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Full Disclosure - What It Means to Mankind and How It Works

Full Disclosure

Full Disclosure will literally change the way we live overnight and evolve humanity to a level that we can put forth the effort to Ascend.

Full Disclosure will literally change the way we live overnight and evolve humanity to a level that we can put forth the effort to Ascend.

Full Disclosure

Full Disclosure

Full Disclosure (FD) is a term that has been bantered about the New Age Movement since it began many years ago but what does it really mean and how can it help create a new paradigm that our society can embrace and use to create a New Golden Age of Humanity? In this article Full Disclosure - What It Means to Mankind and How It Works we will explore its true meaning, what it could provide for humanity on a practical level and how we will all benefit from it.

We The People can get it started by sharing FD everywhere we go, on our FB pages, in the grocery store, to complete strangers on the street, on our Twitter accounts, at work and with our family and friends. Because of the popularity of the Gaia TV show Cosmic Disclosure with Secret Space Program insider Corey Goode and the host David Wilcock, there is now a FB page completely dedicated to this topic called Full Disclosure Project.

Some New Age Writers and researcher think that the Full Disclosure movement has been infiltrated by Cabal members as means of spreading disinformation. There is a lot of discussion on forums on various sites that express the opinion that the Full Disclosure topic has now become a controlled Partial Disclosure program, designed to cover up evidence and distract the public from the complete picture.

The Cabal, which has many names, such as The Illuminati, The Bildergurgers, The 13 Royal Families, The Freemasons, Kharzarian Mafia and The Powers That Be wish to prevent Full Disclosure anyway they can by spreading disinformation, misinformation, conspiracy theories and alternative stories, so we must be careful what we are accepting as the truth. The best way to do this is to simply listen to your heart or you gut instinct, if the story doesn't resonate with you or is in anyway negative, instilling fear or resentment, do not give it power by accepting it into your paradigm.

Bejamin Fulford has his pulse on the financial shenanigans of the World economic structure and is usually two or three moves ahead of what is known in the public eye. By working closely with the White Dragon Society he knows the inner workings and financially strategies of all the major players, his weekly 12 minute YouTube video is well worth listening too to stay ahead of the game.

Benjamin Fulford

Fear the Tool of The Cabal

This if very important because the emotion of fear is the tool The Cabal uses to control the publics thinking, whether it be on TV Shows and the News or movies, videos, books and internet articles, fear is what The Cabal wants humanity to embrace. Fear leads to Cognitive Dissonance, which triggers our fight or flight instinct. Fear prevents us from thinking clearly and thinking of others first. Fear makes us lash out others around us and to reject information that could help us.

Do not give into fear, it is the Mind Killer!

Full Disclosure will invariably provide humanity with many concepts and ideas we are not used to or is not part of our current paradigm or World View, this is OK, you are not alone. Even those that have awakened, were new to this information at one point in their lives, so we have all been there and experienced the panic new ideas, concepts and theories have created in us, just slow down take a deep breath and allow the information to sink in, ponder it and think about it.

What is important to realize is that God will not introduce us to information we are not ready for or cannot handle but learning to open your mind to new possibilities is an important step in the awakening process.

There are two basic types of awakening the educational variety that may take years to develop and the spiritual that is often sudden and mind expanding. In the beginning you will have to come to terms with information that seems earth shattering and even a little fearful in nature but rest assured there are many people that can help you to see the light.

Clive Prince and Lynn Picknett

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Disinformation Is Also A Tool of the Cabal

What everyone must be fully aware of is that Disinformation is also a tool of The Cabal and they use this tool when researchers, writers and Truth Seekers become just a little to popular in the public eye, as means to discredit their message. The Cabal has been using this tactic for literally decades (since 50s & 60s) by infiltrating The New Age Movement, creating their own experts and putting out a false message.

This is explained in the book The Stargate Conspiracy by Clive Prince and Lynn Picknett, which is a vast source of material that simply shatters the illusion that The New Age Movement is beyond reproach and filled with honest researchers practicing principles of integrity and honest disclosure.

Often times these researchers and writers, will either be replaced by clones, compromised by either bribery, money or discredited, prosecuted and sometimes even jailed. The last resort is of course murder by disease or accident because then they run the risk of creating a martyr.

The sheer numbers of astronomers and bankers that have committed suicide or been involved in fatal accidents is truly staggering in the last ten years. My point is, that we need to be extremely dubious and suspect of any information that simply seems to good to be true.

