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Geomagnetic Reversal and its Effects

Changes in the geomagnetosphere

This NASA image plots the geomagnetosphere as it exists for 2008. White regions are magnetically neutral. There are plenty of mini fields dominating the earth instead of one overall field.

This NASA image plots the geomagnetosphere as it exists for 2008. White regions are magnetically neutral. There are plenty of mini fields dominating the earth instead of one overall field.

Solar magnetic loops give us some idea of what we can expect of the current geomagnetosphere.

Solar magnetic loops give us some idea of what we can expect of the current geomagnetosphere.

This theoretical construct shows both a single field and the chaotic and fractured geomagnetosphere

This theoretical construct shows both a single field and the chaotic and fractured geomagnetosphere

Geomagnetic Reversal and hypothetical considerations of 2010/2012

The Earth's geomagnetic field is currently undergoing a reversal. It is not known when it will be completed, but it is already well underway, will continue into 2012 and beyond. The field is weakening with consequences of irradiation from the sun and deep space. But the reversal also means deep seated changes inside the earth with consequences of earthquakes in places not familiar with them and new volcanoes. During the reversal, we can experience increased earthquake activity, even an earthquake storm. Three new volcanoes are being born in the various undersea locations of the Pacific Ocean at this time. Remarkable footage has been taken of one of them with huge upwelling of ocean water as magma boils it from below. In addition, Iceland is going through volcanic activity now impacting the world since April 14th, 2010. So changes are afoot and building.

The reversal is a product of the changes that go on inside the Earth. The core is spinning slightly faster than the crust that has been slowed by the effect of the moon by tidal dragging. The differential rotation is what generates the magnetic field. As the core rotates, the magnetic field lines behave like what happens on the surface of the sun as the sun has differential rotation from equator to pole. The differential rotation in both cases stretches the magnetic field lines so that they get wound round and round the sun or Earth. At a certain moment in each case, the magnetic field lines snap and the field reverses and rebuilds. The differential flow of the sun occurs much faster than in the earth, so the magnetic cycle occurs in the sun cycles around 22 years on average. The Earth takes longer and is aperiodic due to the slower winding and the interaction of the moon, sun and planets. Typical field reversals can take hundreds of thousands or millions of years. Currently, the field lines of the Earth are snapping, creating a complex pattern of thousands of magnetic zones, analogous to sunspot pairs on the sun. On Earth, this will result in auroras all over the Earth including the equator. The other result is the penetration of radiation to the surface of the Earth from the sun and space. This radiation triggers cloud formation and an increase in rainfall where the magnetic field is the weakest or most neutral. As the field goes through a slow reversal, so will the weather patterns follow.

The pattern in magnetic reversal is not periodic, showing reversals that can occur in short periods of 100 thousand years apart to periods that are millions of years between them. This stochastic process suggests that some agency has triggered a flip or reorientation of the geomagnetosphere on a regular, if not uniform basis. Impacts occur in an overall stochastic pattern as well, even though there is periodicity in separate types of events, like ones associated with comet Enke. Overall, when all the orbits of all bodies are included, a stochastic, non periodic pattern is what is seen. There may be a relationship between major impacts and geomagnetic deviation such as occurred at the K-T boundary and 35 million years ago Otherwise, there appears to be little relation between impacts and magnetic variations. Most of the time internal changes of the earth are alone responsible. This may indicate that it takes a really big impact like Chicxulub to cause a magnetic reversal. Thus impacts form only part of the picture. There are other causes as well. We must keep in mind that the known terrestrial impact sites are those found on land for the most part. This represents only about 29 percent of the possibilities as the other 71 percent landed in the ocean. Ocean impacts are subject to the dynamic processes of weathering and sea floor tectonic activity. This is similar in effect to demagnetizing something by giving it a sharp and sudden blow. Impacts of large size may be enough to temporarily suspend the geomagnetic field. If this is so, there should be a correlation between impact ages and the timing of geomagnetic changes. During the interim between changes, radiation entering the biosphere from space would hasten mutations and resulting evolutionary changes. Herein lies a clear link between celestial events and the course of evolution on Earth. Such suspensions of the Earth's geomagnetosphere during polar flips can have serious consequences. We are currently going through one.

