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Poetry Is, The Fine Art of Life!

The Very Word - 'Poetry' Evokes The Deepest Emotions In The Human Soul.

Perhaps, upon hearing the word - or the subject of poetry brought up - our initial thoughts - are moved to the written word - as in a poem.

Poems are lovely and can be - on rare occasions - considered to be poetry.

What is Poetry?

I will share with you, my very personal feelings - as to the definition of the word 'poetry'.

Poetry - literally within itself - conveys the highest of the highest expressions of any of those, which we consider - the Fine Arts.

Poetry is what can be referred to - as those things - that are brought to life - through an individual life - and in a completed form or manifestation.

To Teach With Life, Is The Finest Of All Fine Art.

Irina Kolesnikova In Odette

Irina Kolesnikova In Odette

LISTEN: Pachelbel's Canon in D... Is Poetry For The Soul

The Rules of Poetry...

The traditionalist would limit poetry in form - to that which is literary only - the written word only - as the expression of the human mind only - being considered 'poetry'.

Epitome - Apex - and even CLIMAX... are but a few words - to describe - the fine art of POETRY!

Therefore - to my soul - to be considered Poetry - is to Be that - which evokes these very raw and yet deeply beautiful emotions - from the depths the human soul.

Which can even bring us to weep - and most always will - as such intense responses in the unity of heart and soul - are the experience of POETRY - Experienced.

Rembrandt - His Life As Poetry... He Moves Us Still.

The Prophet Abraham, with Issac... wherein we are taught sacrifice, love and what a covenant truly should is...  FAITH.

The Prophet Abraham, with Issac... wherein we are taught sacrifice, love and what a covenant truly should is... FAITH.

Poetry Is Intensely Personal - Others, like myself... grapple with the traditional definition of Poetry and What It Is?

Edgar Degas: Through The Eyes Of A Master Poet.

From The Poet Must Come A Place Unto Understanding, Regardless of Difference... To Then Sow.

In literary poetry - one may speak or write, that commonality may be understood, as defined. This is likened unto the foundational place of which all forms of poetry are ultimately understood - but is limiting, if we were to stop with only the written word of this type of a Poet... therein, the true expression of poetry would then damn itself.

Poetry has eternal application to all who experience it - from the place in which they are currently standing in time.

It is powerful.

It draws from the well of the individual souls - the deepest desire to live life rich and well.

David Sylvian - The Poetry Of The Poet Is The Life... As It Is Given.

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Poetry Is Disciplined and Untamed....

Poetry is rich in meaning. It is deeply symbolic, and jarring at times - if not in time.

Poetry has the ability to touch the opposition of our emotions, even revealing to self - that which was unknown and perhaps impossible to then move from... previously.

Poetry creates desires beyond our own known capabilities and ambitions - causing us to reach up and live larger than what we now experience.

Poetry is to yearn, for that which we fall short.


Poetry Cannot Be Defined By One - It Is Synergistic, Therefore Edifying.

If this is true - then where can it be determined that Poetry is of a single form?

That could not possibly be a correct understanding or acceptance of the many attempts over millenia to determine the what is - of poetry.

Poetry is the dance of life - and each of us, have our own moves... and yet, when 'Poetry' manifests itself in the world - it has the element of powerful magnetism, which lifts us higher.

Light cleaves to Light and it grows brighter and brighter... and can never be extinguished.

Light is LIFE, and its perpetuation in the journey.

Light is creation and Creator of Life.

Poetry is therefore Life!

Jeroen van Valke - Poetry Can Be Perspective And Truth Seeking...

Masters In The Art Of Poetic Photography

Definition of Poetry - My First Attempt...


Poetry is A Window...




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Please share your thoughts on how you believe poetry is defined...

\Brenda Scully on May 29, 2009:

Delighted to have stumbled across your hub which I found informative..... Glad to be your fan

Write On! (author) from United States on May 20, 2009:

J.Stump -

I like that!

Write On!

J. Stump from USA on May 20, 2009:

defining poetry, is to me at least, like caging something wild in hopes of taming it.

Write On! (author) from United States on December 29, 2008:

Munir Siraj-

That is most beautiful, and easy to agree upon. However, I would say that tragedy, adversity, etc... in life, to be considered poetry - must have found meaning through such suffering. Life is a journey, and therefore each of our lives could be consider "poetry" IF we live it fully, and become "Something":-)

Thank you for broadening my thoughts, in regards to "what is poetry".

Write On!

Munir Siraj on December 29, 2008:

Write on,

It seems that you have tried to define poetry beyond the limits of language i.e. even things like music, art, dance or any other media of art which arouse and move your soul can be defined as poetry. If I have understood you, then this is a way of redifining poetry encomapasing all form of art media, surely which must reflect beauty and rythm. Beyond that, things that cry out to reflect the realism of life and struggle, althoug may be expressed in very raw form, still coming from the bottom of the heart to me is also poetry. All my appreciations for your mind blowing thoughts.

msiraj, Bangladesh

jjbreunig3 from Lyman, ME on November 15, 2008:

A marveleous hub; very well articulated; thanks for your promotion of poetry and its virtures.

--Joe Breunig

clint on September 25, 2008:

Very intersting! a great take on life (poetry)the esence of life is almost surely poetry in motion.

Write On! (author) from United States on September 25, 2008:

solarshingles -

I'm glad you enjoyed this hub on the fine art of life, as poetry. I truly believe that a life that is dedicated to beauty and light - is poetry.

Write On!

solarshingles from london on September 25, 2008:

Write on, this is so beautiful. Yes, the poetry is the fine art of life, indeed! If only my English would have been better to describe what all goes through my mind reading this wonderful texts and watching and listening these videos. Tank you for a wonderful end of one long evening in London, ervin

Write On! (author) from United States on March 01, 2008:

Robert Skaggs-

What a kind comment... I hope you come back around:-)


Robert Skaggs on February 24, 2008:

I was very impressed with your Hub. It has expanded my understanding of poetry and of your amazing abilities.

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