The recent popularity of the show Cosmic Disclosure on Gaia TV with host David Wilcock falls into this category as the viewer was initially given some incredible information that has never been substantiated and must be taken on faith and yet lately has fallen under harsh criticism for not revealing enough and slowly dripping the information out in smaller and smaller doses.

The information on this show tells us all that Planet X a.k.a. Nibiru is not a threat and yet supposedly many astronomers have been suspected of being murdered for trying to reveal this information in the not so distant past. Both the host, David Wilcock and the guest Corey Goode, have told the viewers their lives are in danger and have been threatened and yet they offer no proof of this or any other proof of their other incredible claims.

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The story by Corey Goode is being accepted at face value based on no evidence or corroborating eye witness testimony besides the one and only source. While this isn't a deal breaker for me it does seem somewhat suspect, to say the least. What seems even more suspect to me is they both continue to openly discuss their supposed death threats, without providing a shred of proof, almost as if they are dramatically playing up this issue.

I found a recent article on WorldTruth.TV entitled List Of Dead Scientists... Assassinated?? that provides the reader with over 125 names of scientists, astronomers, holistic health care professionals and doctors and researchers having all died within the last five years from extremely mysterious circumstances and some with no explanation at all.

Star Gate Technology

The Secret Shadow Government known as The Cabal is hiding technology from such as Star Gates in an effort to prevent humanity from Ascended, the time is now to demand Full Disclosure!

The Secret Shadow Government known as The Cabal is hiding technology from such as Star Gates in an effort to prevent humanity from Ascended, the time is now to demand Full Disclosure!

What Full Disclosure Means To Humanity

Full Disclosure means a lot of things to a lot of different people but what it means to humanity is a completely new society based on free energy, free food and complete freedom from the Money Magik System that has enslaved mankind for thousands of years.

I cannot emphasize the above statement enough, it will literally transform our planet overnight into a society no longer controlled by a debt system that enslaves its members to work their entire lives for a very small percentage of the population. Stop and think about how the billions of people on this Earth work for the very small minority of the Banking Elite and heads of corporations and Royal Families.

No man owns this Earth we live on but we act as if the Powers That Be do in fact own us. We go to work everyday, to earn money (a piece of paper), to pay for things that should be our God given right to have without the need for indentured servitude.

We pay rent to live on the planet We were born on because someone else tells us we have to, who gave them the power to control us . . . We Did!

That is why the Full Disclosure Movement is The Most Important topic in our society today because it will reveal the Big Lie that has been sold to us through The Disinformation of Archeology, The Disinformation of Astronomy, The Disinformation of Biology and The Disinformation of Cancer. We The People are the true power The Cabal fears because once we put our minds, thoughts and ideas together while ignoring the differences and embrace a common goal, we cannot be stopped.

Now is the time to begin to share our common goals with each other and to research, explore and develop a paradigm that works for the world. Below I will share some advancements, discoveries, ideas and technology that has been hidden from us. I want everyone that reads this to leave a comment, share the links provided as way of promoting the Full Disclosure Movement. first we should explore some of the books that will help you to recognize Full Disclosure - What It Means to Mankind and How It Works.

Ra and the Blue Avians

The Blue Avians that Corey Goode introduced us to on the GaiaTV show Cosmic Disclosure have a striking resemblance to Ra the Sun God of ancient Egypt, coincidence?

The Blue Avians that Corey Goode introduced us to on the GaiaTV show Cosmic Disclosure have a striking resemblance to Ra the Sun God of ancient Egypt, coincidence?

Radu Cinamar and Peter Moon

Dolores Cannon

Peter Moon

Jim Marrs

Barbara Hand Clow

David Wilcock

Graham Hancock

Ashayana Deane

Must Read Books and Full Disclosure

Most importantly we need to get the word out that we are serious about change. To do this we need to be knowledgeable about certain subjects while supporting researchers and writers that share our common goals. In this section I will share some books that are must reads for helping us better understand the technology, discoveries and events that are being hidden from us.

The books by Romanian writer Radu Cinamar that have been translated into English and published by Peter Moon's publishing company Sky Books known as the Transylvanian Sunrise series are invaluable tools for awakening. Not only, do they reveal ancient discoveries of advanced technology buried in chambers beneath the Bucegi Mountains of Romania and Giza Plateau but also delve into other dimensions, spiritual lessons, advanced technology of the ancients as well as our Governments and paranormal experiences.

The books that Dolores Cannon writes about Hypnotic Regression Therapy, that explore past life regressions allow her to solve hidden traumas of our psychology, while tapping into a source of unimaginable knowledge and sophistication. Her books such as Keepers of the Garden, Starcrash and the Convoluted Universe series will keep you turning the pages long past bedtime.

