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Free Personality Tests


Free personality tests are the most popular and accurate form of behavior study that an individual can indulge in. Whether you would like to improve yourself or understand more about those around you, I highly recommend this endeavor.

Approximately 15 years ago, I signed up to become a distributor for a large marketing company called AMWAY. I have always entertained an extremely strong entrepreneurial spirit and felt that this was my vehicle to success. After six years of internal struggle I decided to leave the organization, mostly for personal reasons. I did not become financially free, but received an incredible education about how people think and their behavior patterns. This was primarily the result of reading and exploring two amazing books. "How to Win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie and "Personality Plus" by Florence Littauer.

Florence Littauer wrote "Personality Plus" in such an entertaining way that it gives the reader a window into her personal life and relationships and simultaneously teaches about the four personality types. I have recommended this book to family, friends and co-workers, and always received a very positive response. I've even used this book to test people at parties and get-togethers, however, I would suggest against this practice unless of course the person agrees to it. You may offend some people.

Before we get down to the basics, I have put together the "Personality Plus" test along with the results at the bottom of this hub for those of you who would like to take the test before reading on. If you would like to read on, skip the next paragraph.


TO TAKE THE TEST Listed below, you will see that there are 20 rows of 4 selections for "personality strengths" and "personality weaknesses". In each row you must select the one characteristic that describes YOU the best. Be as honest as you can. If you believe that none of the 4 selections describes you, pick the characteristic that comes closest to describing you. Don't leave out any item for any group of 4! When you are finished with the 40 selections (20 strengths and 20 weaknesses), go over your results on the result page listed below. Remember that no answer is better or worse than any other and no personality type is better or worse than any other personality type. This will simply define your personality tendencies. Most people's profile will contain a combination of the personality types. Have fun with the results!


Now let's get down to the basics. The book describes four different personality types. According to the author, everyone is a combination of the four, but there are usually one or two dominant types that define how each one of us behaves.

The Four Personality Types in the book are:

Choleric: This is the dominant, strong, decisive, stubborn and even arrogant type of person. They tend to be good leaders because they are driven to get things done, however they might offend some people along the way. Cholerics are also known as the "POWERFUL" type. Some famous examples are Oprah Winfrey, Dr. Phil, Phil Donahue, Donald Trump, Bill Gates and Bill O'Reilly.

Melancholy: This is the mental-type. Their typical behaviour involves thinking, assessing, making lists, evaluating the positives and negatives, and general analysis of facts. They love maps, charts and graphs. They are usually the most intelligent of the four types, however they tend to dwell on details. A Melancholy is a planner, making sure things happen, although sometimes they can paralyze themselves with over-analysis. Lists and "doing things the right way" are characteristics of this personality type. Melancholies are also known as the "Perfect" type. Some famous examples are Hillary Clinton, Ernest Hemingway, Vincent Van Gogh and Beethoven.

Sanguine: This is the social-type. They enjoy fun, socializing, chatting, telling stories - and are fond of promising the world, because that's the friendly thing to do. A Sanguine gets on well with people and can get others excited about issues, but cannot always be relied upon to get things done. They love interacting with others and play the role of the entertainer or center of attention in group interactions. They have a tendency to over-promise and under-deliver. Sanguines are also known as the "Popular" type. Some famous examples are Bill Clinton, Robin Williams, Kelly Ripa and Richard Simmons.

Phlegmatic: This is the flat-type. They are easy going, laid back, nonchalant, unexcitable and relaxed. Desiring a quiet and peaceful environment above all else. They tend not to actively upset people, but their indifference may frustrate people. They try not to make decisions, and generally go for the status quo. They are good as mediators because they don't usually have many enemies. They also have a "dry" and quick sense of humor. Phlegmatics are also known as the "Peaceful" type. Some famous examples are Calvin Coolidge, Tim Duncan, Sandy Koufax, and Keanu Reeves.

None of these types is specifically described as being positive or negative. They each have upsides and downsides. The book makes it clear that the characteristics are for observing and identifying, rather than judging.

To summarize:

a Choleric likes it "my way", a Melancholy likes it "the right way", a Sanguine likes it "the fun way", and a Phlegmatic likes it "any way".

Ever since reading "Personality Plus" 15 years ago, I have found that it has helped me understand realtionships of people that are close to me as well as friendships, both short and long term. I highly recommend the book as an aide in making these relationships more meaningful and understandable to you. The "Personality Plus" test is one of many Free Personality Tests that are available to the public.