The current state of the geomagnetosphere is very chaotic with no definitive north-south orientation of poles. Instead there is a patchwork of poles all over the place. It is analogous to the surface of the sun during a sunspot maximum period where there are many fields coupled by sunspot pairs. The remains of the main field still exist, but is weakening, with the south magnetic pole closer to the equator than the north magnetic pole. Satellite imaging shows that the overall field has broken into many local regions with plenty of neutral zones between them where solar and cosmic radiation can get to the earth's surface unimpeded except by the atmosphere. As of March 2010, NASA space weather tells us two things. The first is that the Earth's magnetic field is almost at zero strength overall, broken into hundreds of small coupled fields. The sun for the moment is relatively quiet according to what is observed by aural activity on earth. These magnetic zones are shifting continually and presage change. It appears that the field will be globally neutral on or about 2012.

There is a phenomenon that we are familiar with on the sun, called magnetic decoupling. It is this magnetic cycle of an average 22 years that causes two decoupling events, the sun completes a total magnetic unit where the poles return to origin. This occurs because the sun rotates faster at the equator than at the poles. The unequally rotating plasma causes the magnetic field to become stretched, wound up and hence twisted. During the buildup to sunspot maximum, the field lines break and form sunspot magnetic pairs, especially if two sunspot groups field lines intersect. Eventually, the field lines get so twisted that the decouple and reorient into the opposite direction. The sunspot number declines until the next winding sets up the next decoupling event.

The Earth has an unequal rotation. The core rotates slightly faster than the crust. This is a by-product of the moon's slowing of the earth by the conversion of the earth's angular momentum into the moon's linear motion away from earth in a complex exchange of energy rooted in the tides and earth's equatorial bulge. The main magnetic field of the earth is generated by the unequal rotation of the earth's interior and exterior structures. The details result from molten subsurface plumes that drive the continents and volcanoes. When the main magnetic field decouples in processes similar to what happens in the sun, then chaotic secondary fields dominate until the main field rebuilds in opposite orientation to what it was before the decoupling. We are now somewhere in the middle of a geomagnetic reorientation event. As the structures of the earth change more slowly that in the sun, it will take at least as long to rebuild the main magnetic field as it took to weaken. The field has been weakening for over a hundred years.

Right now, the earth is open to penetration by ionizing radiation from all sources, but the local solar weather and cosmos is quiet. It will not remain so and it is hard to know in advance when a radiation event will come from the cosmos at large. With the sun, we may have a day or two concerning a proton event, but not for gamma rays as it will hit us the moment we see signs like a coronal mass ejection. Where the chaotic fields are at their weakest, is exactly where auras will show and warn us of oncoming radiation. Ionizing radiation means an increase in radiation driven evolutionary change and radiation related illness.

A sign of the times is increase in earthquake activity, including in regions that are considered geologically stable and not subject to earthquakes.

“April 16, 2010

By Newsolio Editor

ADELAIDE, Australia- An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 3.2 (upgraded by USGS to 3.9) on the Richter scale has shaken Adelaide, Australia late Friday night, disturbing thousands of people in the generally geologically stable region.

A spokesperson for Australian government science agency, Geoscience Australia, told Newsolio that the epicentre of the Adelaide quake was located “near the Adelaide Hills.”

Thousands of Adelaide based users of real time social networking web site reported feeling the tremor around 11.30pm local time. Minutes later, thousands of people had joined a Facebook page titled, “Earthquake in Adelaide!" (1)

Otherwise, we are seeing increasing earthquake activity all around the world/ Southern California has endured a recent earthquake storm of over a thousand aftershocks since a large earthquake struck in Baja.

With changes in the geomagnetosphere comes changes in plate tectonic movement. The Earth is mostly a viscous liquid with a thin crust that floats on the surface. The crust is a patchwork of pieces called tectonic plates, which are in motion primarily due to the currents within the mantle and core. At the edges, often called faults, they will push up mountains; trigger volcanic activity, spread apart, grind past one another and one will push under another. These motions have changed throughout geologic history with continental pieces moving back and forth and every which way. All of these boundaries are flashpoints for earthquake activity. Some are worse than others, such as the subduction zones and slip-strike zones, but none are immune from earthquakes. This was proven by a spreading fault near Malaysia that caused a seafloor drop, a great earthquake and a tsunami that was felt over a sixth of the globe on Dec. 26Th, 2004.