Peter Moon's own books such as The Montauk Project, Synchronicity and the Seventh Seal and The Black Sun, that explore the Montuak Conspiracy, Scientology and secret societies are the kind of page turners that read like a good detective novel. They are short and to the point, while well researched they contain a plethora of information on wide variety of synchronized events, people and places.

Jim Marrs is the quintessential New Age researcher and writer, his books such as Rule By Secrecy that started it all, Rise of the Fourth Reich and Alien Agenda are must reads for the avid New Age fan. His unparalleled research delves deep into the subject matter while putting the information into a format that can be easily understood.

Barbara Hand Clow has written some truly visionary books that must not be ignored on such topics as Catastrophobia and The Pleiadian Agenda but many others as well. Her books are a tour de force of valuable information designed to awaken your spirit and evolve your consciousness.

David Wilcock has written two best sellers that help us to recognize what is known and has been proven but has been censored and kept hidden. The Source Field Investigations was book I was sad to see come to an end and the sequel The Synchronicity Key was just as good. He has gone on to be the host of three Gaia TV shows Disclosure, The Wisdom Teachings and Cosmic Disclosure, while hosting an excellent website that will provide you with endless hours of valuable knowledge.

No exploration of the New Age Movement would be complete without having read Fingerprints of the Gods and The Sign and the Seal by Graham Hancock, these two books alone took its readers across the globe in a research adventure for the ages. Graham allows the reader an inside look at how researchers, archeologists and writers gain their material and deduce their conclusions. The Magician of the Gods also helps us to understand some of the gross distortions of our education system while putting a definitive stamp upon past discoveries.

Without a doubt, Voyagers: Sleeping Abductees Volume One and Two by Ashayana Deane provide the reader, with not only a concise history of our planet but a spiritual journey unparalleled by any of the above mentioned books. I can't say enough about these two books, the first which was written in 2002, certainly a must read.

For more examples of must read material for Truth Seekers, one should read my articles Top Ten New Age Books For Truth Seekers, 1 thru 5 and Ten New Age Books For Truth Seekers, 6 thru 10, which will have a short synapses of some of the books mentioned above and provide the avid reader and researcher with links and other books that didn't make into the section.

However these books will get you started, while exploring a wide variety of subject matter that will allow you to pick and choose the direction your research takes you. Remember that Full Disclosure - What It Means to Mankind and How It Works is an exploration into the known unknown, so learn to think with your heart while you explore the diverse subject matter.

No Man Owns the Earth

No man owns this Earth were on, so why should we have to pay rent to someone else to exist, we don't!

No man owns this Earth were on, so why should we have to pay rent to someone else to exist, we don't!

Michael Tellinger

Michael Tellinger and the Ubuntu Movement

Michael Tellinger, a South African native, has written some good books as well, delving into the ancient artifacts left behind by the Annunaki, a species of Alien from the Sirius star system that came to Earth in search of gold needed to help restore the atmosphere on their own planet. His book Slave Species of the Gods develops his own unique version of the Annunaki historical events on our planet that differ from Zecharia Zitchen's work in his famous Earth Chronicle Series of which The 12th Planet was the first.

He also came out with a book entitled Ubuntu Contributionism A Blueprint For Human Prosperity which is quickly becoming its own unique movement, within the New Age Movement that deserves to explored as well. This concept endorses what Full Disclosure has to offer as a means of creating a society based on the full sharing of information, ideals, technology, food, shelter, transportation, education, health care and goals.

In a nutshell it is a movement designed to allow the human condition to prosper from our own willingness to share the abundant wealth that our planet has to offer with the entire world for the betterment of mankind. All it asks of us is to give to each other with no expectations of a reward or compensation, while sharing any invention, technology or ideas that will better all of mankind.

This philosophy is really no different than how our ancient Native American people existed for thousands of years here in America. No one starves or we all starve, no one goes without or we all go without. but more than that it provides humanity with a blueprint for living together and sharing common short and long term goals.

Let's face it folks we have given The Cabal and our own Governments a fair chance to create a workably society that provides for everyone without war, starvation and disease and they have failed, it is now time for us to reshape our world in a way that will provide for all of us and leave no one behind.

Randy Cramer Secret Space Program Insider

Divine Source

Full Disclosure also means becoming more aware spiritually, which will strengthen humanities ability to Ascend.

