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Full Disclosure of Nibiru Planet X Will Be The Catalyst For Spiritually Awakening The Masses

The role of Star Visitors to Earth and human evolution is the next step in mankind's development as a species, Full Disclosure is necessary

Full Disclosre

When Nibiru Planet X becomes visible in the Earth's skies night or day it will trigger a demand for the truth, the likes of which this planet has never seen, it will literally be the catalyst that opens Pandoras Box.

When Nibiru Planet X becomes visible in the Earth's skies night or day it will trigger a demand for the truth, the likes of which this planet has never seen, it will literally be the catalyst that opens Pandoras Box.

The search for Nibiru Planet X has been an ongoing science for over a 100 years, even though the general public isn't aware that those in power have been trying to find it for that long. Full Disclosure of Nibiru Planet X Will Be The Catalyst For Spiritually Awakening The Masses will provide those that fear the coming of this planet with a good reason to cast aside their fear and recognize the importance of this planet's existence.

While there exist a large body of disinformation pertaining to the existence of this planet in our solar system, more and more people on this planet are recognizing, exploring, researching and discovering the true nature of it's existence.

Percival Lowell a wealthy businessman from Boston and amateur astronomer built a astronomical observatory in the Flagstaff, Arizona in the late 1800s, specifically to look for this planet. In the 1930s, astronomers at this observatory thought they had found Nibiru Planet X but it turned out to be what we now call Pluto.

As recently as 1983, NASA using the IRAS orbital space telescope found it on the outskirts of our solar system and announced this amazing discovery to the World. This news made it to the front page of both the NY Times and Washington Post but publicity was quickly suppressed by the Reagan Administration. It was decided to make the subject a topic of National Security to prevent the public from learning the truth about the possible repercussions of Nibiru Planet X's orbit has to the climate and environment of Earth as it passes through our solar system.

Shortly after the World Wide Web began to be open to the public in 1993, a website named Zeta Talk was established to present information to the public about Nibiru Planet X. This website that is run and hosted by Nancy Lieder, is essentially information she shares from channeling benign Aliens from Zeta Reticuli, that have been allowed by the Council of Worlds to share pertinent information about Nibiru Planet X's orbit and affects on planet Earth, in an effort to awaken the public.

The Council of Worlds, is a group of benign Aliens made up of many different Alien civilizations that enforce the Law of One principles in this part of our Galaxy. They control the amount contact, information and technological advancements different civilizations can have with each other and generally police the local Universe. They decided through contact with governments of all the major nation's of Earth to allow these governments to disclose the true nature of Nibiru Planet X to the World's population within a certain time frame.

That time frame has expired without disclosure and so the Council is now revealing Nibiru Planet X to the masses and bringing about events that will allow Full Disclosure of the Alien presence here on Earth. Many times since 1983, astronomers, scientist and even the United States Government and other Governments of the World, have attempted to reveal this planet to the public and their attempts have been blocked by the Shadow Government that really runs this planet, that is called by many names such as The Cabal, The Kharzarian Mafia, The Illuminati or The Freemasons.

Two Suns in Ultraviolet

Partial Disclosure

Now that the time period for our Governments to expose Full Disclosure of the presence of Nibiru Planet X has expired the Council of Worlds is allowing it to be seen by more and more people around the world. This fact is evident by the amazingly numerous well defined photographs and videos on the internet right now, showing the many Moons and other planets that orbit Nibiru Planet X and the brown dwarf star Nemesis.

Recent stories in the Main Stream Media have revealed that our solar system is a binary star system but that the other 'Sun' is what astronomers label a brown 'unlit' dwarf star, meaning it cannot be seen with the naked eye. This brown dwarf star is located in the far reaches of our solar system and accounts for Nibiru Planet X's long elliptical 3,600 year orbit.

Other stories such as the recently 'discovered' Ninth Planet and that rogue planets do exist, are being revealed to slowly acclimate the public to information that will make Full Disclosure of Nibiru Planet X more manageable when it becomes clear to all in our skies.

