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Freedom or Slavery is ours


Freedom or Slavery is ours

Written by: Hafiz Talha Tahir


Education system is most important part of any nation or country. It should be on good basis that show the good picture of a society.


A training session was held in our school at 10-12-2019, our competent authority sir ali raza said in the start of discussion, “everyone should their problems so either departmental or ideological”. May be he thank that during session should not be attempting bad temper. Everyone was silent except for a few. It is our psychology that we don’t raise a point in the start of discussion till the senior start any topic.

Training session:

The training session had begun, in which discussed about duties of A.E.O, M.E.A. and in this regard when sir started pointing about syllabus’s content then started everyone raising points about it, because it is our nation’s problem and the teaching of our Islam that Islam gave to us about education of nation. And this system imposed on us from western countries. Our system of education and syllabus of education set by them not by us. And also policies of them, we follow them. Summery of all points given about syllabus’s content, was that it is not our choice, means not Muslims choice. My thesis start from here that if this currently syllabus not of us, then why we teach this? Why are enforced to teach this? Why we could not teach out of the syllabus I mean completely according to Islam? Is it our choice or compulsory duty? From here, we will reach that point, this is our slavery or freedom.

Right way:

I say that this this shows our weakness and our personal interests, not our slavery. Freedom or slavery in our hands. And more about, this is the interfere in our own work and syllabus by other governments. This has a lot of targets near to them like mentally control other nation‘s people. And if we want complete freedom then we should stand hand by hand with Muslims.


We can see Questions mention above give same interpretation to us that I set in my thesis like someone from our teacher community said that we all have leave the order of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) gave to us, that the reason, non-Muslim’s interfere in our system. Respected sir said well, and clapped others to encouraging him. I am asking a question, is it enough to encourage a good talk by clapping? Or more that, implementing this good thing? Before the question of implementation, one another question could be asked that have we any Islamic education system? If we have not, then we should bow our heads in front of west to take education system. And if we have, and certainly we have, then, In my view, we have to implement it, then this would be enough. Western way of education implemented in our country show our weakness and dead conscience. What do you think about whom developed countries, are they developed themselves without their own education system? No, they developed their countries by their own language, culture and education system. And here, nor language, culture and education system, then what is point we develop our country, our people at that point? Answer is, our own Islamic culture, native language Urdu and our education system, we given by our Islam.

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Every implementation is almost tough:

Implementation is not easy either for non-muslim and Muslim. Everyone has difficulty as their social, political and ideological issues. The beauty is that we implement our system enduring all problems. We should say other nations with great proud, go with your system, we have own best. We don’t need you. We have universal education, which is complete by all dimension with complete possibilities. We should not have any complex about our education system and syllabus.


The next thing is, what should be the basis of this system? There may be some basic tips for that. In my humble opinion ...


(1). There should be no class education system. If this happens then good education will be limited to a certain class. In that case, the country will not move towards development.


(2). Mother language should be the basic condition for learning, education should be given in other languages ​​but it should be optional. Because development is possible only in the mother language. The increase in the literacy rate of every developed country in the world, if possible, is due to this.


(3). The content and syllabus should be determined keeping in view their values ​​and traditions. Our values ​​and traditions are very rich in their authenticity and excellence.


These are the three major core areas and suggestions. Based on them, our system should be implemented. We are free in our every action, in our every law enforcement, if we have self-determination. Honor in the case of our heroes is a sign that we are committed to values. If there is self-sufficiency then there is everything.

Value yourself, Value your system, if you will not value your system yourself, so how can you expect this from non-muslims. However, it is clear about them that these infidels can never be friends of Muslims, unless they adopt infidelity.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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