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Four Travailing Stages of Ascension

Emmy Nuga is a researcher, education enthusiast and a literature icon. He is currently working on the publication of his books.


In every areas of pursuit, there are stages in life that must be surmounted before a dream can be realised. These stages are active proof of your determination, consistency and passion.

You have no excuses not to try again despite having exhausted enough time, but still, not getting things done satisfactorily. This could be quite annoying when things don't work out as expected. Which might even trigger a tendency to back out. Of course, you know, that isn't a good idea.

What are these recurring or travailing stages, while on the quest of progress?

The Boring Stage

Nothing good comes easy, according to a general knowledge. Though, we humans are naturally allergic to boring activities. However, considering a statement of fact, there are certain situations we must learn to adapt to irrespective of the inconvenience encountered. Otherwise dreams will remain unrealized. Moreover, a person stands to lose due to failure to adapt.

Boringness is a common mania students find challenging in their course of studies. Obviously, it is also one major reason why some students don't find school interesting. They get bored by the monotonous activities that keep their brain stuck to one routine always. Boring, doing the same thing over and over again. "All works make jack a dull boy" portray a good picture of this scenario.


The Distracting Stage

This is a susceptible stage, where you are more likely to get disturbed or disrupted either by people or things around you. So to say, disruptors such as: friends, families or social attractions, though, essential and probably hard to avoid, as they all vary in demanding your attention. Without mincing words, leisure time is conducive to socialising with friends and families etc but they have to be given a reasonable sense of measures or limits so as not to have you cut off from your pursuit unaware. Friends who are bent on having your attention always could be a major disruptor.

According to the word of Thomas Alva Edison

"Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration."

— Thomas Alva Edison

The Thomas Edison Travail

Thomas Edison was not the first inventor. Many inventors like Humphrey Davy, 1802 and Joseph Wilson Swanson, 1850 had tried to perfect the incandescent lamps to "sub-divide" electric light or make it smaller and weaker than it was in the existing arc lamps, which were too bright to be used for small spaces, such as the rooms of a house but could not. These stages got them exhausted sticking to their limits.

But unlike Thomas Alva Edison who remained persistent in trying to get small electric lights suitable for home use. He tried several means to make this possible, according to history, He tested thousands and thousands of materials to use for the filament. He even thought about using tungsten, which is the metal used for light bulb filaments now, but he couldn't work with it given the tools available at that time. But despite how boring, distracting and overwhelming the work was he always recognized the importance of hard work and determination.

In his words he said the following:

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"Before I got through," he recalled, "I tested no fewer than 6,000 vegetable growths, and ransacked the world for the most suitable filament material."

"The electric light has caused me the greatest amount of study and has required the most elaborate experiments," he wrote. "I was never myself discouraged, or inclined to be hopeless of success. I cannot say the same for all my associates."

Your Genius Is One Percent

Intellectuals, during their travail go through the stages discussed In this article. It is a phenomenon none is excused from. Bound to be distracted, feel bored or distorted traumatically in the course. Your Genius does not exclude you from this stage, not at all.

The Overwhelming Stage

The overwhelming stage sometimes are reasons why people call it a quit, having felt a persuading need to give up. The major challenge could range from financial to material constraints. These are the kind of situations where you have a goal you have worked so hard to idealise, you have got your plan ready, everything is good to go and ready to play. But the issue you are faced with could either be a financial or material constraint, to enable carry out your plans or ideas. but incapacitated.

When Borrowing Is A Must

You may consider this a challenge, but it isn't really. Personally, you may ask: how real are my plans? Or how much confidence do i have in making this goal of mine a reality? However, the aftermath success doesn't have to be hundred percent certain or compelling. Since risk taken at some stages is inevitable. So then if borrowing money to fulfil your dream is what it entails or the only option left after dissecting your source of income but seems to lack the potential needed to get something done. Probably, you may have to go for borrowing. Mind you, it doesn't have to be money lending only. It is better trying to borrow when you have no other option than not giving it a try at all. May be, some of those you called your role models had one point in their life find solace in it.


A Fact To Note

This borrowing syndrome is a path that has led to the fulfilment of many dreams. I remember the tech guy, Elon musk saying, "at some point in time I have to borrow money from friends to finance Tesla and still, have to do it again when he ran into bankruptcy".

As a point of fact; sometimes the sum of money you need to actualize your dreams or project may necessarily not take a source from your personal income, when you have nothing much but little to keep for yourself. Although, they could play a little role. But advisably, if it entails borrowing to get things done. Why delay?

The Prevailing Stage

This is a stage where the whole travail, hardwork and perseverance become a success story. This stage you either celebrate yourself alone or the society combines to celebrate you. A stage where your words gain relevance, your ideas and beliefs are coined into reality, that are given out in viral quotes and in the chapters of books.

Can You Surmount These Stages?

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