P E R S O N A L I T Y......P L U S......T E S T.... (PART 1)

--------------S T R E N G T H S-------------------

Mark One word in each row that best describes you.

Total Each of the 4 Columns



___Sociable.........___Strong willed.....___Self-sacrificing..___Submissive











___Demonstrative.___Decisive..........___Deep...............___Dry Humor

___Mixes Easily.....___Mover.............___Musical............___Mediator






P E R S O N A L I T Y......P L U S......T E S T.... (PART 2)

--------------W E A K N E S S E S -------------------

Mark One word in each row that best describes you.

Total Each of the 4 Columns







___Haphazard......___Headstrong......___Hard to Please....___Hesitant


___Angered Easily.___Argumentative.___Alienated............___Aimless

___Naive................___Nervy...............___Negative Attitude.___Nonchalant

___Wants Credit.....___Workaholic......___Withdrawn...........___Worrier

___Talkative............___Tactless.........___Too Sensitive.......___Timid





___Loud....................___Lord Over Others.___Loner.............___Lazy




Which Personality Are You?

P E R S O N A L I T Y.... P L U S ....T E S T.... R E S U L T S

Hopefully you have now completed the selection of 1 item from each of the 20 rows for "Strengths" and "Weaknesses" on the test. Here is how you grade yourself. Count the check marks for each of the 4 columns for both tests. Next, total them. You should have 4 numerical results, one for each column. The grand total should be 40 check marks, 20 for each of the 2 tests above.

Column 1 represents the Sanguine personality

Column 2 represents the Choleric personality

Column 3 represents the Melancholy personality

Column 4 represents the Phlegmatic personality

For example: you might have the following results:

Column 1 - 18

Column 2 - 12

Column 3 - 6

Column 4 - 4

This means that your tendencies lean towards a Sanguine, Choleric personality.

REMEMBER - There is Not a Failing or Passing Grade. No Personality Type is Better or Worse than Another. This merely describes your personality tendencies.

Here, are some more characteristics of the 4 types.


The Extrovert The Talker The Optimist



Appealing personality Talkative, storyteller Life of the party Good sense of humor Memory of color Physically holds on to listener Emotional and demonstrative Enthusiastic and expressive Cheerful and bubbling over Curious Good on stage Wide-eyed and innocent Lives in the present Changeable disposition Sincere at heart Always a child


Volunteers for jobs Thinks up new activities Looks great on the surface Creative and colorful Has energy and enthusiasm Start in a flashy way Inspires other to join Charms other to work


Makes home fun Is liked by children's friends Turns disaster into humor Is the circus master


Makes friends easily Loves people Thrives on compliments Seems exciting Envied by others Doesn't hold grudges Apologizes quickly Prevents dull moments Likes spontaneous activities



Compulsive talker Exaggerates and elaborates Dwells on trivia Can't remember names Scares other off Too happy for some Has restless energy Egotistical Blusters and complains Naïve, gets taken in Has loud voice and laugh Controlled by circumstances Gets angry easily Seems phony to some Never grows up


Would rather talk Forgets obligations Doesn't follow through Confidence fades fast Undisciplined Priorities out of order Decides by feelings Easily distracted Wastes time talking


Keeps home in a frenzy Forgets children's appointments Disorganized Doesn't listen to the whole story


Hates to be alone Needs to be center stage Wants to be popular Looks for credit Dominates conversations Interrupts and doesn't listen Answers for others Fickle and forgetful Makes excuses Repeats stories


The Extrovert The Doer The Optimist



Born leader Dynamic and active Compulsive need for change Must correct wrongs Strong-willed and decisive Unemotional Not easily discouraged Independent and self-sufficient Exudes confidence Can run anything


Goal oriented Sees the whole picture Organizes well Seeks practical solutions Moves quickly to action Delegates work Insists on production Makes the goal Stimulates activity Thrives on opposition


Exerts sound leadership Establishes goals Motivates family to action Knows the right answer Organizes household


Has little need for friends Will work for group activity Will lead and organize Is usually right Excels in emergencies



Bossy Impatient Quick-tempered Can't relax Too impetuous Enjoys controversy and arguments Won't give up when losing Comes on too strong Inflexible Is not complimentary Dislikes tears and emotions Is unsympathetic