Full Disclosure also means becoming more aware spiritually, which will strengthen humanities ability to Ascend.

Proof Weather Manipulation Tech Works

What Full Disclosure Means

What Full Disclosure means is an opportunity to level the playing field for all the people of the Earth and for every nation. What it will provide is a way for everyone to have all that they need to exist without the need to compete amongst each other for food, clean water and shelter.

It will enable people to put in two to three hours a day of work to enable everyone to have all they need, giving each individual the rest of the day to pursue their own desires and interests. Perhaps as little as 5 to 10 hours a week will be all that is required, once we make the transition to a society that no longer functions by the pursuit of money and excess.

Some of the projects that will require people putting in more time is in cleaning up our planet or creating a transportation system for everyone that will invariably require removing roads and similar infrastructure.

Does this seem like a fairy tale environment that is unattainable, perhaps but let's review what technological advancements mankind has made in secret in the last 100 years and then imagine what changes will occur because of them.

It is important to remember that while some of this technology cannot be proven to exist at this moment, there is plenty of evidence and eye witness testimony that it does but has not been revealed publicly.

Anyone that thinks these kinds of advancements haven't been made yet are simply not paying attention or have become so conditioned by their TV's they are incapable of thinking for themselves. Follow some of the links I have provided and judge for yourself.

What most people don't seem to realize and what I want to make clear in this article Full Disclosure - What It Means to Mankind and How It Works. Is that Full Disclosure doesn't just mean revealing what is known about Aliens, UFOs and Secret Space Program technology.

  1. It means that all of the censored inventions or the last 100 years will be revealed.

  2. It means all of the ancient archeological discoveries that have been hidden will come to light.

  3. It means all of the information buried deep in the Vatican catacombs will be allowed to be viewed publicly.

  4. It means that all of the labor saving and advanced computer technology will be shared.

  5. It means that our ancient history will be cleared up and mysterious events of the past will be unveiled.

  6. Having more time will allow more movement for people from country to country.

  7. It literally will provide the means for all of mankind to embrace common goals.

It will allow people the time to be creative, not just personally but in community ways for cleaning up the environment, creating working community gardens for food sharing and the means to begin to build communities that share the abundance our planet has to offer without restrictions.

Of course there will be growing pains and altercations but humans are more apt to work together to solve problems than to fight with each other. The Cabal has conditioned humanity to accept that warfare is the ONLY solution but this simply isn't true. Competition is another conditioned idea that has been ingrained into our way of thinking by those that have created our social structure for thousands of years.

Will we be able to alter this thinking overnight, probably not but anything worth having takes dedication, perseverance and time, we know this. So the question then becomes how do we start . . . and below I will outline some of the things we, meaning the individual and small groups can do right now to begin the process.

Unity in the Community

Conclusions and Ideas

Every journey begins with one step and the first step we all can do and do everyday is share all the information we can get our hands on with each other through the social media. This means that any stories regardless of so-called evidence or proof should be shared with each other, allow you heart to determine what you will accept as the truth.

  • Plant a garden, March is the month to begin the preparation for your garden, gather seeds, till the soil, plant seeds in small containers and keep indoors until you are ready to plant in your garden. What this will do is enrich our planet and supply you and your neighbors with food.

  • Begin to practice giving with no expectation of return, this can be done by spring cleaning and donating old clothes and items you really don't need to the Salvation Army or Goodwill. You can also begin by donating your time and this can mean just helping others on the internet.

  • Have your ever thought of writing, Hub Pages is an excellent community of writers and researchers that can get you started. We are not professionals but we try our best to present informative articles designed to help others and we do get paid.

  • Learn to become more tolerant of others view points and research and investigate ideas, concepts and theories without initial negative reactions. Don't be a "Yeah but kind of reactionary that thinks any subject with merit will be shared with you on your TV news". Learn to listen and read with an open mind geared toward positive solutions instead of negative fear based reactions. This will help build positive dialogues and meaningful conversations and allow folks to open up to new ideas.

I've just listed four ideas that will cost you very little in time and money that anyone can do to help the Full Disclosure - What It Means to Mankind and How It Works topic. To learn more about Full Disclosure and what it means to humanity, simply research the topic and go to page five or ten, don't click on the first topic that comes up. These articles are the ones That The Powers That Be want you to read, the lesser known articles are usually the ones they don't want you to read.

Remember The Cabal wants to squash the Full disclosure topic altogether so, learn to explore this topic from a 360 degree view and keep an open mind. I hope you enjoyed this article Full Disclosure - What It Means to Mankind and How It Works as much as I did writing it. When you write articles online it requires a lot of research and you learn so many new and exciting things about our world, the experience alone makes it a worth while endeavor.

