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Functions of Culture

Culture is the embodiment in customs, traditions etc. of the learning of a social group over the generation. It is the complex whole that consists of everything we think and do and have as members of society. Culture is composed of integrated customs, traditions, and current behaviour pattern of human behaviour.

Functions of culture

Culture makes man a human being. At birth the child is just an animal. He does not possess speech, identity, sex and age roles. No self is formed. Because of enculturation the self is developed and the personality began to develop thereby the individual become humane.

Culture provide traditional interpretation to certain situations. The customs followed in certain societies are entirely different to that of some other societies and are not acceptable to others but cultural values of their society are upheld by it. For ex: The infanticide which is practiced by a society is not practiced by the other society and is also prohibited. But custom of infanticide is upheld by their culture. Also, an individual behavior depends upon the cultural practices of their society. Individuals behavior towards certain bad and good omens depends depending upon the society's culture.

Culture provides solutions for complicated situations. When the individuals of a society are in complex situations where he is not able to come out, the culture helps his to get away from the troubles. Quees at booking counters of cinema halls, but stands milk booth, railway station etc.

ongoing to a common culture come together and work together to read common goals. They develop solidarity, integration and the feeling.

Culture broadens the vision of the individual: The culture teacher an individual to be generous to others in matters of need and to co-operate the other in reaching the common socials. The individual begin to think to work for the other and later for himself.


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