Stresses accumulate at fault boundaries and when they reach the breaking point, the stresses are suddenly released in a sudden adjustment resulting in an earthquake as the two side of the fault lurch into a less stressful position. The fracture often does not happen in just one instance, but occurs in clusters that make up the aftershocks, some of which can be almost as intense as the original quake. There may or may not be forewarning quakes or events. Forewarning may come in the form of tremors or earth lights, ground lightning and the like. The more stress that is released, the greater the quake. Nor are quakes limited to plate boundaries. Volcanoes often serve as a focus, as was described by Pliny the Elder concerning Vesuvius. At a certain point in the massive eruption, there was a sudden massive shaking of the ground far from the volcano and then the volcanic column collapsed resulting in a pyroclastic flow that buried Pompeii and Herculaneum. As the Earth's magnetic field is currently undergoing change, this is altering the pattern of earthquake and volcanic activity. There can be dramatic changes ahead until the new pattern is established and settles down.

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The physics of geomagnetic reversal examed here.

Time Lapse Aurora Movie

Earthlights in abundance. Note the spectacular one erupting from the ground in Japan around the time of the earthquakes

Reconsidering the Ongoing Changes and their Potential Consequences

It is now time to consider what is actually going on inside of the earth. There have been two major events that have caused a speed up in Earth's rotation. The first was the Malaysian boxing day earthquake of 2004 that caused a slight axial shift and a speeding up of rotation. The second occurred on the 11th of March of 2011, off the coast of Japan that had a similar dramatic effect. Japan lurched 13 feet closer to the US and Canada. The east coast of Japan dropped by two feet. The axis shifted by about 6 and a half inches and the earth's rotation increased by 1.6 milliseconds. This is the second like event where the evidence points to a shrinking earth. It also suggests that the interior is cooling at this time and is going through thermo contraction.

Those of you who are aware of how the earth's rotation is effected by the moon with the transfer of angular momentum to the moon, know that with increasing slowing of the earth, the moon gets more distant. Now the earth is quickening in rotation and this would have a tendency to cause the moon to draw closer in the interconnected feedback loop between the earth and moon. The transfer of angular momentum would reverse and the moon would be pulled in instead of flung out. This may be a periodic cycle of some kind, but it is far too early to say if this trend will continue.

Eventually, the earth will start to heat up again due to the dynamics of the interior, but for now it is cooling and shrinking. We can thus expect the continued collapse of the geomagnetic field for the interim until the earth starts a new heating cycle. We can also expect to see more fracturing like near Japan and Malaysia with similar results and most likely along the same fault systems. The next big move can come at any time!

This important but misrepresented event just occurred May 29, 2012

This just in; but there is misleading Title writing here as it makes a person think that a rotational pole shift has occurred, when in fact it is a geomagnetic pole shift. Now this has been predicted and explained by myself a long time ago and this observation confirms that this change is now rapidly underway. If it had been a rotational shift, this posting would not have been made as the total world would be in total chaos with the loss of almost all life. I hate it when the truth is stretched to create fear mongering. This is far too frequent. When the real facts emerge, the picture is far different, but effects changes in its own right. Also, there is a description of the planet Nibiru as the culprit when in reality, it is internal changes within the earth. Read this with a grain of salt and ferret out the truth that is in there. You will have to highlight the link; "ctl c" to copy and then "ctl v" to past in your browser web search bar.

It's heating up and speeding up in Hawaii

This movie sequence of earthquake activity near Japan. Something huge is afoot! It's about geomagnetic reversal and not HAARP

The earth has just gone through two magnetic pole transients

  • Japans earthquake shifted balance of the planet - Yahoo! News
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Understanding Magnetism

  • Understanding Magnetism
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Resources magnetism


William J. Prest (author) from Vancouver, Canada on August 03, 2012:

There was an event a month to six weeks ago where there was a dramatic magnetic north pole shift that suddenly moved about 1,000 km. So what you say, is that it could suddenly snap.

katesisco on August 03, 2012:

Magnetic reversal, yes or no? After several extension, I have begun to wonder if the reversal will occur. has a catastrophic interpretation by a college professor and I am particularly interested in his info on sea floor stripping. While we have been told that magetic reversal records are clear in the sea floor rocks, what the rocks actually convey is that most of the reversals are attempts that fail. Amazing.

