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Full Disclosure MUST Happen For Ascension!

The role of Star Visitors to Earth and human evolution is the next step in mankind's development as a species, Full Disclosure is necessary

Full disclosure is the game changer that will propel humanity to the stars and free us from financial tyranny.

Full disclosure is the game changer that will propel humanity to the stars and free us from financial tyranny.

Full Disclosure

What does the term Full Disclosure mean, after all it gets banded about quite often but does the public fully understand the implications or definition of the term. In this article Full Disclosure MUST Happen For Ascension!, I will not only describe and define the term but reveal why it is the game changer for planet Earth and the development of the human species.

Most often the term is used when discussing financial principles, such as;

DEFINITION of 'Full Disclosure'

1. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission's (SEC) requirement that publicly-traded companies release and provide for the free exchange of all material facts that are relevant to their ongoing business operations.
2. The general need in business transactions for both parties to tell the whole truth about any material issue pertaining to the transaction.

However in this article Full Disclosure MUST Happen For Ascension! it refers too the concept of revealing information pertaining to knowledge gained from interaction with Extraterrestrial Biological Entities (EBEs), the Secret Space Program (SSP) and The Disinformation Of Astronomy and Alien contact.

This is quite possibly the most important article I have written to date because once you realize and recognize the veracity of this information it will change your entire perspective on the history of our planet and the entire Universe for that matter.

Full Disclosure will change EVERYTHING we know about our entire world, our behavior, how we eat, learn, work, our spiritual belief system, education, history of our planet, health care and even how long we live. Once Full Disclosure occurs we will evolve in leaps and bounds that will make the Renaissance look like a tea party.

What this means to humanity is we will no longer be required to spend our entire lives enslaved to a financial system to earn money to pay rent to live on the planet we were born on.

  • We will be free to ensure that every man, woman and child has enough food to eat.
  • We will have the time, ability and resources to clean up our planet.
  • We will have the technology to heat and light our homes for free.
  • We will have no use for money, WHAT SO EVER!
  • We will have access to Health Care that will cure ALL diseases.
  • We will have clean, efficient and free transportation.
  • We will be able to leave the planet without the need of spacecraft.

The above is just a sample of what Full Disclosure means to humanity, our only limitations will be our own imagination. This is not a pipe dream, the technology for all this to happen, exists right now TODAY but is being withheld from us for obvious reasons.

The Cabal/Illuminati/Powers That Be whatever you wish to call them are keeping this from us to ensure we remain enslaved to a financial system that could have been eradicated before World War II, so that they can continue to live like kings.

Full Disclosure will happen, it is a fore gone conclusion. The Powers That Were can feel it coming and are desperately attempting to prevent it, with more and more ill-advised false flag events, initiatives and disinformation. The most difficult times ahead for mankind will be discerning the truth from the false, this will the test, the final exam for all of us.

Rest assured we will prevail, to prevent deception we all must awaken and learn to trust and think with our hearts. The Cabal wants us to await proof, evidence and conformation. They want us to rely on them for answers, as we have in the past. However the Cabal isn't really in control of Full Disclosure beyond revealing any of the numerous crimes they have committed against humanity.

This a major point and one of the main reasons The Cabal fears Full Disclosure as it will reveal the numerous crimes they have committed against humanity for profit, control and power. Full Disclosure MUST Happen For Ascension but partial disclosure has been happening for decades in a wide variety of formats

Nazi Technology

Cosmic Disclosure

Beginning The Secret Space Program

Game Changing technology existed before World War II even started. It will surprise most people to learn that our current race went to the Moon in the 1930s. Antigravity propulsions systems were even patented in the United States during that time by a relatively unknown scientist named T. Thompson Brown but the Military Industrial Complex swooped in and snatched up that patent and censored all information pertaining to it, in the name of National Security, of course.

The Nazis not only developed the same technology but used it to leave the planet and set up a colony on the Moon. Most people will laugh and think this author has watched too many science fiction movies and while I cannot prove any of this information to you nor do I feel the need, I will provide the reader with the necessary links, documentation through the FOIA and concepts to verify this for themselves.

The argument I hear most often and it always give me a chuckle, is that a secret this big could not be contained for so many years without it being leaked. Ah, but it has been leaked many times by thousands of people for decades but gets ridiculed, laughed at and censored, to be forgotten until the next leak.

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Taken as a whole, all of the disclosed information that has been leaked for the last 100 years shows beyond a shadow of a doubt, that not only do EBEs exist in the Universe but that they have had a significant role in the evolution of humanity, here on Earth.