Little tolerance for mistakes Doesn't analyze details Bored by trivia May make rash decisions May be rude or tactless Manipulates people Demanding of others End justifies the means Work may become his god Demands loyalty in the ranks


Tend to overdominate Too busy for family Gives answers too quickly Impatient with poor performance Won't let children relax May send them into depression


Tend to use people Dominates others Decides for others Knows everything Can do everything better Is too independent Possessive of friends and mate Can't say, "I'm sorry" May be right, but unpopular


The Introvert The Thinker The Pessimist



Deep and thoughtful Analytical Serious and purposeful Genius prone Talented and creative Artistic or musical Philosophical and poetic Appreciative of beauty Sensitive to others Self-sacrificing Conscientious Idealistic


Schedule oriented Perfectionist, high standards Detail conscious Persistent and though Orderly and organized Neat and tidy Economical Sees the problems Finds creative solutions Needs to finish what he starts Likes charts, graphs, figures, lists


Sets high standards Wants everything done right Keeps home in good order Picks up after children Sacrifices own will for others Encourages scholarship and talent


Makes friends cautiously Content to stay in background Avoids causing attention Faithful and devoted Will listen to complaints Can solve other's problems Deep concern for other people Moved to tears with compassion Seeks ideal mate



Remembers the negatives Moody and depressed Enjoys being hurt Has false humility Off in another world Low self-image Has selective hearing Self-centered Too introspective Guilt feelings Persecution complex Tends to hypochondria


Not people oriented Depressed over imperfections Chooses difficult work Hesitant to start programs Spends too much time planning Prefers analysis to work Self-deprecating Hard to please Standards often too high Deep need for approval


Puts goals beyond reach May discourage children May be too meticulous Becomes martyr Sulks over disagreements Puts guilt upon children.


Lives through others Insecure socially Withdrawn and remote Critical of others Holds back affection Dislikes those in opposition Suspicious of people Antagonistic and vengeful Unforgiving Full of contradictions Skeptical of compliments


The Introvert The Watcher The Pessimist



Low-key personality Easygoing and relaxed Calm, cool, and collected Patient, well balanced Consistent life Quiet but witty Sympathetic and kind Keeps emotions hidden Happily reconciled to life All-purpose person


Competent and steady Peaceful and agreeable Has administrative ability Mediates problems Avoids conflicts Good under pressure Finds the easy way


Makes a good parent Takes time for the children Is not in a hurry Can take the good with the bad Doesn't get upset easily


Easy to get along with Pleasant and enjoyable Inoffensive Good listener Dry sense of humor Enjoys watching people Has many friends Has compassion and concerns



Unenthusiastic Fearful and worried Indecisive Avoids responsibility Quiet will of iron Selfish Too shy and reticent Too compromising Self-righteous


Not goal oriented Lacks self-motivation Hard to get moving Resents being pushed Lazy and careless Discourages other Would rather watch


Lax on discipline Doesn't organize home Takes life too easy


Dampens enthusiasm Stays uninvolved Is not exciting Indifferent to plans Judges other Sarcastic and teasing Resists change

Personality Plus at Work

Florence Littauer - A Legend in Her Own Time

  • CLASS Speaker: Florence Littauer
    true legend in her own time, Florence Littauer's teaching on biblical truths, relationship issues and life skills has been touching hearts and inspiring people-just like you-at women's events, church conferences and business conventions for more tha

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Randi Benlulu from Mesa, AZ on June 24, 2013:

Interesting and fun! Thank you!

Thorfin on September 03, 2012:

This is a "what every one who works for a living aught to know" kind of thing. D.C. (dale carnagie) is what the management uses to divide and concur in the work place. First pidgin-wholing the worker with personality profiling. Then finding out what the workers comfort zone is. Finally pushing the worker forcibly out of that comfort zone while using personality profiles to predict what the workers reaction will be. Ultimately keeping the worker off balance. In the end its like getting caught in the ring with a prize fighter.

riskydgreat on February 21, 2012:

Good Day Sir!

I am Jayson Bringas Malveda, Thank you so much for your reply..

Our board of panelist and the adviser of our thesis defense want to see a letter signed by the author of the material we used in our system the Career Assessment Intelligent System (CAIS)..


we would like to ask a letter of permission from you that you will allow us to use the Personality Plus Test by Florence Littauer..in order for us to take the final defense...THANK YOU SO MUCH for your kind heart..this could be very helpful to us to finish this study..


hglick (author) from Riverhead,NY on February 15, 2012:

Jayson, Florence Littauer created the personality test through her book "Personality Plus". You may use my copy of the test above or buy the book though the link above, to distribute.