So, we maynot have sufficient impetus to turn. Russian scientists after all say we are in an area of thin gas and NASA says we do not even have a bow shock. Or is that because the thicker gases cause slowing of our heliosphere thru space?

Another interesting discovery (thanks to those endless streams of satellites NASA has sent up in 2012) is that the inner core of the Earth is acting as two separate hemispheres. One gaining and the other melting. So it appears the northern hemisphere event of the Sun collapse in Jan 2012 is indicative of our own core. Compelling evidence for O Manuel Iron Sun.

Wether or not we magnetically reverse, there is a lot of energy in our core during this compression event known to some as a BC z pinch. If the compression ends suddenly (magnetic rope snapping) then our heated core will release suddenly.

William J. Prest (author) from Vancouver, Canada on August 31, 2011:

WTF: You agree with some of the statements I have made in the piece and yet you say it is all "BS:. You either figure out what is right, what is wrong and make a referenced critique on the piece such as I have in writing it, or, in one manner of speaking, "make like a bee and buzz off."

WTF... on August 31, 2011:

This is all bullshit! Geologists do not agree that a shift is happening, nor does NASA data show a magnetic field at 0% strength, which would be impossible at the current time. There is suggestion that a shift may be happening. The Earth's magnetosphere is down 35% from it's maximum value of 2,000 years ago. It has always been made up of smaller pockets that combine to make a larger field. During the thousands of years it would take to shift completely, the magnetosphere would be erratic, but would not disappear. And furthermore, this has happened many many many times before in Earth's history. Life survived it then, and if migratory behaviour relying of magnetic fields was threatened, it has either survived or re-emerged in species that have in some cases lived through hundreds such reversals. We have no proof that geomagnetic reversal would cause mass extinctions or that it would jeopardise the planet in any way. Though we do not know how life should survive the exposure to solar winds that ought to result, somehow, it always does. At present, we expect there MAY be increases in volcanism, compasses will fail, and computers may be adversely affected. There isn't much more than that that can be said.

sunchild28 from Nigeria on April 22, 2011:

Great information which widen my view on this interesting topic of yours including its side effect.Thanks for sharing.

Emma from Houston TX on March 10, 2011:

Nice info,thanks for sharing.

William J. Prest (author) from Vancouver, Canada on January 23, 2011:

Birds and fish rely on the geomagnetic system, because it penetrates the depths of the sea and works under clouds when no stars are visible. It is something that evolved in life and just like other rapid changes, those animals that could not adapt, died out and some to extinction. Geomagnetic reversal is causing a lot of localized chaos, as recently witnessed in Tampa Florida where airlines had to divert traffic due to a 40 degree transient shift of the local magnetic field. So far, the only animal to use GPS is the human animal, but this didn't stop confusion at Tampa. I am reasonably certain that scientists know about it but are keeping a lid on it so as not to cause general panic. However, in this day of the internet, the information is getting out anyway.

The aurora like lights are very interesting and thanks for the link. Here is definite proof of of earth lights associated with stresses at the breaking point in the ground. If you ever see anything like this live, get out in the open and lie down until the shaking begins and ends. Expect after shocks if it's this dramatic. That it was visible in daylight is remarkable.

Many people ascribe things to the Harmonic Atmospheric Auroral Resonance Program (HAARP) which taps into the geomagentosphere at the point where it dips to the earth. However, with the shifting of the geomagnetic field, this no longer applies. The current movement of the pole is toward Russia at about40 miles a year according to one source. HAARP was designed for purposes such as localized atmospheric heating to deflect ICBMs, to communicate with underwater subs and to use the ionosphere as a means to transmit power. Though it operates with an enormous amount of power, it is far less than the LHC in Switzerland where high energy particle experiments are being done.