But our Government could not possibly keep a secret of this magnitude from us for very long, could it?

Well, let's consider the Manhattan Project, here was a top secret project started in 1939 that employed a 130,000 people in 20 cities and towns, in 16 different States including Canada for six years, when we ultimately announced to the World we had this technology by bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki and killing almost 150,000 people instantly and yet not even our enemies knew what we were doing let alone all the people that worked on this project.

Only a couple dozen people in America knew for sure what the ultimate purpose for the Manhattan Project would be. An entire town, Oakridge, Tennessee was created to work on this project and yet they didn't know what they were working on, it was so compartmentalized and secret.

  • Now let's consider what happened to all these top secret instillations after World War II ended, after all the public was told they were shutdown . . . but were they?
  • So if these secret underground instillations remained open, what was this new secret American needed to work on and keep from the public?
  • After all the War was over, so what would motivate the Military Industrial Complex to carry on secret underground experiments and research?
  • Why was America and Russia so intent on rounding up Nazi scientists at the end of the War and taking them back to their countries, even though many were suspected of War Crimes?

Thus begins a new chapter in American military research and exploration however most of this was done in secret without public knowledge with the help of Nazi scientists, captured Nazi technology, weapons and aircraft coupled with reverse engineered Alien technology. The most significant breakthroughs in modern technology came from stolen and traded Alien technology supplied by Service To Self Aliens already established on Earth.

Nazi Spacecraft

This antigravity spacecraft built by the Nazis is the only known photograph showing they were decades ahead of every other country on the planet in technology in the 1940s, over 75 years ago.

This antigravity spacecraft built by the Nazis is the only known photograph showing they were decades ahead of every other country on the planet in technology in the 1940s, over 75 years ago.

The Red Scare

Another ploy used by the Cabal to funnel tax payer money into the Secret Space Programs was the Red Scare from the threat of Communism spreading throughout Central and South America and China and the Far East.

The Powers That Be played on American fears, using Russia's military build up after World War II, their Atomic-bomb testing, the creation of East Berlin and the Korean War (1953) as examples of the spread of communism world wide. Soon after Fidel Castro took power of Cuba in 1959, the CIA maintained that a communist ruled Cuba would present a grave threat to America.

J. Edgar Hoover, the longtime director of the FBI and Joseph McCarthy also helped to propagandize the Red Scare by using accusations and political assassinations to discredit and attack anyone in America that was even remotely suspected of having communist ties.

The advances of communism around the world convinced many U.S. citizens that there was a real danger of “Reds” taking over their own country. Figures such as McCarthy and Hoover fanned the flames of fear by wildly exaggerating that possibility.

Although the Red Scare was mostly propaganda designed to rape the American tax payer and convince the lower and middle class American worker that they were much better off than the rest of the world and should just accept their lot in life, it also served the Military Industrial Complex, as well.

The threat of Communism (Cold War) allowed the American Military to build up its strength to defend against the Red Scare by building more underground military bases and siphon off money to put into the Secret Space Program.

Nazi Mind Control

Operation Paperclip

Operation Paperclip was the extraction of Nazi scientist during and after World War II by America to gain knowledge of advanced weapons, round winged aircraft, anti-gravity propulsion systems, German nuclear secrets, chemical weapons, synthetic fuel, cryptography and medicine.

These scientist and their families were brought secretly to the United States so as to avoid State Department review and approval, as their War Criminal status made them ineligible from obtaining visas. They were housed in the now empty quarters for employees of the Manhattan Project. Most of this information remains classified but has been leaked over the years and is now considered common knowledge.

The public and media was told that many of the Nazi secret weapons and aircraft were destroyed by American soldiers at the end of World War II to prevent them from falling into Russia's hands.

The great masses of the people will more easily fall victims to a big lie than to a small one. -- Adolf Hitler

One of the best ways to prevent the public, media and researchers from investigating the veracity of any story is to 'leak' disinformation to them. This provides the investigator with 'so-called' secret information and will lead them to 'think' they have discovered information no one else knows. When searching for the truth the majority of the public will invariably stop searching once they 'discover' the first reasonably explanation for any event.

If the 'event' involves the large loss of human life such as 9/11, Sandy Hook School shooting, Boston Marathon Bombing, many people are more than happy to 'accept' the media version of events, so they will not have to contemplate anything more horrible than the death and destruction of the actual event itself.

In the confusion and chaos at the end of World War II many treasures ended up 'missing' from the German High Command including gold and artwork but also weapons and technology. The fact that so many (over 500 scientists and their families) were smuggled out of Germany by the Allies, shows that it is very likely that weapons and technology was taken as well.

