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Geometric Sequences in REAL Life -- Examples and Applications

Suppose you have this geometric sequence that multiplies by a number; in this case 5. The geometrical sequence or progression will increase like this:


Starting with number one, the next numerical term will multiply by 5. Now how can we approach this to a real life situation?

You go to see the next Movie Avatar 2. You know you were waiting for this 3D blockbuster for years. You watch it and either you give it a thumbs up or want your money back, which is unreal and you've got to deal with it. If you think you've loved it, you will recommend it to 5 friends at work. Those five friends will spread the word in a viral mood. Now after a few hours or days, 25 unrelated friends will hear from it. Of course they will pass the word to another potential acquaintances... If we are right, in a matter of days 625 will hear about your review via word of mouth.

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But what about a negative comment?

You go to your dentist and notice that those 'well trained' appointment secretaries want to know what kind of insurance you have: If you have that Blue cross Blue shield, they will apply that top rate and (nicely) will add those x-ray sessions, without minding what was the problem from the start. You certainly feel ripped off and pass the word. You tell to 5 friends at work that this Dentist from the directory they gave you at work really sucks. Those 5 friends will pass it along to other 5 of their own. The negative response will affect the dentist at the end of the month: That recepcionist will be terminated and your former dentist, will start promoting his/her service with free whitening interventions ... with a catch! In this case, logically. our geometric sequence will be as expected:


What About Hub Pages? I guess I know why we need followers now...

Life in Hub Pages is complex enough to just assume geometrical sequences. But theorically we can use it in here:

You sign in, and you are thrown in this 'rodeo' blindfolded. You were too busy, and hardly checked on the tutorials. You get that no! no! banning from pasting from your own blog, and come back the next day... and try again.

You get your first follower and you answer back to him. He has already 450 followers. In a matter of days, you will notice five Followers: AEvans, Patty Inglish, Simone Saruko Smith, Epigramman and Tammy Swallow. Gee! You are a Star now. Depending on how you comment back and honor your fellow hubbers work, your followers will add, and increase exponentially. Every now and then you will get an anonymous comment, which that doesn't count.

This hub was really fun for us to write. Thanks!

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