Another aspect of this slowly revealing mystery is the recent stories about the noticeable effect Nibiru Planet X is having on our planet such as our changing climate, melting polar ice, increased Earth wobble, increased seismic and volcanic activity and meteor and comet appearances in our atmosphere and near misses or Near Earth Objects (NEOs).

This is all part of a partial disclosure project by the Council of Worlds to indoctrinate humanity to the presence of Nibiru Planet X in our solar system and the presence of advanced human civilizations living inside our Hollow Earth, advanced Alien bases on our Moon and on other planets in our solar system and a Secret Space Program that has been in existence since the 1930s.

Nibiru Planet X Moon

Is Nibiru Planet X Here?

One Of the Better Photographs

This is one of the more popular photos on the internet showing one of Nibiru Planet X's moons.

This is one of the more popular photos on the internet showing one of Nibiru Planet X's moons.

Recent Stories in the Press

Here is a short list of stories related to Nibiru Planet X and a potential Polar Shift, in the media lately, that I have compiled to show how disclosure of this topic is designed to awaken the masses and allow humanity to become consciously aware of another planetary body in our solar system.

This recent article Climate Change May Be Causing Earth’s Poles To Shift found on the Huffington Post website includes two of the symptoms of the nearness of another planetary body in our solar system in the title, Climate Change and Pole Shift. While this article claims that the melting polar ice is due to Climate Change, it does not address the reason the planet Earth's climate has changed.

In another similar story on the website The Guardian entitled Melting ice sheets changing the way the Earth wobbles on its axis, says Nasa it mimics the story above but uses the term Global Warming to attribute to the melting polar ice. Again it fails to mention why our planet is warming beyond the typical excuses given the public of being manmade pollution. While it again includes terms such as increased Earth Wobble and Pole Shift, it fails to mention the overlying cause.

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This article 5 MAJOR EARTHQUAKES IN 48 HOURS AS A SEISMOLOGIST WARNS ‘CATASTROPHIC MEGA EARTHQUAKES’ ARE COMING on describes another symptom the Earth is experiencing due to the nearness of Nibiru Planet X in our solar system, large earthquakes. This article describes how large earthquakes 8.0 on the richter scale or higher are predicted for the planet in the near future.

An article in the DailyMail called Rare 'brown dwarf' identified after 18 YEARS of tests: Failed star could help deepen understanding of exoplanets shows that indeed our solar system is a binary star system, even though we have been taught otherwise for decades.

On this article Have you heard about the gigantic mystery planet that could kill us all?, was published on April 7, 2016 that oddly enough was also talked about by Corey Goode on the show Cosmic Disclosure with host David Wilcock. This large planet that some call Marduk can only be detected using infrared telescopes and has numerous smaller moons and planets that orbit it. Its strong magnetic field often displaces ateroids and comets in the Kuiper Belt ans send them hurtling towards Earth.

On the website this story Planet X to really cause mass extinction this month?, describes past extinction level events based on fossil records, archeology and geology. It explains again how Nibiru Planet X's magnetic field could cause objects in the Kuiper Belt to hurtle towards Earth.

A recent posting on defines the theory of Planet Nine but clearly indicates it should not be confused with the Nibiru Planet X theory, even though they are both oddly similar. "The predicted planet would be a super-Earth, with an estimated mass of about 10 times that of Earth (approximately 5,000 times the mass of Pluto), a diameter two to four times that of Earth, and a highly elliptical orbit that is so far away that it could take around 15,000 years to orbit the Sun."

With the increase in the Earth's Wobble has come an increase in severe storms and wind patterns. Massive dust storms in Australia Huge dust storm as cool change sweeps South Australia and Texas Dust Storm 100 Miles Wide Blankets Much of Texas Panhandle show how the atmosphere struggles to keep up with the altering axis of the Earth.

Meanwhile extreme weather such as a freak hailstorm in Darjeeling, India had residents amazed and bewildered, Freak hailstorm drops several inches of ice on Darjeeling, India.