Over the years such famous Nazi scientists as Wernher von Braun, Bernhard Tessman and even the infamous Kurt Blome were 'hired' by various Military Industrial Complex organizations to continue their work in the United States.

In the case of Wernher von Braun the most famous of the scientists he eventually gained U.S. citizenship and worked for the American ICBM missile program before joining NASA and becoming the director of their rocket program. This was a great public relations and propaganda stunt by intelligence agencies and the Cabal in the United States as a way of justifying defying American laws.

By publicizing the accomplishments and contributions of a few selected Nazi scientists, the Military Industrial Complex was able to minimize public outrage and discourage further investigations by Congress into what these scientist were really doing in these secret underground bases all over the United States.

This is why the Space Race and Red Scare concepts were introduced to the public at large and lead to the creation of NASA and defense initiatives as a way to gain public tax payers money. With the introduction of these ideas, backed by popular public support, the Cabal could create institutions to further their Secret Space Program (SSP) while feeding a largely ignorant public, 'new discoveries' and photographic evidence of an uninhabited solar system.

For Operation Paperclip to survive and be successful it had to create a way of dispensing disinformation and confusion, to distract the public and other Government institutions from seeking the truth.

It Is Time

"It is time for the truth to be brought out in open Congressional hearings. Behind the scenes high ranking Air Force officers are soberly concerned about the UFOs. But through official secrecy and ridicule, many citizens are led to believe the unknown flying objects are nonsense." (Statement in a NICAP news release, February 27, 1960.)

— Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter, first Director of the CIA (1947-50)



NASA was created and designed for one ultimate purpose, propaganda. The true purpose for this so-called publicly transparent division of the Department Of Defense was to create a financial transfer conduit for the Secret Space Program, while misleading a largely ignorant public.

On the outside, for the tax payers supporting it, it was about National pride and reaching for the stars but secretly it was being used to funnel large amounts of money (trillions of dollars) into secret black operation research and development projects.

This institution has been responsible for the dissemination of more disinformation and propaganda relating to astronomy than any other educational institution on Earth. NASA literally has had a monopoly on astronomical information for decades. Ultimately all astronomical discoveries are funneled through this institution for public consumption.

This is why the concept of public transparency was such an important tool designed by the Cabal, it was paramount for the disinformation train to run smoothly for humanity, to completely accept that NASA was and is the one and only source of astronomical truth.

This is how and why Government paid astro-physicists and spokes-persons such as Neil DeGrasse Tyson can be so convincing because they are supported by decades worth of disinformation, innuendo and propaganda. They 'know' the truth but because of so-called National Security Oaths, threats and financial bribery they have to tow the Cabal line or risk censorship, loss of livelihood and even death.

Whistleblowers and Insiders

Whistleblowers and NASA Insiders have been leaking controversial information, disinformation and propaganda for decades to confuse and distract researchers, the public and amateur astronomers. While occasional the truth is revealed more often than not the information revealed is to confuse public perception, derail honest research and investigations and create conspiracies to divide and conquer public opinion.

Perhaps the most significant whistleblower of all time was introduced by The Cabal themselves to spread disinformation, while also given permission to try to introduce the public to the concept of as he called them 'Star Visitors'.

This man was the late Dr. Michael Wolf a long time employee of the National Security Council. A paid Government scientist with Above Top Secret clearance he had the difficult job of revealing information through the convoluted guarded-disclosure/plausible-deniability strategy adopted by Presidential Administrations for decades.

He wrote a book describing his extensive knowledge, that was only allowed to be published if he wrote it in fictional form, called The Catchers of Heaven (trilogy). Despite this format designed to mislead the public, a used copy sells for $200.00 dollars plus and copies are very difficult to find.

Dr. Michael Wolf served as an Viet Nam-era Air Force Colonel, pilot, flight surgeon, and as an I-Corps (intelligence) officer for the CIA and NSA. He has earned an MD in Neurology, a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics, a ScD in Computer Science, a JD in Law, an MS in electromagnetic influences on organisms, and a B.S. in biogenetics. Basically a Buddhist, Wolf also affirms the core truths in Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Native American spirituality, and other major spiritual traditions. His personal seminal koan is: "The truth is a lie which has yet to be revealed."

He goes on to say in many interviews that the current Cabal was actually formed by xenophobic, paranoid members of the rich elite, Military Industrial Complex officers and high ranking Government officials that feared losing power if Alien technology was introduced to the public. His revisionist view of history shows that most of the free energy technology was invented before World War II by humans and confirmed by Star Visitors, after World War II.

