued by Libyan coast guards.


I was once talking with my colleague and I told him of our bank’s customer who has over six figures in his account in the bank. His response to me was “that is not money”. Sincerely, that my colleague does not even have a sound three figures in his account at that moment. He drives joy in spreading as if he has heaven and earth but he has nothing. That is pride in action. There are many who act in his way.

Pride is defined as a feeling of deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from achievements, qualities, or possessions that do one credit. This has eaten into many people. Because many people want to show their girlfriends that care much, they ended their lives in misery. Instead of them to be humble and do some genuine businesses that will give them money, they compelled themselves into dirty businesses. They do that because of the pride that have grown in their lives. They want to please their girlfriends. Pride and ego have destroyed many people.


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© 2017 Okwuagbala Uzochukwu Mike P


Okwuagbala Uzochukwu Mike P (author) from Anambra State, Nigeria on August 14, 2017:

Thanks so much Emmyboy for your opinion in the comment. I believe it's good to have passion to be rich. But the word "syndrome" as used in the topic implies the wrong approach of people towards that.

Emmyboy from Nigeria on August 14, 2017:

Nice points you have there, Uzor.

But on a second thought, get-rich-quick mentality is not really a bad thing. Just that it has got some bad rap.

I think the problem is just the methodology applied in the getting rich quick process.

For example, if I can develop an app or apps or write a book or books that one million or more people will buy almost immediately, I don't think you'll disagree with me that I am not in the right direction in my attempt to get rich quick, or do you?

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