Jayson Bringas Malveda on February 13, 2012:

Good day!

Sir/ Ma'am;

I am JAYSON BRINGAS MALVEDA, student from Notre Dame of Kidapawan College, Kidapawan City, Philippines..i would like to ask your permission to use your Personality test material or tools for our thesis as one of our primary reference, your personality test will be used in our system, the Career Assessment Intelligent System (CAIS). we would like to get the consent and permission from your company in order for us to use it legally..thank you so much..sir/ma'am. jmalveda@gmail.com

Mazlan from Malaysia on October 28, 2011:


Interesting article. i too just posted a hub on personality test, taken from Jerry M. Burger's book "Personality" I uses HubPages quiz format to post the statement/questions, but needed a bit of tweaking to get the actual score.

Great on May 30, 2011:

Very very good books, Highly recommend !!!!!! Life changing

so enlighting

Lor Larson on August 06, 2010:

A free online personality inventory you might add as a link: http://mynichecomputing.org/risChecklist/

Lor Larson on July 29, 2010:

Free Great Research-Based online Personality Assessment:

http://mynichecomputing.org/risChecklist and


I suggest a link or two.

hglick (author) from Riverhead,NY on March 17, 2010:


You are entitled to your opinion, but Hillary Clinton is a very strong Melancholy personality. She is extremely analytical and well organized and calculating when it comes to her beliefs and decisions. See the following link:


Nicola on March 17, 2010:

Hi hglick,

I found your 'Free Personality Tests' page online and was reading your comments about the different personalities ie. Melancholy, Sanguine, etc. First of all thanks for taking the time to offer such information and the test. I appreciate people who have a community minded spirit and want to share helpful info with others.

In reading the paragraph about the Melancholy temperment there is the final sentence, "Some famous examples are Hillary Clinton, Ernest Hemingway...". I don't know if that statement came from Florence Littauer or if it is your choice of persons but I have to heartily disagree with the using of Hillary Clinton in that list. She is a very strong choleric personality who practically ran the white house while her husband was in office. She is a leader, strong-willed, determined, aggressive, confident, etc. all of which are choleroc traits.

I agree with your other choices but felt it necessary to write to you about this particular one. Thanks for your time.

Sincerely, Nicola

Tester Wooot on January 07, 2010:

I love the dogs, what movie is that from?

Annette Thomas from Northeast Texas on January 05, 2010:

I took these tests years ago but already knew I was a Sanguine personality. Seems like my compulsive actions, eagerness to reveal true feelings & my big mouth get me in most trouble. Just too dang gullible for my own good!

hglick (author) from Riverhead,NY on November 28, 2009:

Thank You Lady E, these theories still hold true today. To this day I'm able to determine how someone will behave based upon these concepts. I find most of Florence Littauer's personality books to be most enlightening.

Elena from London, UK on November 28, 2009:

Wow. This is interesting. I have to print it out and go over it again. Thanks, it's nice to read something new (even though you wrote it 2 years ago) and different. :)

hglick (author) from Riverhead,NY on September 07, 2009:

Thank you Vizey for your kind comments

Vizey on September 07, 2009:

Thank for this long and informative article . I liked picture you posted on your profile. toungue showing kittens. I think your are great cat lover. keep it up

hglick (author) from Riverhead,NY on March 12, 2009:


I have a link to the book in this hub listed above

It is called :

"Personality Plus: How to Understand Others by Understanding Yourself"

amel on March 11, 2009:

jayapura, papua, Indonesia, 12th march 09, dearest....i've been 5 years to find this book but i got nothing,i want to buy this book "Personality Plus,Featured Personality Profile Test",please recommended me where i should get this book, to buy this book, i do really need that book like i need someone to tell bout myself, i beg you please, please, can u solve my searching ? i need that book, please help me....this my number 081344056663

MrMarmalade from Sydney on August 03, 2008:

Joined Amway for 6 months. Bought an entire Downline of 10,567

After 18 months sold it and recouped my money, after loosing my shirt

I can not make your columms work. maybe a little dumb this morning.

I would have to belive I am type type 2

Have read both books many years ago

glassvisage from Northern California on June 24, 2008:

Such a comprehensive hub! Good context... nothing can bring out personality like business :)

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