He offers multiple incidents in which major UFO sightings and events were contrived as disinformation by the Cabal to mislead, confuse and divide public opinion. As a way to spin the truth of sightings and discoveries such as crop circles, photographs, videos and eye witness testimony, The Cabal would then contrive their own similar events that could be easily explained and ridiculed.

Even the so-called Fake Moon Landing scenario was a public relations media ploy leaked by NASA itself, for obvious reasons. By doing this, they then control the flow of disinformation (leaks) and direction in which this conspiracy is researched.

What could be called the 'Missing Link Scenario', this age old tactic used by the Cabal, is designed to lead the public in a desired direction, looking for evidence that doesn't exist or chasing their tails for ideas and concepts that on the surface seems plausible but in reality can never be 'discovered'.

The concept that most people have a hard time grasping is that the Cabal had been exploring our solar system since the 30s, had already established colonies, mining operations and industrial instillations on the Moon. So providing NASA with just enough information, technology and evidence to offer the public proof that the Space Program was successful was easy, the hard part was convincing scientist, astronomers and insiders of the deception.

When one realizes the veracity of this, they begin to understand how all the Moon Landing discrepancies, technical data and advancements in new technology could be sold to the public and the entire Moon Landing scenario becomes plausible and convincing.

But when you begin to research, read and look into all of the things that don't make sense about the Apollo Missions, then recognizing that a SSP exists, is the only reasonable explanation. In the beginning, before the internet, silencing the critics and conspiracists was fairly easy, as censoring what the public knew wasn't that difficult.

Now with instant information transfers (World Wide Web), anonymous hackers, Government insiders, whistleblowers and amateur astronomers, the digital technology explosion has opened up a whole new can of worms that ridicule, censorship and disinformation barely puts a dent in.

This is why I submit to my readers that Full Disclosure Must Happen For Ascension is a fore gone conclusion, the cat is out of the bag, now it is only a matter of time. Damage Control is the Cabal's only play left and the disillusion that they can prevail is the only true pipe dream.

Full Disclosure is part of the awakening process of  humanity as we move to the next stage of human evolution, known as Ascension.

Full Disclosure is part of the awakening process of humanity as we move to the next stage of human evolution, known as Ascension.

Col. Philip J. Corso

William Bramley

Roswell Conspiracy

The crash landing of a UFO in the American South West in 1947 served many purposes of which the main one was the dissemination of disinformation.

By announcing to the World that American Armed Forces had retrieved an Alien Space Craft they let their enemies (Russia) know they now possessed Alien technology. This announcement also served the purpose of acclimating the America public to this information as well.

Within 24 hours The Powers That Be began to spin a new story, claiming it was a test balloon and many other explanations and disinformation to confuse and divide public opinion. This is how the Cabal operates, this tactic allows them to 'leak' disinformation to the public and divide and conquer public opinion, while misleading their enemies.

Leaking the story of a UFO, then later denying it gives The Cabal the advantage of manipulating the story in either direction at any time in the future. By reverse engineering the technology it allowed them to not only earn a profit and gain a monopoly on new technology but also add to their own secret research and development.

By revealing to the public they have recovered a crashed UFO, only to deny it later, they don't have to explain how this new technology really was developed or that they had been working with Aliens for years and illegal Nazi scientist from the Third Reich.

The crash scenario also has the added advantage of circumventing the Council of Worlds edict of non-interference with developing species from more advanced beings. However it also served the Council of Worlds awakening and acclimation program as it had the affect of starting and galvanizing the UFO Movement, leading to honest research and investigation.

Regardless of what one accepts as true about the Roswell UFO crash of 1947, and some think it was sent back through time to fulfill a requirements of later treaties, the event itself propelled America and the World into a new era of awakening, while maintaining a measure of secrecy.

Disclosure Project (Sirius)

Peter Moon

Edward Bulwer-Lytton

William Cooper

Alien Treaties and Full Disclosure

For years rumors of treaties signed with Alien species have run rampant through the UFO research field, books on the subject and most lately the internet. Of course substantiating these allegations is problematic, the consistent nature of these stories has a ring of truth, that is undeniable. Here is a quick look at some of these top secret Alien/Human Treaties;

Aryan (Sumeran Empire)/Nazi Germany (Thule & Vril Society) Treaty

Many researchers have concluded that a treaty between what is commonly referred to as a Tall White Nordic race of Aliens or Aryan Race from the Aldeberan Star System and the Vril and Thule Societies of Nazi Germany as far back as the early 1930s. Researchers suspect that this Alien species hoped to create a One World Totalitarian Government on Earth as a precursor toward an Alien Invasion scenario in exchange for cloning technology, antigravity propulsion systems and other advanced technical weapons and information.

