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MBBS Full Form: The Most Useful Acronyms for Students

Umesh Kurmi is a semi-qualified Chartered Accountant from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nepal. He has seven years of experience.

Medical Analysis


1. MBBS Full Form

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery is the full form of MBBS. It is a well-known course that leads to a doctorate and the ability to see and treat any patient.
A specialist's essential obligation is to keep up with the wellbeing of the human body and to regard illnesses as they emerge.

Specialists are exceptionally regarded everywhere, and the new commitment of specialists to the battle against COVID 19-Covid sickness has been perceived by everybody in the world.

So, if you want to work in a field where you can help people while also earning a good living, you should enroll in an MBBS program.


2. DNA Full Form & RNA Full Form

The full form of DNA and RNA are Deoxyribonucleic Acid and Ribonucleic Acid respectively. The DNA molecule is a genetic material sent from one age to another. It is the biggest molecule of the living cell made out of a few million nucleotide chains. It is in the grouping of nucleotides in polymers where hereditary data conveyed by chromosomes is found.

Every nucleotide is made out of three parts: a nitrogenous base like purine and pyrimidine, a sugar (de-oxy-ribose), and a phosphate group. The nitrogen base decides the identity of the nucleotide.

RNA is a nucleic acid having a structure almost similar to that of the DNA molecule except for one base of uracil instead of thymine. There are three unique types of RNA. This multitude of components is fundamental in the typical working of the cell, particularly in the synthesis of proteins. The RNA molecule isn't the data transporter aside from a couple of viruses. Furthermore, these molecules are less steady than DNA molecules.


3. AIDS Full Form

The full form of AIDS is Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome. AIDS is caused by HIV; in that condition, a human's immune system is too weak to even consider safeguarding against any type of ailment or infection. AIDS is typically the absolute last phase of HIV infection, a period where the patient can never again safeguard himself and consequently spread different infections. Whenever AIDS stays unattended, it causes demise.

Somebody with AIDS can encounter a group of ailments, including thrush, pneumonia, tuberculosis, skin sicknesses, cytomegalovirus, and toxoplasmosis. There's an upgraded plausibility of getting an ailment like malignancy and brain diseases.


4. OPD Full Form

The full form of OPD is the Outpatient department. An OPD is organized to be the essential place of correspondence among the patient and the medical experts in a hospital. A patient who initially shows up at the medical hospital goes directly to OPD, and afterward, the OPD concludes the unit to which a patient will go.

An OPD is ordinarily situated on the ground floor of every hospital and is divided into a few sections like the Neurology Department, Gynecology Department, Orthopedics Department, Oncology Department, General Medicine Department, etc. The patient completes all the desk work here and goes to the specified department.


5. ICU Full Form

The full form of ICU is the Intensive care unit. It is a unique clinic division that offers patients experiencing an extreme mishap or illness consideration medicines, and concentrated care. Patients with the most dangerous sicknesses or wounds that require consistent management by a staff of expert doctors and attendants are treated in the ICU. The group is accomplished in the treatment of patients who are badly sick or gravely harmed. The ICU is perceived as the CCU (Critical Care Unit) or ITU (Intensive Treatment Unit).

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6. BAMS Full Form

The full form of BAMS is Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery. BAMS is an advanced education program planned to make students familiar with the thoughts of Ayurveda and use them for the treatment of patients. BAMS includes Ayurveda with the thoughts of modern medicines, and understudies are shown a blend of both as a component of the course syllabus.

Ayurveda is perhaps the firstborn arrangement of medication and follows its foundations to Vedic times. It relies upon the mending properties of herbal plants and spices, and its prescriptions are known for the natural parts they contain.


7. MRI Full Form

The full form of MRI is Magnetic resonance imaging. MRI is a test that utilizes strong magnets, radio waves, and a PC to make nitty-gritty photos within your body. Your physician can utilize this test to analyze you or to perceive how well you've answered to treatment.

MRI doesn't utilize ionizing radiations hence-forth they are viewed as more secure than X-rays and CT scans.

MRI appeared somewhere near the 1970s and has ended up as an adaptable choice in identifying pathology. Prior, MRI was known as Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging (NMRI). The term nuclear was subsequently eliminated because of its pessimistic impact on individuals' psyches.


8. MD Full Form

The full form of MD is Doctor of Medicine (Latin Medicinae Doctor). MD is initially taken from the Latin word "Medicinae Doctor" which essentially signifies "Instructor of Medicines". MD is the most elevated scholarly degree in the field of Medicine. MD is a 3-year postgraduate certificate got in the wake of finishing a clinical MBBS course. Since MD is a postgraduate level, candidates ought to get an MBBS degree to fit the bill for the course.

9. ECG Full Form

The full form of ECG is Electrocardiogram. It is a test that assists with checking your heart's working by testing electrical movement. With each heartbeat, an electric wave goes through our hearts. Also due to this movement, the muscle of our heart squeezes and plums blood through the veins. What's more, with the assistance of ECG, a specialist can be aware of the heart's wellbeing.

Simply by specialists would you be able to know whether your heart is fit or not by estimating the electrical action. On the off chance that you are confronting any heart issues, you are bound to get suggested by the ECG abbreviation.


10. BDS Full Form

The full form of BDS is Bachelor of Dental Surgery. It is one of the best courses in the medical field. Moreover, the degree is massively loved by the aspirants as it gives bunches of opportunities to them.

Be that as it may, understudies trying for the course having BDS full structures need to get familiar with their trade-in in an incredibly productive and exact way. This is fundamental because after clearing the course, they should deal with issues connected with the mouth. In this manner, they have no degree for the mistake.

Useful Medical Full Forms/Acronyms

S.N.AcronymsFull Forms



Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery



Deoxyribonucleic Acid



Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome



Outpatient Department



Intensive Care Units



Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery



Magnetic Resonance Imaging



Doctor of Medicine (Latin medicinae doctor)






Bachelor of Dental Surgery



Community Medicine Assistant



Indian Council of Medical Research



Post Graduate



Masters of Science



Polymerase Chain Reaction



Personal Protective Equipment



Oral Rehydration Solution






Master of Surgery



computed Tomography Scan



Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder



World Health Organization



Food and Drug Administration



All India Institute Of Medical Science



Ultrasound Sonography



Ears, Nose and Throat



Human Immunodeficiency Virus

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