It is safe to say that the migratory confusion, the confusion at Tampa and the earth lights are all naturally derived. Mankind just does not have that kind of power to do this kind of thing yet, though an earthquake as triggered by a 5 megaton underground hydrogen bomb in the Aleutians as a show of might to the USSR. The earthquake was not expected, but it measured about 7 on the Richter scale and produced a mini tsunami.

ajnax on January 23, 2011:

Note: the above shortcut shows the lights just prior to the '08 not the '10 earthquake as I noted, many posts relate it to HAARP, however still seems more applicable to geomagnetic flip symptoms

ajnax on January 23, 2011:

The geomagnetic cycle theory certainly lends credibility to the current mass animal deaths we are seeing worldwide. Several questions: 1. Why would all these birds/fish that rely on the earth's magnetic field for direction and orientation die at one time in specific locations; are these areas where volatility exists the most at the given instant in the earth's magnetic field? I'm also curious why scientists and others have not pieced this together yet, I'm assuming this will continue indefinitely, how long can they keep a lid on it if that is what is happening? Your theory also seems to possibly answer the aurora lights witnessed in China about four hundred plus miles from the epicenter prior to the Qinghai Provence earthquake in April of last year. Note, one of the below shortcuts have been removed by the user however when using a search engine a small picture of the "aurora like lights" show.

ajnax on January 23, 2011:

The geomagnetic cycle theory certainly lends credibility to the current mass animal deaths we are seeing worldwide. Several questions: 1. Why would all these birds/fish that rely on the earth's magnetic field for direction and orientation die at one time in specific locations; are these areas where volatility exists the most at the given instant in the earth's magnetic field? 2. I'm also curious why scientists and others have not pieced this together yet, I'm assuming this will continue indefinitely, how long can they keep a lid on it if that is what is happening? Your theory also seems to possibly answer the aurora like lights witnessed in China about four hundred plus miles from the epicenter prior to the Qinghai Provence earthquake in April of last year. Note, one of the below shortcuts have been removed by the user however when using a search engine a small picture of the "lights" show.

William J. Prest (author) from Vancouver, Canada on January 14, 2011:

Creatures that depend on the magnetic field are getting disoriented with disastrous results. Milankovitch established that there are three major orbital cycles of the earth and this triggers things like ice ages. For the most part, the geomagnetic cycle is independent of orbital changes.

Salman on January 14, 2011:

What about the CReatures that depends on the magnetic fields to navigate, do you think that milankovitch's theory is the reason for the reversal. it will certainly effect the earth

pitzele from Pennsylvania on January 13, 2011:

I enjoyed reading your hub. I had not thought previously about this particular subject, but it appears to be one that I should look into.

William J. Prest (author) from Vancouver, Canada on January 11, 2011:

The fact of the matter is, many people who fly, especially in N. America, are already being exposed to high radiation levels in backscattering scanners. Ionizing radiation is generally not good for living things, but some species, like lotus have evolved. When exposed to radiation, obtain and take some lotus seeds to aid your post radiation recovery.

Iontach on January 11, 2011:

I'm really not looking forward to this event, if it's going to happen in my lifetime.

The increase of radiation does lead to DNA mutations, but more than likely those mutations will kill you if the body cant repair them. So the radiation being a trigger for evolution would probably be on a very small scale.

You have a well written hub, nice facts.

William J. Prest (author) from Vancouver, Canada on January 08, 2011:

I agree that there are many apocalypse scenarios and that this has been speculated on over and over as to when they would happen. It's as old as history! They have all come and gone virtually without incident, with the exception of the near miss of M.A.D. in October 1862. But then again, that one was never predicted in the west; only in India where the masses took to bathing in the Ganges and praying in Feb. of the same year.

As for 2012, this is now based on nothing except the afterglow of the real event of Dec. 21st, 2010 when the solstice lunar eclipse occurred in the "Heart of Sky" according to the Maya astronomical calculations based on real events. For 2012, there is little more than the visible crossing of Venus across the sun on June 6th; hardly the marker for the start of the new long count on which the 2012 prophecy is based. Up to recently, the calendars have been out of sync.

The big flip is a geomagnetic reversal that will have long term (yes LONG TERM) consequences. Right now we are in the chaos period of the flip, which is why there is massive disorientation of species across the breadth of the planet.