According to what is known about Universal Law, this Aryan Race known as the Sumeran Empire could not directly interfere with Earthly affairs however they could channel information through advanced meditation and other esoteric manipulation.

Of course Hitler considered this Alien alliance made his forces invincible and began what eventually would be known as World War II. Germany was able create a huge cloned army, numbering over a million in less than a year after Hitler took power, known as Wehrmacht and developing antigravity space craft capable of leaving Earth orbit and colonizing the Moon and Antarctica.

However there is evidence now that shows, that this Alien race of 'tall white Nordics', may very well have been Hollow Earth civilizations hoping to influence the surface populations. By misleading the German authorities, they not only kept the location of their civilization inside Hollow Earth a secret but hoped to establish a one World Surface Government that they could manipulate from the ground floor.

The Grenada/Eisenhower Treaty

A First Contact meeting supposedly took place in February of 1954 at Edwards Air Force Base (formerly known as Muroc Airfield) in California between Eisenhower, his staff, military advisors and other important civilian advisors. This meeting was a result of communications with a large space fleet of Aliens (Grey's) discovered by astronomers in 1953 and eventually communicated with using binary computer language.

In his book Behold A Pale Horse, William Cooper describes this first contact meeting/treaty in some detail however he also describes two previous meetings, one by another Alien species entirely, warning America that these Grey's were not to be trusted. This other Alien group that were described by whistleblowers, insiders and military personnel as looking very human but taller and of a blond Aryan/Nordic look advised Eisenhower that the Grey Aliens orbiting the planet in the large space fleet had their own agenda that included a hybridization program.

This Nordic Alien Race, which some suspect are the Pleadians and others consider is the Ashtar Command were willing to help humanity in their spiritual development and eventual Ascension but were not willing to exchange technology. Again we have 'very human looking beings' posing as Aliens to confuse the authorities to their true location inside Hollow Earth.

Their terms for diplomatic relations included four main points:

  • We must disarm our nuclear arsenals, outlaw all warfare and stop killing each other.
  • We must stop polluting the Earth and they would help us clean it up.
  • We must stop raping the Earth of its natural resources and acknowledge the planet as a sentient being.
  • We must learn to live in harmony and peace.

These terms were met with extreme suspicion and rejected as many believed it would leave the Earth defenseless against any Alien Invasion Scenario, despite guarantees of protection. However if it is true that these beings were from Hollow or Inner Earth, the four conditions above work in their favor, as we both share the same resources.

The Eisenhower Administration met with the Grey Aliens and eventually signed a secret treaty (known as the Plato Pact) that would allow these Aliens to conduct an Abduction Program and build Deep Underground Bases in the American Southwest ostensibly for scientific reasons and hybridization research. In exchange America would receive advanced antigravity spacecraft, weapons technology, medical information and the use of the Grey's spacecraft to build underground bases on the Moon and Mars.

Scientist and Technicians Negotiate Exchange Treaty

Another treaty in 1963 involving the Grey's, allowed for an exchange in personnel between Earth and the planet Serpo, supposedly the Grey's home World. This treaty involved advanced mind control technology and a means of building a joint underground base for the continued Grey/Human Hybridization Program.

However as part of this new treaty a Full Disclosure agreement was made between America and the Grey's to occur no later than the year 2015. While Steven Greer's well respected Disclosure Project has gained momentum, as well as David Wilcock's own Cosmic Disclosure series on GaiamTV, humanity seems no closer to Full Disclosure than when these treaties were made.

Hello, Anybody Home?

Is the movie industry, NASA and the Military Industrial Complex trying to get the word out about the Secret Space Program?

Is the movie industry, NASA and the Military Industrial Complex trying to get the word out about the Secret Space Program?

This issue of PM shows what looks like a round winged (UFO) aircraft, flown by the U.S. Air Force, the first prototype was built in 1962.

This issue of PM shows what looks like a round winged (UFO) aircraft, flown by the U.S. Air Force, the first prototype was built in 1962.

This flying triangle X-plane built by NASA can fly thousands of miles into space at speeds upwards of mach 20 and return to Earth.

This flying triangle X-plane built by NASA can fly thousands of miles into space at speeds upwards of mach 20 and return to Earth.

Jupiter Ascending

Jupiter Ascending reveals not just new secret technology but many concepts and ideas that have been revealed to our governments from Star Visitors.

