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Filipinos and Jollibee

Smiling Bee

There are different fast food chains in the Philippines. Why Jollibee? Jollibee has simple menus. I order burger steak because of my mushroom gravy, chicken joy when I am in celebrating mood , yum burger taste good too and more thing to talk about the other menus. What makes it stand out to the Filipino taste. It even becomes a part of every family in the Philippines. Almost all the kids know the mascot of Jollibee. The smiling bee welcomed people to get in. The Smiling bee can really be like Filipinos which are known for their smiling faces.


Welcoming Hand of the Bee

Filipinos love to smile and they are like the smiling bee. The welcoming hand of Jollibee is like the characteristics of the Filipinos. They are known for their hospitality. If you are invited to a Filipino gathering be prepared to be swamped. Why? The host makes sure you are comfortable and always asks what you need. Sometimes you will feel it is too much. It is like in a restaurant. You just ordered water and asked for so many things. That is not in a negative sense but the host just wants to make sure that you are really taken care of.

Sweet and Joy

What makes it so popular in the Philippines? Jollibee uses banana ketchup and has the signature taste of Filipino culture. The Philippines is a proud producer of bananas and so it is easier for the Filipinos to make the banana sauce. Tomato sauce is more popular and that is why they put red dye on the banana sauce to resemble it. That makes Filipinos stand out because they know how to use what is available.

Sweet spaghetti? Not all would love it but Filipinos do. Sweet spaghetti and some sliced hot dogs are a hit in some Filipino parties. As I said, Filipinos use what is available. Banana ketchup is sweet and that is why spaghetti is sweet. In some families ground beef is expensive and that is one of the reasons Filipinos add sliced hotdogs in the recipe of the spaghetti. The other reason is, kids love hotdogs.

Chicken joy. It is a best seller. Kids love fried chicken and that is always at birthday parties. Can you imagine how happy a kid is seeing all the crispy chicken on the table? After blowing the candles on the cake the kids will go for the fried chicken. It gives joy to the person that eats it.

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My Jollibee Story

My brother is very generous. He is a stuntman and as a stuntman sometimes doesn't have a part. He doesn’t have income. But then if he gets a good movie and has a part. That makes him financially okay. He is hard working, makes sure he can provide for his family and put good food on the table. That is my brother.

Back to my Jollibee story.

We decided to eat at Jollibee and my brother is buying lunch. We were in line and I was already thinking, “I will just order burger steak, rice and a drink.” It is the cheapest on the menu. It is a burger steak, with mushroom gravy and rice. Yes, Filipinos eat rice every meal and even fast food. My brother told me to order. I told the cashier what I wanted. Then my brother said, “Only that?” I answered “Yes.” In my mind. “I want some more but I know you are on a budget.” My brother started to order. “ I will have 3 chicken joys with rice, 2 spaghetti, 2 yum burgers and a drink.” I looked at my brother “What?” My brother looked at me and said “I asked you to order!” with a smile on his face. That makes me smile until now and remember how loving my brother is. He is not here on earth and that story still reminds me of his generosity.

Ask a Filipino of their Jollibee story

Jollibee has become a part of almost all Filipino celebrations. Some would go to Jollibee after the graduation ceremony. Little kids would love their birthdays to be celebrated with the Jollibee mascot. Some organizations will let Jollibee cater the food. Some families eat at Jollibee after church. Kids would always look forward to those days. After work parents will just order take out and have a lazy night without cooking. Gives joy to the parents and most of all the children.

You can ask a Filipino about their Jollibee story. You will hear so many joyful and sad stories that will tear you up. Some will eagerly share their experiences.

Every time I go home to the Philippines, one of my itinerary is to eat at Jollibee. I think it is not only the food but mostly the memories.

You might get a chance to eat at a Jollibee fast food. Then, you can have your own Jollibee story.

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