Earth Made Space Craft

This photo looks authentic to me and shows that indeed a Secret Space Program is real.

This photo looks authentic to me and shows that indeed a Secret Space Program is real.

Provide Your Opinion


somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on May 02, 2016:

You are so welcome, the ridicule and laughter will stop soon when the entire planet begins to awaken to the deception that has kept mankind in everlasting ignorance.

When humanity reaches that point it will be important for those of us already awake to practice patience and tolerance and teach others to overcome their fear to recognize the truth.

Nancy Yager from Hamburg, New York on May 01, 2016:

It seems like I have forever preached Full Disclosure. Only did not have a formal name for it. And, you are correct, most people do not want to hear it. I also teach and observed that people only change slowly but we are all capable of changing and evolving.

I have also taught that there is "plenty for all" only to be laughed at. Thanks once again for having the talent for writing about what I know and in the process reawakening and reminding me of the truth.

Suzie from Carson City on March 23, 2016:

You'll always be a bad boy. :)

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on March 23, 2016:

I start with the feet and work my way up, how do you suppose the old saying "Would you like your feet washed" started from . . . there ain't nothing like a good 'foot washing' and your feet are linked to every single nerve center in your body, so if you massage a certain area . . . well, I will let your imagination finish that thought!

Suzie from Carson City on March 23, 2016:

I will do that Mr. blue.....first thing tomorrow. ONE of your heavy-duty hubs a day is more than enough for......any woman. I'm sure you are told that all the time.........tee hee............Do you always start with the socks? (wink)

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on March 23, 2016:

Now You have to read one of my more recent ones that starts with the word Synchronicity because it has the kind of information that will knock your socks off.

But thanks for giving this one your full focus, I always appreciate your input and wisdom.

Suzie from Carson City on March 23, 2016:

OK....I'm back and feeling quite informed and enlightened. I read it all with focus and intent, amigo mio.....As open minded (and hearted) as I have always been, this is not a stretch for me at all.

To go through life without searching, studying, listening & learning, in my opinion is only to be the walking dead.

I find an excitement in all possibilities~in the newest and greatest of discoveries that may have been hidden, lost or as yet unfounded....and in the power of knowledge & most of all, sharing that knowledge so that the power multiplies.....

I set aside this time tonight to read this fabulous work of yours, just before retiring for the day.. No blue, not so that it might induce erotic dreams of no other but YOU~ although I'm not adverse to such a concept~but so that I can have the quiet, relaxing time to think about all that I've read and plan my strategy as I make my decision to become involved......Good Night Mr. Man......I appreciate you and this Hub. Paula

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on March 22, 2016:

Interesting to note the synchronicity of seeing the above comment just after watching the current episode. To me Corey is a true hero, even if he was tricked into having his alter ego revealed online and somewhat letting the cat out of the bag.

We must remember he didn't have the protection of the Sphere Being Alliance back then so stepping forward was a BIG risk, despite being tricked by unethical researchers. I really like the guy personally, although he isn't a very good speaker, of course the constant interruptions can't help. If it was me I would tell David to shut the F up and let me speak.

However, as you may know, I have no troubles expressing myself in either written or verbal form, of course we have never met personally but people write like they think and think like they write, so if you ask me a question I will answer it. But be careful as my family and friends know it will be my version of the truth and a lot of people just don't like the truth.

We live in a 'little white lie society' and most people prefer to be lied to than knowing what others really think. Most people learn fairly quickly not to ask me a question that might lead to information that would require them to alter their world view of paradigm.

I only know two people that I can talk to which doesn't require me to give them a history lesson or back filler, so talking on the FB page where we met is incredibly refreshing to me, despite some of the more obnoxious jerks that seem to need their egos fed and always be right.

You can't learn anything if you know everything. so I'm glad that I've learned to keep an open mind, think with my heart and learn to grow intellectually and spiritually. Am I perfect at it . . . Hell No but I'm willing to learn and admit when I'm wrong so that I can continue this journey on the road to the truth.

It's an awesome view and once you go down the rabbit hole of knowledge, there is no undoing the information, so like it or not you have to either change or get swept aside . . . but I would not trade it in for going back to being a SHEEPLE, no way!

Do not give up on those people after all Jesus didn't preach to the enlightened but to those that need enlightening, the seed must be planted. It is not up to us whether it grows or not, that is in God's hands. We are the New Gardeners and we need to take responsibility for our Ascension.

