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Florida Passes Anti-Vaccine Passport Law

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The Bill, SB-2006, recently passed the state Senate after much debate about the impact of banning the use of Covid-19 vaccine passports in many instances, now used by airlines that operate within the state. A vaccine passport is the idea that businesses or other institutions could require people to show proof they’ve been vaccinated before being offered services or allowed inside.

Already passed is a provision that denies any businesses or agency using a vaccine passport to show proof of vaccination state or local funding via grants or contracts. So, if a big box store requires it of their employees, they could lose any tax breaks etc. Businesses or schools that require proof of a COVID-19 vaccination could get slapped with a $5,000 fine for each affected customer or student! That would be a huge cost for private schools. Already, some universities DO require proof of vaccination if a student wants to attend in person in the Fall semester. There is opposition to this from both sides. Some mayors think that such a policy should be done at the local level for their cities and not dictated to by DeSantis' Trumpian-like position on this virus pandemic, which was to remain open for most of 2020 despite soaring infection rates. In fact, Florida continues to average 5,000 new cases daily in 2021 and has had over 2 million overall.

It will be interesting to see if certain businesses, like the cruise industry, that the governor loves, will get an exemption because the governor is on record stating that this industry should require a vaccine passport to ensure passenger safety. I guess he wants it both ways. If so, you can see the hypocrisy of this new law.

Florida is turning the vaccine passport issue into another political issue. I am sure other states will follow, while others do not- so across America we will have a state by state approach instead of one Federal law of how to regulate this issue. What is the big deal anyway?

Schools have always required kids to be receive certain vaccinations before starting school to prevent an outbreak of measles etc. It is a public health issue that is also a business issue for employees and customers. Airlines require it before boarding. The correct approach would be to allow each business determine how to handle this at their local level with no repercussions. While for some, they think it could be use to discriminate and limit access.

The vaccine passport should not be a political issue, but it is in Florida.


perrya (author) on April 30, 2021:

I am also a happy Florida resident for a variety of reasons but having the government dictate to local governments, private businesses how their policy be about requiring their employees should be ( in this case, penalizing those who insure all employees have been vaccinated by proof using a passport) is intrusive and against American freedoms. The decision to require whether people are vaccinated or not is up to the business. Airlines mandate it. Many businesses will too to protect their staff. DeSantis is just another hypocrite.

Ken Burgess from Florida on April 30, 2021:

I am happy to be a Florida resident.

Florida will be one of the last States, if not the last State, to surrender the freedoms and liberties of its citizens.

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Florida will be one of the last States, if not the last State, to crush its citizens under an unfair and corrupt tax system.

Leslie McCowen from Cape Cod, USA on April 30, 2021:

Republicans have their own “wokeness” going on. They are too smart and free to be dumb lemmings like us weak people who wear masks, and get the vaccine.

It’s a thing out there....vaxx shaming. They ridicule people who get the vax, and have businesses where masks are not allowed.

It’s the woke crowd. Too smart for all of us. The political correctness of the Right.

Just like their cancel culture.....go against trump...get erased.

It’s all one and the same.

MG Singh emge from Singapore on April 29, 2021:

I just hope Trump gets the nomination in 2024 and comes back with a bang. It will only be good for America.

perrya (author) on April 29, 2021:

Don't see that coming but since DeSantis is being considered as a running mate with Trump in 2024, who knows!

DW Davis from Eastern NC on April 29, 2021:

Leave it to Florida GOP to pass a law against something that doesn't exist and which will be null and void if such a thing became a requirement for interstate or international travel. Floridians would be trapped in Florida, unable to leave the state.

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