To the point of dissipation to nothingness, one modern cosmological consideration suggests the very same thing. However, this will be gradual and is referred as "the big rip", when everything is shredded to a sub atomic fog. This has a lot to do with the ideas of "brane" theory.

That "bond" as you address it has its equivalent in the Planck False Vacuum, which does not "exist" in terms you and I understand, but it mediates everything you and I experience in this cosmos. Should this activity cease or be stilled as you say, the cosmos would vanish in the twinkling of an eye is an unimaginable catastrophe. These are mysteries that are so far to us, are grand hypotheses. We have to uncover a lot yet. The one mystery that we do know for sure, is the Planck False Vacuum that we have learned how to observe and manipulate to a limited extent.

Are we playing God? To a certain extent, yes, but this is nothing new as people have been doing that too since the dawn of history, but they are all proven to be non gods in the end. Today, we risk the lives of all living beings when we play such games. Even the current dominant god; money will fail too in the end.

Shahid Bukhari from My Awareness in Being. on January 08, 2011:

Megalomaniacs, are people, suffering from Grand Delusions, meaning, they can only think in Universal Proportions...

The 2012, End of the World, prophesy, is based in one of these Grand Theories, called, The Big Flip. It is just one of their many Regal Ideas and Predictions, like the First, Big Bang, and the Second, Big Crunch, or The Big Meteor's Jurassic Thud, the Terra Forming of Alpha Centuari, etc..

I reckon, its a way of keeping us common Folks busy speculating ... while they go about their usual business of chasing their Big Dream, of Ruling Humankind, and the Universe.

The 2012 Theory, to me is pure nonsense, though as an idea, it is exotic.

The Truth as stated in Koran, Is, That of The Lord's Command, there will be The Stilling, of The Created Totality. The Command will, therefore, end the Physical Universe, as we know it ...

The "Stilling" will be Effected, in all the Forms Ceasing to Exist due The Command, of The Creator ...

Q:How ?

A:The Bond, holding the Forms in place, will "de-exist" of The Command... viz. the Electron's Formal entity, a Composer of The Created, Totality of Forms, as Compositor, will dissicipate, From the Bonded State of a Paired Singularity ... unto a Still ... Nothingness... Hence, all the Created Forms will dissicipate unto Nothingness.

The Stilling, is Described as a Clap of Thunder ... and with it, Everything's coming to the end...

But ... only our Lord Knows, When.

KLeichester on January 05, 2011:

A very interesting topic. This is a good hub and a very good read. Keep posting more.

Lori J Latimer from Central Oregon on November 02, 2010:

Thank you for writing this amazing Hub. I just found you this morning. You have a new Fan!

William J. Prest (author) from Vancouver, Canada on September 28, 2010:

Good point! In the case of multicellular complex organisms, the early stages of development are organized by a dipole, where one end of the developing organism is negative and the other positive. In this way, the cells know which is to be the head and which the tail. It this is scrambled somehow, the development gets confused and mutations occur that lead to monster like developments. As long as the dipole is intact at the earliest stages of development, everything works the way it should in development. This process appears to be resilient to exterior influences, but not impervious to things like intense ionizing radiation. When the geomagnetosphere collapses, then more of this radiation will get to the surface of the earth to do damage. Expect to see mutations as a result.

Mauricio Rodriguez from Bogota DC, Colombia on September 28, 2010:

More over, you should know that cellular division can be performed due to the very existence of magnetic bipolarity.

I can't imagine what would happen to life if a geomanegtic crash is in process.

Great info!

William J. Prest (author) from Vancouver, Canada on July 23, 2010:

There are further effects that are cropping up as we go deeper into the reversal. These are strange sky effects that are also coupled with events on earth, such as the mass release of methane. The result is night shining clouds or noctilucent clouds. Though not directly caused by a weakening geomagnetic field, the lessened field allows deeper penetration of all kinds of solar radiation into the atmosphere. One effect though should be increased appearances of aurora over regions like the equator.

Daniel J. Neumann from Harrisburg, Pa on July 23, 2010:

Thanks for putting out this important information. I've got a hub on this as well (the Weakening of the Earth's Magnetosphere), but isn't nearly as well-supported as yours. Keep up the great work! :)

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