When things get tough think of the hell Corey must be going through to have so many doubt his sanity, people think I'm crazy but I don't care let them. I incarnated on this planet to plant the seed of knowledge what others do with it is their business. WE MUST GIVE UNCONDITIONALLY our love and our patience and tolerance. We don''t have to be perfect but we do have to try!

Thanks for leaving a comment, you are the first from that group to do so and I hope it won't be the last . . . you should sign up and write some articles Hub Pages is a great place to grow and learn.

Kimber on March 22, 2016:

Very well written Daniel and presented in a way to give the reader much to contemplate. And your list of books is great! .. I'm with you on the taking action part of Disclosure by spreading the word to as many people as possible. I find that having my library of articles from many different sources helps in backing up some of the topics that I share... i.e Banking System, Suspicious Deaths of Bankers, Naturopathic Doctors, Scientists, etc.etc.. There are so many events taking place right now in these areas. Some making it to mainstream news in snippets to help confirm what is taken by most as Conspiracy, and having the reader start to question the authorities behind these events. The Dots are getting bigger and easier to connect. ... On a personal note: I met you a couple of days ago on SITS and read your post on "Will the Real David W. Please stand up".. I left the group today as I see it's mostly a following for he and Corey's work... After seeing the response to that post, I'm curious as to what your opinion is today about Corey Good and David W. ? ...

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on March 21, 2016:

Hard to tell because it isn't specific but there are many books that have been published that discuss that kind of thing. I haven't really explored that aspect of it because I feel the same way you do and do not read it much.

I could look into it and probably find some books on the subject if you are really interested but there is so much new information out there to read it is difficult for me to find the time.

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on March 20, 2016:

Aliens are mentioned in the Bible but are called something else, one must learn to read between the lies, ooops that must have been a Fruedian slip, silly me, I meant lines.

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on March 20, 2016:

I do not follow any religious program, for a long time I was agnostic, until about 2004 when I had a spiritual awakening of what I call the educational variety as it came about slowly.

Once I began to accept or develop faith in a Power Greater than myself, I then became aware that there is no such thing as coincidence, that it was only God's way of remaining anonymous, some people call it synchronicity.

Essentially it is the knowledge that everything happens for a reason and because we are not aware of this reason doesn't imply that it isn't real. There is a plan for every single incarnated sentient being in the entire Universe and it is our purpose to discover this plan and to practice the principles of The Law of One to return to the Source, much like a salmon swims upstream to procreate and die.

Of course humans don't die, just our bodies do, our soul is immortal so depending on our spiritual evolution at the time of death of the body determines where we go but eventually we will either reincarnate into another body for further lessons in 3rd dimensional space and time or we will move up to the next rung on Jacob's Ladder or dimension.

Jesus was not of this Earth, he was a higher dimensional being that made the decision to give up his spiritual evolution to help mankind on their spiritual journey and incarnate in 3 rd dimensional reality, which is a BIG sacrifice if you ask me.

The whole resurrection concept told in the Bible was him being teleported or taken back into a waiting UFO or space craft hidden in the clouds that were hover over the crucifixion site waiting for his body to die.

The fact that he died in six hours shows he was the Son of God, as most crucifixions take at least 24 hours to kill some one, sometimes days. The whole idea of being nailed to a tree is to make you suffer for days before you die.

Where you got the idea that accepting the idea of Jesus and that Aliens are not compatible is odd, I've never heard of that until now but please do explain it's interesting to say the least.

Marc Hubs from United Kingdom on March 20, 2016:

I know you were asking the author of the article, but why do you think that belief in Jesus rules out belief in aliens? It doesn't! Doesn't the bible itself mention Nephilim, Seraphim, Elohim, etc all of whom were not native to Earth? And if God isn't of Earth then wouldn't that also mean that God is alien?

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on March 19, 2016:

Well, that is all I can ask is for my readers to contemplate and use critical thinking to absorb the message before making any serious comments on its content, thanks for reading.

Suzie from Carson City on March 19, 2016:

Blue.....I want you to know I read this lengthy missive with massive INFORMATION, all quite new to my psyche. Also, I am reserving comment until I have a bit more time to read this again from start to finish~with more focus.

This is definitely not an article that can be read like the average briefing of some generic topic & I will not attempt to treat it as such.

I have to choose a quiet area when I have no distractions and the time to read with the sincere desire to comprehend & absorb.

I SHALL return my genius friend You make me WORK and challenge my otherwise restful mind.....Thanks!!

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