Revealed is the concept that the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs, was not an accident but towed into Earth's gravity well, for the specific purpose of eliminating an emerging reptilian/humanoid race by a warring mammalian species.

It conveys a deep knowledge of gene splicing and genetic manipulation, using humans not just for food but harvesting them for energy that provides a limited immortality, reincarnation of Aliens into human bodies and vise versa, force fields, rewriting history to cover up Alien interventions and a whole host of other references.

The main theme of the movie is how more powerful species will often harvest entire planets of less evolved beings for their own diabolical purposes which provides the fear factor the Cabal often wishes to portray Aliens as beings of pure evil.

If you get a chance, rent this movie and pay attention to the many references to ideas supported by UFO researchers and New Age Writers including the symbolism of the Bad Guys being none other than the Annunaki.

Acclimating the Public To Full Disclosure

What most people don't realize is that many President's since Roosevelt in the 1930s have wanted to tell the American people of Alien Visitors but have been stopped by a Secret Shadow Government known by many names such as The Cabal, The Illuminati, The Powers That Be and sometimes the Dark Hats.

This Shadow Government wields a lot of power as it is made up of members of the Skull and Bones, Bilderburg Group, International Bankers, Rich Elite, Royal Families, the CIA, the Military Industrial Complex and large Corporations to name a few. They will resort to assassination of even Presidents (John F. Kennedy) to keep Alien Visitors a secret from the public.

However in recent years a group within this Shadow Government have gone rogue and even now are waging a civil war between this Dark Cabal to reveal mankind's destiny with the stars to the World. These few brave souls have grown in number over the years and have been using popular media such as movies, magazines, TV shows, newspaper articles, internet websites and books to get their message out to the American people and the world.

A very good example of this and how it works, and mind you they have to be subtle or this information can and will be censored, is an article in Popular Mechanics (November 2000) which also made the cover, entitled Air Force's Nuclear Flying Saucer. They provide the reader with a drawing of what this experimental aircraft looks like, its dimensions (saucer shaped), its capabilities and operational mission design.

The operational mission design is an ability to stay up for six weeks at an orbital altitude of 300 nautical miles. (Three hundred nautical miles is space.) This experimental aircraft was classified on December 12, 1962.

What this article is telling the reader, indirectly of course, is that the United States Air Force had an experimental nuclear powered round winged aircraft capable of traveling in space for six weeks, operational in 1962 when it was classified a secret.

The article goes on to say that "the fact that it remains classified suggests that it went operational."

Now understand what this means, that the United States Air Force had an operational round winged aircraft (flying saucer) capable of flying continuously for six weeks in space SEVEN YEARS before the first Apollo Moon Landing. However this information was only revealed to the public in the year 2000 in a magazine that is essentially about cars and modern technology and inventions.

Now take movies for instance, sure there are lot of science fiction movies portraying Star Trek Aliens and civilizations, we've had that since the 50s and 60s, so it is nothing new but take the recent upsurge in Marvel Superhero movies, such as Captain America and the Avengers or even The Guardians of the Galaxy. These movies show the bad guys as a Shadow Government and introduce us to flying aircraft carriers, advanced technology, super soldiers, force fields and holographic technology.

Many articles exist which explore the topic of how movies introduce concepts, ideas and technology to the viewing audience and public. Without going into specific detail I can list some more popular movies in which numerous secret inventions and technology that exist today within the Secret Space Program are shown to the public, as fictional of course.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier, both Avengers movies, all the Iron Man movies, Guardians of the Galaxy, Jupiter Ascending is rife with many concepts and technology that insiders say are known facts about life in space. Interstellar and Gravity were also good portrayals of space technology and concepts the public isn't aware of . . . yet.

Flying Triangle On the Moon

Dr. Michael Wolf

Disclosure and Ascension

I personally think we are very close to Full Disclosure happening and anticipate this event within a years time, two at the most. To me there is just too much information out there in cyberspace for the average person to ignore.

Most people I talk to are more than ready for this to take place and no one I discuss these topics with seems fearful of an Alien Invasion scenario. The biggest fear most people have is from The Cabal and their unpredictability. I would say that the average human is fully aware that we have been lied to for a very long time and I would hazard a guess that the majority of humanity has awakened to this fact.

Ultimately Full Disclosure is found in what we accept as true in our hearts but to find the answers we must be willing to seek them not just in alternative media sites, books, movies and documentaries but within ourselves, in our minds eye, through our own imagination as well.