Also loud booms are again being heard world wide, such as the ones in the High Desert of California as seismic activity, rattling and shaking is felt by residents in the area. In this story Mysterious loud booms, shaking rattle residents in High Desert, California the USGS fails to explain that even though no earthquakes were reported these phenomenon was not cause to panic.

These are just a sampling of the increasing stories on the internet designed to awaken the populace to the presence of Nibiru Planet X and the wide range of phenomenon it will cause our planet as it passes through our solar system. These and other stories, articles, videos and photographs are being shared now to continue the drip, drip, drip of partial Disclosure.

Eventually those in charge of our planet will have no choice but to publicly recognize the existence of this planet and how it relates to life on Earth Full Disclosure of Nibiru Planet X Will Be The Catalyst For Spiritually Awakening The Masses, will be how this is done.

Solar System Chart

This chart indicates just how far out these planets Corey talks about are in relationship to Earth.

This chart indicates just how far out these planets Corey talks about are in relationship to Earth.

Planet Nine

The stories and articles on the internet proposing that our solar system has what scientist are labeling Planet Nine are designed to make us all aware that another planet is here now.

The stories and articles on the internet proposing that our solar system has what scientist are labeling Planet Nine are designed to make us all aware that another planet is here now.

Cosmic Disclosure: Season 4, Episode 7

While discussing answering questions from viewers from the Gaia TV show Cosmic Disclosure with Corey Goode and host David Wilcock determines that Corey and the Secret Space Program he worked for are aware of large planetary bodies out near the Oort Cloud that could have an influence on planet Earth.

This is important information because early in the show he is told that Zecharia Sitchin's information contained in his Earth Chronicles series about Nibiru Planet X was incorrect, from a group within the Hollow Earth. Perhaps they was just referring to specific data in the books and not the overall premise. Below is part of the dialogue between Corey and David concerning these large planetary bodies.

David: Right. So do you think that these planets . . . You say that there's more than one planet out past the Kuiper Belt?

Corey: Yes, and a lot of these are made up of just ice. And they're bigger than the Earth, but they're ice planets.

David: Do they have Ancient Builder race settlements on them? Or were they the fragments from this exploded planet and they're new?

Corey: They were fragments from this exploded planet.

David: Okay.

Corey: And they're in the ecliptic plane, and as I said before, outside of the ecliptic plane as behaving like a long period.

David: I think some of the viewers might be a little frustrated though, because on the one hand you're admitting that there might be something like what the Sumerians called Nibiru out there, but you're not saying anything about whether anybody lives on it. Does it have any recent bases on it or anything like that?

Corey: Atmosphere? Like I said, I have not been presented any information or seen any evidence of there being another planet that's coming in every 3,600 years that has living beings on it that matches that narrative.

David: Okay. And you say some of these objects are larger than the Earth?

Corey: Yes.

David: Do you know approximately how many of them there are that are large?

Corey: No, but I was told that at one time there were three that were long-period comets that would come in and wreak havoc. It seems that . . . I was told that one of them eventually did have a collision with the sun or went into the sun a long time ago.

David: Do you think creating some kind of a UFO religion that's actually fraudulent helps to confuse the possibility of Disclosure when it eventually comes out? Because you're really probably going to be upsetting a lot of people with your answers to these questions.

Corey: I've become used to that.

David: Yeah.

Corey: But, yeah. This is going to upset a lot of people or challenge their paradigms, but all of us . . . I've had my paradigm changed many times. And we've got to be willing to grow and keep an open mind, but use discernment. And I'm reporting from my experiences – my involvement. There's obviously information . . . I could not have access to all the information available. So there's plenty of information that I didn't access during my time. So there could have been that information like you're talking about that I did not access. I just never accessed that information.

It seems we will need to keep our paradigm bubble flexible as more information becomes available. However one of the other interesting aspects that some may not have considered is that Corey may not be allowed to divulge certain information until humanity reaches a degree of awareness or he was just not allowed to view some information . . . such as Nibiru Planet X.

