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Fireball from Sky to Hit Nashville Tennessee

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Fire Ball Hits Nashville

During the night an enormous ball of fire came out of the sky and hit Nashville Tennessee. Flames like sparks shoot out from the fireball and spread consuming buildings and homes. One of the buildings hit was a structure with pillars, which could be the Parthenon. The Parthenon in Nashville is a copy of the original one in Greece.

Nashville won’t be the only city struck. One city after another will have these fireballs falling on them. It is not clear what the fireball is from. It could be a large meteorite or a bomb. It is very possible that it will be neither of these but something new falling out of the sky.

Some people watching what was happening said that they knew this was coming and had just been discussing it. The people around them reacted and cried, You knew this was coming and did not warn us? Why did you not tell us that these things were coming?

This link below goes to the original article and will give you much more information.

Go here to read more about the Fireballs.

The Warning is Coming Now

Well, the warning is coming now.

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Ellen White died in 1915 and was a special messenger from the Lord. She has written over 40 books and her works have been translated in more languages than any other woman author. Even over men authors in the United States.

Her God given mission was to prepare His people for the soon return of Jesus and to bring people back to the Bible. During her lifetime she had close to 2000 dreams and visions. Most of this was instruction and some was prophecy. Her health message still amazes the doctors and science is constancy proving her right.

Her book, “The Great Controversy” tells the story of Christianity from the apostles day to our time and beyond to the end of the world.

Ellen White had several dreams about these fireballs and said that they are God’s judgments on the cities. Unless people in the cities repent and come back to God their city will be struck too.

Ellen White gives a warning for when we are to leave the cities. She says that when there is a nation wide Sunday law requiring rest on the 6th day, then flee immediately. If you live in smaller towns then prepare to move to a more remote place to get away from the coming chaos.

I am just speculating on when these fireballs may start to fall. It could be after the nationwide Sunday law or even before it.

There will be other disasters too, not just fireballs. These disasters will continue to increase as Jesus' coming approaches.

Dream from God to Ellen White about fireball judgments "You Knew!"

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