When we limit ourselves to answers provided for us (TV, MSM and MS Education) we prevent our own imagination from discerning the truth. Learning to trust our heart, soul and imagination is exactly what the Dark Cabal does not want us to accomplish. The Cabal fears humanity awakening as whole and using our combined awakened consciousness to create a new paradigm through peaceful interaction with Alien species of like minds.

Thoughts are energy that manifest in the One Supreme Consciousness, all we need do is imagine the new paradigm, the New Golden Age of Humanity and the true Universe will be fully disclosed to us. We must reach out for the truth with our heart and souls, we must ask our Alien brothers and sister to help us find the truth in our hearts and find new ways to accomplish our goals for living in harmony with the Earth.

Dr. Michael Wolf, whom worked with Extraterrestrials on a daily basis and even considered a couple Alines to be close friends had this to say about his thirty years of interaction with Star Visitors . . .

"I look forward to the day when the secrecy surrounding extraterrestrial contact ends so that our race can move forward to the next phase of its history - now cosmic in scale."

I too look forward to this day when we can finally tear down the walls of informational and financial tyranny that have ruled our lives for decades. It is time for humanity to have one voice, the voice of peace. Must we continue to allow a small percentage of greedy, power hungry men rule a world crying out for peace?

We MUST join together and imagine a new paradigm of peace, harmony, balance and Unconditional Love for Full Disclosure Must Happen For Ascension!

Disclosure Is Ascension

"Things are time conditioned, but truth is timeless. The more truth you know, the more truth you are, the more of the past you can understand and of the future you can comprehend."

— The Urantia Book

You Make the Call . . .

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The truth shall set us ALL FREE!

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Let all the world know, only truth will survive. It is within us all to share. unconditionally.

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"The breath is tell everyone the truth!"

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Wow! YES your most important hub. Not that many sheep (re sunflowers last comment) have ever read a book and they never know where they are going untill the dog barks and shows the way. Big up blue dog. I will spread the word as well. I now know the meaning of an ode that I wrote when I was a kid. (What is life, but a breath, between the miricle of birth and the mystery of death) B. Kydd 9yrs .old. The breath is tell everyone the truth!

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Man you are all over the internet, you are growing like a virus, when are you going to send me some ideas for some illustrations for your book?

I would not be surprised in the slightest that Dr. Wolf was a member of MJ-12 or 36 as the case maybe, he certainly had very good grasp on many concepts, ideas and information that could have come form no where else.

I think the biggest factor to FD is that The Cabals days are limited and the jig is up, the Illuminati is going to start jumping ship and aligning themselves with the good guys in hopes that they can avoid prosecution.

Survival will require them to make some deals for immunity because when the arrest begin and it isn't that far off, they will fall like dominoes.

Remember when we both first started writing here how this time in history seemed so far off . . . at least for me. I gotta say you have really opened up a can of writer whoop-ass, I must read at least two or three Sparkster articles or links a day, way to go!

Thanks for reading and allowing me to link to your articles, we'll get these sheep headed in the right direction.

Marc Hubs from United Kingdom on August 08, 2015:

"Thoughts are energy that manifest in the One Supreme Consciousness, all we need do is imagine the new paradigm, the New Golden Age of Humanity and the true Universe will be fully disclosed to us."

I don't think anyone could have said it any better! Like you said, this is the most important article you have ever written. If I'm not mistaken, Dr Michael Wolfe was also a member of MJ-12.

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on August 08, 2015:

Paula, time is of the essence but the spreading of the message is perhaps more important because you never know when the words you write may inspire others to write and share information as well.

We are now being bombarded with information and disinformation and this may well be by design as assimilating the truth becomes problematic when we have so much to choose from.

I really wrote this article to promote the GaiamTV series with David Wilcock because once you watch it you will inherently resonate with what Corey Goode says, it just has the ring of truth and his body language tells you it is not some fabricated fairy tale.

I have many half finished articles that I need to work on but time is of the essence and this writer needs other avenues of exploration to keep their mind operating at maximum efficiency.

Thanks again for stopping by both of you and for offering such high praise.

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on August 08, 2015:

Me again, it does however the difference is the Who Needs Light messages still espouses a re-evaluated monetary system, which I think is due to the fact that all these changes will not occur over night and a transition period in which a level playing field will be necessary for changes, hence the NESARA funds will be distributed to allow a new paradigm to flourish.

Think of how the Full Disclosure Movement and the Company of Heaven seem to be working hand in hand and have very similar goals, I think this is because some people resonate with spiritual ideas and others with more technical concepts and ideas.

They are covering their bases and making sure no stone is left unturned, remember the goal is to get as many awakened humans to Ascend as possibly this will require people that mind's are open and aware can think with their heart and trust their souls.