Collective Spiritual Awakening

Nibiru Planet X will be the catalyst to propel humanity into a collective spiritual awakening this planet has never before experienced.

Nibiru Planet X will be the catalyst to propel humanity into a collective spiritual awakening this planet has never before experienced.

Michael Tellinger

Spiritual Awakening

Most spiritual awakenings come about when humanity is faced with information that threatens their comfortable paradigm or from a near death experience. However in the case of this article Full Disclosure of Nibiru Planet X Will Be The Catalyst For Spiritually Awakening The Masses it will be a combination of both. Not only will humanity be awakened from their thousand year slumber by the recognition that another planetary body is in our solar system, they will be able to see it night or day simple by looking up into the sky.

This sight will initially cause most of humanity to react with fear but after the initial shock wears off they will then demand answers because everyone will realize planets do not suddenly appear out of nowhere. Nibiru Planet X will be the catalyst for humanity to begin to demand the truth of our existence, history and purpose. I would like to think it may even unite humanity towards the common goal of self preservation.

The appearance of Nibiru Planet X in our skies will galvanize most people into a spiritual awakening and propel them into making a choice of either Service To Self or Service To Others. I submit to my readers that most humans will make the choice of the latter, which will become the catalyst for a Ubuntu type movement throughout the planet.

For those of you unfamiliar with Ubuntu simply follow this link, that is being promoted by the writer Michael Tellinger to the website of the same name. In a nutshell, Ubuntu is a way of life in which all the resources of the planet are used to ensure that no one goes without, where money is no longer the prevailing theme of our lives and where all of humanity works and strives towards a common goal.

The Council of Worlds is slowly waking humanity up to a wide variety of issues and topics that will culminate with the recognition that another planetary body is already here in our solar system. This planet will be the catalyst or tool used to awaken mankind to the prospect that all is not what it seems on this planet and that for mankind to move to the next level of evolution, all must become educated to a new paradigm of truth.

This, paradigm of truth will require that we face the deception of our past forgive those that have manipulated us for untold centuries, take steps to make sure the deceivers cannot continue to damage the human spirit and begin to establish a new way of life that ensures equality and abundance for all as we learn to work in harmony towards a common goal.

I'm sure there will be hiccups and bumps along the road to recovery but if we always keep an open flow of information while learning to recognize our character defects as a species, we will learn to honestly listen to each other which will lead to harmonizing our communication skills.

Black Sun

David Wilcock

Jupiter Ascending


Nibiru Planet X will be the catalyst for those on the planet that have not awakened to the vast amount of information readily available to the masses for decades in the form of books, movies and now on the internet (which began in 1993). For those of you that consider yourself awake and aware, the AA of Full Disclosure, you will realize the truth in my next statement.

Full Disclosure is happening right now, even as I write these words, and has been for at least the last two decades.

Just as enlightenment is not a destination but a journey so too is Full Disclosure. Full Disclosure did not begin on a specific date or time but began for everyone in their own way. We are all on different paths of enlightenment and like salmon swimming upstream will reach the same destination in our own time.

People often write to me and ask me when the Polar Shift will happen or when will we be able to see Nibiru Planet X? I always answer the same way, the Polar Shift is an ongoing process and is happening right now and we can see Nibiru Planet X right now if we are willing to look for it.

What I want my readers to understand and be clear about is that Full Disclosure has already begun and is an ongoing process as more is being revealed every day. Sure, at some point their may be a massive data dump on the internet but I assure you when that time arrives more than half this planet will already be aware and awake.

Everyday I talk to people that are becoming more aware of their environment and the changing weather, of chemtrails being a fact not some elusive conspiracy, of new inventions and suppressed information from our past. The entire planet is waking up, perhaps not as fast as some would like but it is happening.

TV shows and movies are showing us what technology exists now, not in some distant future and people are becoming aware of this fact based on past experience. They realize that the communicators of Star Trek in the late 60s, were introduced to the public to make humanity aware of technology that existed then but had yet to be commercialized. The film Jupiter Ascending showed us advanced hover boards, this is technology that already exists today and is being used already.

