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The Suppressed Heritage Of Jesus, The Declaration Of Independence Deception & Royal (Alien) DNA


Marc Hubs is a writer/researcher on mind, science, and conspiracy. He is the author of "Know Your Enemy: Reflections of NPD."

Did Jesus really die on the cross?

Did Jesus really die on the cross?

Back in the 17th century, Galileo was persecuted for his belief that the Earth orbits the sun and not the other way round, as believed at the time. Albert Einstein had actually offered the opinion that Galileo may have reached his conclusion deceptively out of a strong desire for proof of the motion of the Earth.

In addition, Giordano Bruno was executed in 1600-AD after daring to propose that the theory of Earth revolving around the sun was true.

The fact that Earth truly revolves around the sun was successfully kept suppressed by the Church for over 200 years until the 1800's when eventually upheaval was caused within the Church and government which led to the realignment of social and traditional values.

It wasn't until 1992 that Pope John Paul expressed regret for how the Galileo affair was handled and the Vatican formally and publicly cleared Galileo of any wrong-doing. Back in the 1600's, it was generally believed that Earth was the center of the universe.

Shortly after the First Crusade in the 12th century, Hugues de Payens collected eight of his knight relatives and formed the Order Of The Knights Templar. The Knights Templar set up headquarters on the southeastern side of the Temple Mount, inside the Al Aqsa Mosque - the site of biblical King Solomon's Temple which is from where they derived their name.

Anyone familiar with modern day Freemasonry will have heard of the Knights Templar.

The secretive Order Of The Knights Templar disappeared over the course of a few short years leaving rumors of association with the Holy Grail and the Ark of the Covenant. It is said that the Holy Grail was found by the Knights Templar and taken to Scotland in 1307 where they buried it underneath Roslyn Chapel.

Any experienced Freemason knows exactly how important the story of the Knights Templar is within the allegorical craft.

The Order Of The Knights Templar have been associated with the Great Pyramid and Atlantis, although we trace their history from the Crusades period of the Middle Ages. Although presented in symbolic terms as 'the holy grail' which portrays some kind of chalice containing the blood of Jesus, this chalice may simply represent the perpetual bloodline of Jesus Christ.

In The Hidden History Of Jesus And The Holy Grail, Sir Laurence Gardener shows how the early Christian Church leaders may have adopted teachings and scriptures that would obscure the truth about the royal bloodline of Jesus Christ.

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The Church & The Bible

Gardener researches many biblical scriptures and references pointing out many anomalies, misinterpreted information and inaccuracies in the bible. He shows how Jesus Christ may have actually been born in 7-BC, how Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene and how Jesus didn't really die on the cross as widely believed.

In actual fact, according to Gardener, in the 1st century there was a three-day rule in existence and Jesus was subject to excommunication; Jesus was prepared for death by decree. For three days Jesus would be nominally sick with death coming on the fourth day. On the fourth day, Jesus would then either be entombed and buried alive or he could be raised or 'resurrected' during the period of the three preceding days and Jesus actually predicted that he would be 'resurrected'.

These so-called 'resurrections' could only be performed by either the High Priest or the Father of the Community. At that time the High Priest was Joseph Caiaphas, the very same man who initially condemned Jesus. According to the Koran (Quran) also, Jesus survived his crucifixion.

During the 1100's, the Knights Templar's cathedrals posed a huge threat to the male-dominated churches by attempting to make the true heritage of Jesus and Mary Magdalene common public knowledge. However, the Church allegedly made a strong and concerted effort to keep the information suppressed.

More recently, the Vatican have admitted to making fourteen changes to the new testament, admitted that Sunday is not the true Sabbath, Richard Dawkins proposed to have the pope arrested for covering up a child-sex scandal within the catholic church as soon as he stepped on British land (which didn't go ahead) and the Vatican have also now stated their will to accept the possibility of extraterrestrial intelligence, claiming it does not go against their religious beliefs.

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The Royal/Alien Bloodline

What makes the royal family so royal?

The answer: their heritage.

Consider this:

All US Presidents have carried this bloodline into office. America declared it's independence from the British monarchy in 1776, the same year the Bavarian Illuminati (described as an enlightenment-era secret society) was formed.

The Bavarian Illuminati was modeled on Freemasonry and many Illuminati chapters drew membership from already existing Masonic lodges. Despite America declaring it's independence, genealogical research shows that every single president has descended from the European monarchs.

George Bush is related to the king of Albania, related to twenty British dukes and is the thirteenth cousin of the UK's queen mother. Bush is also thirteenth cousin once removed from Prince Charles and is directly descended from King Henry III, Charles II and Edward I of England. Via the House of Windsor and King Henry III, George Bush and Bill Clinton are related.

Every presidential election has been won by the candidate with the most royal genes.

According to Michael Tsarion, author of Astrotheology and Sidereal Mythology :

"The Americas have always been owned and governed by the same royal families of Britain and Europe that conventional history states as being among those defeated during the wars of so-called ‘Independence.'"

The name 'Britain' actually comes from the Phoenician word 'Baratana' which is a name given to the sea-goddess of the maritime Phoenician-Irish people. The 'ana' part of the word means 'heavens' whereas the 'Bara' appears to refer to India.

Early Phoenician coins depict the symbol of a crucifix which confirms that the crucifix, or cross, does not actually originate from Christianity as we have been widely conditioned to believe.

Druid symbolism is present on the regalia of Britain's royal family. The wand, the cup and the plate/disk originate with the four sacred treasures of Ireland, which is also where the four suits of the Tarot and playing cards originate.

The double-headed Eagle which appears on the royal's regalia was originally an emblem of the Arya and the goths of ancient Britain and Scandinavia. This has been used as a symbol from the earliest times among the Irish, Phoenicians, Egyptians, Scythians, Sumerians and Hittites.