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on August 08, 2015:

Let's see DJ, being able to travel without a spacecraft would be the discovery of Star-gate Technology already in existence, one of which was found below the Sphinx (paws) and another inside a pyramid. Also the technology has been shared with humanity by several Alien species. and I do believe some teleportation devices are being used by the SSP.

As far as no longer having any use for money, what pray tell would we have a need for any, when free energy for your homes is available to all, transportation exists for all without the need of fuel, food is available to all through replicator technology (think Star Trek) or growing it yourself and, we no longer have the need to 'work' because all major corporations have been dissolved in favor of industry that is created to clean up the planet & feed the world (think Peace Corps), leave the planet and explore space (think Federation) . . . the possibilities are endless.

FD will bring about Ascension without death by allowing humanity to grasp concepts , ideas and meaning in life be freeing up the time they have in their waking lives to contemplate, meditate and absorb information, while the energies of the Galactic Center of our Universe change our DNA and bodies.

Consider a life in which you go to college for the vast majority of it, learning different disciplines, traveling to other planets for a four year degree in spiritual and physical education by the Acturians or Hathors. Consider a two year degree in Earth history by the Agarthians in Hollow Earth at the Library of Porthologos.

Considering going to Pleiades to learn Universal nutrition or agricultural techniques, try to comprehend how 40 different species of Aliens providing free trade with humanity on Earth might improve your health, extend your life and bring a deeper quality to it.

Did you know there is no aging gene and every cell in your body completely reproduces itself every 7 years. There is no reason for our bodies to give out but because the water we drink, the air we breath and the food we eat is poisonous, it will break down.

Yes the statement is mine and here is another one, "More people fail to discover the truth for themselves for fear of being wrong than any other idea or concept out there." Explore the Universe people and if you are wrong say ooops, gee I hope I learned something here and get on down the road.

Suzie from Carson City on August 08, 2015:

Hey blue.....You astound me, my friend. You discover, absorb and assimilate masses of mind-boggling information and existing knowledge, few people can even begin to contemplate. The results of your study and investigation are the most integral and fascinating works available. Each segment of disinformation you share with your readers, outdoes the former, in ways that only you can accomplish.

As for this work of wisdom, I admit I must re-read every word. Once through your articles is not near enough to grasp all you provide, in any significant least not for me. Since I know I can assuredly accept that my intelligence level is far above average, the big question arises, HOW can humans of any lesser intelligence be expected to handle any of it?

You bring this to us, but as I've suggested to you on prior occasions, there is a powerful need that this knowledge spread far and wide. It appears to me that we might want to accept that time is also of the essence.

In any event blue, suffice it to say, I will be back to comment further with something (hopefully) more substantial than my "shock and awe!"...........Thank you so much for keeping my mind wide open and awake and my brain cells working like mad!!

Up++++ tweeted, pinned & HP shared. Peace, Paula

DJ Anderson on August 08, 2015:

It's me again.

After listening to part two of the Corey Goode story, do you find that it goes hand in hand with the "Who Needs Light" series???

It get confusing - so many things going on by different 'groups'.


DJ Anderson on August 08, 2015:

Blue, once again you have given us a most informative article.

Your presentation is seamless and the videos are incredible; especially

David Wilcox's interview with Corey Goods. The experience of Corey Goode sounds much like the "Super Soldier" program that I mentioned to you some time ago.

You mentioned how our lives would change after 'Full Disclosure'. The list you provided speaks of travel throughout space without the need of a

vehicle. The list gives properties that one would think as possible only when in a spiritual state. I find that part somewhat confusing. 'No need of money', again sounds like spiritual entities. If you would explain how Full Disclosure could bring about ascension, without death of the body, I would appreciate your comments.

I must ask if the statement, "When searching for the truth the majority.......stop searching.....first explanation....", is yours? The sentence perfectly explains why people delve no further than to scratch the surface. That sentence is greatly insightful and astute on your part.

Dr. Michael Wolf's quote, "The truth is a lie which has yet to be revealed,"

is perceptive, to say the least.

This hub's information will explain much, if one is open to hearing truth.

And, to all your readers, do NOT miss the videos.

Blue, I would like to say that people are on different levels of believing.

We cannot expect all to understand information they have been skirting around all their life.

If a UFO landed in our front yard and the Blue Avian people walked out,

my husband would swear that he was hallucinating because of something he ate. LOL

Blue, you have put much important information into this hub.

Thank you for your time in research and for bringing this to people with open minds and hearts.


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