Paramount to filtering through the disinformation The Cabal feeds us is something we can learn by using critical thinking, discernment and thinking with our heart. This kind of thinking takes practice, while keeping an open mind and most importantly keeping our paradigm bubble flexible. This will require that when we are wrong or our thinking is in error recognizing it admitting it and realizing there is no shame to this game. Only by recognizing our mistakes can we grow and evolve, so don't be afraid of being wrong, it is the best way to learn.

Because Full Disclosure of Nibiru Planet X Will Be The Catalyst For Spiritually Awakening The Masses is an ongoing process it becomes paramount for those that wish for it to be a reality to share all they know with others. Planting the seed of information is the first step in this project because without the seed of knowledge and truth nothing can grow.

© 2016 somethgblue


Pamela A Jason, on July 24, 2017:

Keep it up Daniel we love your amazing articles.. Our Little Blue Planet will expand and contract as this huge Planetary Body passes too and fro in and out of our Solar System as well.. Giant sinkholes are opening up via the expansions and contractions too IMO, as the skies are hidden to keep the awake one's not ask any question's as usual.. Many of us would have loved to buy into the lies and stick our heads in the proverbial sand's, but this theory of Nibiru just cannot be ignored, as it is way too noticeable as are the Earth changes so far.. Great piece of writing this was right on the money too Blue thank you

Pamela Jason on April 04, 2017:

Many thanks Blue great article loved it..

Mr pickle on January 17, 2017:

Thanks for all the wonderful information

Nadine May from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa on May 28, 2016:

Great article as always. Just shared a video on YouTube titled: The Hopi Blue Kachina /Red Kachina Prophecy says it all! Many people will just not be ready!

Suzie from Carson City on May 03, 2016:

Joshua...It is astounding that someone would comment w/o having read an article. News Flash: Knowledge or even simple information via osmosis does not exist ~~as yet.

New friend, old friend or No friend, your hurry to say "hi," while attempting to insult proves only to expose you as a troll. You should be aware, trolls are a mere nuisance & never taken seriously. However, it certainly is your choice as to how you spend the idle time on your hands.

HP is a huge site. Please feel free to use it as your vast playground. Children & the disabled have rights too. Due to my compassionate nature, I will always defend the rights of others...Wishing you happy times.

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on May 03, 2016:

Miz B, thanks for coming to my defense but Joshua 33 is a paid Cabal troll, that only signed up to Hub Pages to do his job.

He/She/It is no friend and is only here to distract and confuse. Any further comments by this insignificant flea will be deleted.

Doris James MizBejabbers from Beautiful South on May 03, 2016:

Joshua, it doesn't matter what Mr. Blue says, Babylonian records on tablets in museums today say that Nibiru is a planet. Now if this is Nibiru returning, then we may have something to worry about. Please read his article.

Joshua from America on May 03, 2016:

My apologies, Mr. Blue. Perhaps I should have read the article before commenting. I know how much you don't like that sort of thing, but I was in a hurry to say hi to an old friend.

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on May 03, 2016:

No, I'm trying to say that when we all can see a new planet in our skies day or night it will be the catalyst to wake people up. What you choose to call it is your business.

Joshua from America on May 03, 2016:

Are you still trying to tell people Nibiru is a planet, Blue?

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on May 02, 2016:

I would say by the end of 2017 you will be living in quite the different world Miz B, it won't be long now there is to much information out there for it too stop now . . . heck by the end of this summer this world will be reeling from the wonderment of it all . . . so stay tuned.

Doris James MizBejabbers from Beautiful South on May 02, 2016:

I hope that you are right it will be the catalyst for spiritually awakening the masses, and it will be for a great number. But there are so many people with closed minds who will see this as the beginning of the Tribulation and they'll think Jesus is coming in 7 years. It will be another lifetime or two before they awaken. As usual, you've done a fine job of presenting this information.

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