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Fun Quiz for ESL Students


Are you looking for a fun filled quiz to stimulate your ESL students?

I spent hours searching for appropriate material on-line, but was never happy with any of the quizzes, so I decided to compile my own. The quiz is not too difficult, neither is it too easy, it is just different... Intermediates and upwards will be able to tackle this quiz and it should take between 40-60 minutes depending on whether you want to encourage conversation or not. Enjoy!


Let The Games Begin!

1. Name 5 countries that begin with the letter S

Answer: Serbia, Seychelles, Slovakia, South Africa, Suriname, Spain, Sudan, Syria, Switzerland, Sweden.

2. In a lonely hearts ad, what does GSOH stand for?

Answer: Good sense of humour

3. Which group had the most number one hits in the UK in the 1970s?

Answer: ABBA

4. What does Kevlar, the washing machine, Tip-Ex and nappies all have in common?

Answer: They were all invented by women

5. Name 3 phrasal verbs with ‘Cut’ and explain their meanings.

Answer: Cut up – to divide, cut off – to stop connection, cut down – remove, cut back – reduce, cut across – short cut, cut in – interrupt

6. Which animal is the symbol of Barcardi Rum?

Answer: Bat

7. What is the largest state in the USA?

Answer: Alaska

8. What is a barracuda?

Answer: A fish

9. Popeye has a tattoo on his arm. What is it?

Answer: An anchor

10. What is the biggest manmade structure on earth?

Answer: The Great Wall of China

11. A ‘BCG’ Bacillus Calmette–Guérin is a vaccination against which disease?

Answer: Tuberculosis

12. Name 3 words to describe ‘big’

Answer: Massive, large, gigantic, enormous


13. Who wrote the original book of Jurassic Park?

Answer: Michael Crichton

14. Name 6 crimes

Answer: Kidnapping, murder, graffiti, smuggling, drug dealing, rape, assault, speeding

15. Can you say these words in British English: Apartment, elevator, gasoline, candy, and faucet.

Answer: Flat, lift, petrol, sweets and tap

16. What percentage of people pays tax in Pakistan? 1%, 14% or 36%

Answer: 1%

17. There are no what in Las Vegas casinos?

Answer: Clocks or windows

18. What is the capital of Greenland?

Answer: Nuuk

19. Which Beatles leads the way on the cover of the Abbey Road album?

Answer: John Lennon

20. Algophobia is a fear of what?

Answer: Pain

21. Who wrote ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo?

Answer: Steig Larsson

22. What is the common name for ascorbic acid?

Answer: Vitamin C

23. Who won the football World Cup in 1998?

Answer: France

24. What is the past simple of these verbs: set, rise, dig

Answer: Set, rose, dug


25. Which vegetable did Europeans call a ‘mad apple’, from a belief that it caused insanity?

Answer: Aubergine/Eggplant

26. To whom is the phrase ‘I think therefore I am’ attributed?

Answer: René Descartes

27. I was born in Germany in 1876. 19 years later I moved to Switzerland to study and in 1921 I received the Nobel Prize for Physics. In 1933 I immigrated to America. Who am I?

Answer: Albert Einstein

28. What are the opposites of: Bright, generous, borrow

Answer: Dull, mean, lend

29. Which gangster was nicknamed ‘Scarface’?

Answer: Al Capone

30. Name 7 countries where English is the spoken language

Answer: UK, USA, Ireland, India, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Canada, Nigeria, Philippines.

31. Can you name 4 American presidents?

Answer: John Adams, T. Jefferson, A. Lincoln, G. Washington, J.F. Kennedy

32. Besides the Euro and the Dollar, can you name 4 other currencies?

Answer: Cambodian Riel, Argentine Peso, Danish Krone, Francs in Francophile countries, Kenyan Shilling, Indian Rupee, South African Rand, Chinese Yuan Renminbi, Japanese Yen.


33. Complete the following proverbs with a suitable animal and explain their meanings:

A. Don’t count your ____________ before they’ve hatched.

B. When the ___________ away, the mice will play

C. You can’t teach an old _________ new tricks.

D. Kill two _________ with one stone.

Answers: A – Chickens: When evaluating one's assets, don't be too hasty.

B – Cat:When the person in charge is not present, the subordinates can do as they please.

C – Dog: It is hard to change when you have been doing something your way for years and years.

D – Birds: to solve two problems at once with a single act.

34. Name 3 positions of soccer player

Answer: Goalie, Defender/Backs, Midfielder, Forward/Striker

35. Gynophobia is the fear of what?

Answer: Women

36. What is a ‘ward’?

Answer: A room in a hospital holding patients or categories of patients.

37. The Fahrenheit and Celsius scales have the same value at which temperature?

Answer: -40

38. Who was named Man of the Year in Time Magazine 1938 issue?

Answer: Adolf Hitler


39. How many people have walked on the moon A. 15, B.12 or C. 7

Answer: 12

40. Which car means ‘People’s car?

Answer: Volkswagen

41. During his lifetime how many paintings did Van Gogh sell?

Answer: One - Red Vineyard at Arles

42. I was born in 1863 in Michigan. I was an American industrialist. I developed the system of assembly-line manufacture and mass production. My company is named after me. At that time I was one of the most famous and richest people in the world. Who am I?

Answer: Henry Ford

Bored Students Can Get Rowdy


We All Deserve to Have a Bit of Fun in the Classroom

We should all treat ourselves to the odd chill out class once in a while, and these fun ESL/EFL quizzes are perfect for it. Why not follow this link for some interesting mime themes?

If you decide to use this quiz, please let me know how it went. It took me a long time to compile, but I've been able to use it with so many of my levels, so it was worth it in the end.

© 2013 Muttface


Laura on May 11, 2017:

Great quiz! Thank you so much!

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