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The Grand Deception

As explained, attempts at deceit and suppression may have been present throughout the ages. An elite bloodline may have successfully manipulated the masses for a very long time and this 'Illuminati' bloodline seems to trace back to ancient legend.

Many of these ancient legends, religions and mythologies all tie in with each other in that they indicate that thousands upon thousands of years ago 'Gods' or 'beings' came down from the Heavens (above) and used their advanced knowledge of genetic engineering to splice their DNA with that of the human race, in order to turn us into slaves and have us mine for Gold among other precious minerals.

Other legends claim that the higher beings also had offspring with our women turning them into human-alien hybrids. Some of these legends seem to be extremely advanced for their time and certainly explain the missing link in Darwin's Theory Of Natural Selection.

Some of them speak of nuclear wars that happened thousands of years ago.

Has the entire establishment perhaps used Christianity as a false front to control and manipulate the masses for thousands of years, effectively disguising slavery as freedom in order to conceal their true origin?

What makes the royal family so royal?

The answer: Alien DNA


davidlee on November 17, 2014:

Yes I agree there are people in power or have been in power that come from a royal bloodline.Can you tell me from all your vast research which royal bloodlines they belong to?Are they from christs bloodline or satans bloodline? I can only speak for myself,I am a son of God.I have the blood of christ in my veins.I have never been in a high office nor have I sought one.But yet christs blood runs in my veins.Tell me,just what is it that you and your followers seek?

Teaci B on September 26, 2014:

Christians are not Catholics. The book of Revelations explains where all the bloodlines come from, even explains behaviors of each one, Every single prophetic word in the Bible to date has come to pass. What is your blood type? Research what GOD, the God of Abraham has to say about it. If the info doesn't come from the word of God then it is a lie. The Catholics have deceived a lot of people all the while doing horrible unspeakable crimes to God's children' God our heavenly father is above ALL. The alpha & omega. The beginning & the end. Most important is that God is LOVE!! ALL LOVE COMES FROM GOD Jesus was God in the flesh, The Holy Spirit is the voice of God. The Presidents, Royal family & the Catholics are ALL ALUMINATY. I'm B-

Marc Hubs (author) from United Kingdom on August 12, 2013:

Yes, Barrack Obama is also of royal bloodline.

gconeyhiden from Brooklyn, N.Y.C. U.S.A on May 25, 2013:

Interesting hub. Is Obama also of royal line? I'm going to look into this bloodline story. Whatever I don't think there is any doubt that Jesus the historical man and the Christian church are NOT one. The church is in fact perhaps one of the longest running corporations of all time protecting their empire by unholy ways Jesus would reject outright.

KC3 from United States on January 06, 2013:

Scientology (and their alien beliefs), upper level Masonry and Illuminati all share in their distaste for and need to invalidate or undermine Christianity. Knowing the alleged mind control, brainwashing, bullying and other tactics, I would say Christianity is right on! Of course, they often claim in words their god does not hate while at the same time their actions are hateful. If Christianity was not true and if there was no power in the resurrected Christ, then why not let all of the supposedly less "enlightened" Christians be? "Enlightened" seems to be another word for deceived and manipulated in these cults.

Gail Meyers from Johnson County, Kansas on December 30, 2012:

Another interesting hub, Sparkster. The Federal Reserve is another point that would support the idea that we never got away from the bloodlines.

On the other hand, knowing that the government (which is allegedly run by secret societies) was changing (rewriting) the history books at least as far back as Clinton, sends up a red flag to me. None of us were there to truly know firsthand. However, if the Biblical account is accurate, what better way to further discourage Christian resistance to the current evil than to rewrite more history informing people that Jesus Christ, who according to the Bible can save their souls and overpower evil, was really just a cruel hoax.

Jesus Christ crucified is the very cornerstone, foundation of the Christian faith, the substitutionary death on the cross dying in our place for the forgiveness of sins. I am not Catholic, nor am I defending the Catholic church. I am speaking of the relationship with Christ, not the organized religion be it Catholic, charismatic, Baptist, etc. Jesus Christ Himself in the Bible came down the hardest on the organized religion of His day. The Bible teaches that the veil was torn, giving us access to God through His Son. Jesus Christ became the high priest between God and man, so I have never understood the Catholic practice of having a pope in the first place or apparently praying to various other saints. (Although I do understand historically the church had a great deal of power.)

If these secret society cults are satanists and deceitful, this would be perhaps the greatest deception of all next to convincing the average person today that satan is not real - while at the same time they themselves worship him, summon demons, cast spells, etc., (that is condemned in the Bible).

Kerry43 on October 29, 2012:

I added this to my world religions folder on Pinterest. let's see how that works out. People always like a touch of controversy, when it's to do with someone other than themselves lol.

Have a good one!

Kerry ;)

Marc Hubs (author) from United Kingdom on October 28, 2012:

Haha Kerry43, it looks like nobody else has any words either!

Kerry43 on October 10, 2012:

Hello, wow, I have no words lol. What an interesting read! I can only imagine the number of weird and/or interesting comments this article will receive. I will be back to take a look over the next few weeks.

Thanks for pointing me to this earlier today.


Michele Travis from U.S.A. Ohio on October 10, 2012:

Interesting hub. Gave me a lot to think about and more.

Voted up.

Barnsey from Happy Hunting Grounds on August 02, 2012:

Great stuff, you really did your research hear. There are many things you have mentioned that I have seen, read or heard elsewhere and you have tied them all together nicely. So, I'm now thinking the Men in Black are actually protecting the secrets of the "Royal" regime more than anything else.

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