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Famous Suspension Bridges


Suspension bridges are those kinds of bridges which are built by suspending the deck from cables attached to a master cable. Besides being strong and very light weighted another quality of these bridges are that they are very beautiful and pleasing to the eyes.

The design and structure of suspension bridges are not as complicated as it seems. Several techniques are used to distribute the weight of this bridge to different points. Even though most modern and longest bridges in the world are suspension bridges but the design actually is quite old and has a very long history.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Suspension Bridges

Suspension bridges are not always the best choice but under certain applications they are most suitable choice. They are very light weighted as compared to other bridges. Another big advantage is that these bridges can span a long way which is not impossible with other bridges. Suspension bridge requires lesser raw material as compared to other kinds of bridges. 

Bosphorus Bridge in Istanbul, Turkey

Bosphorus Bridge in Istanbul, Turkey

Roeblings Suspension Bridge.

Roeblings Suspension Bridge.

With benefits Suspension bridges also have their disadvantages. The cost to build Suspension Bridge is way expensive than the normal one.

The expensive cost is not due to the raw materials used but instead due to the designs and testing involved. Besides being expensive construction of suspension bridges takes a considerable amount of time and requires a lot of testing because the consequence of safety failure of suspension bridge could be unbearable and unthinkable in both terms of money and lives.

Few of famous suspension bridges are as follows:

The Great Belt Bridge, Denmark

The Great Belt Bridge, Denmark

Great Belt Bridge

Construction of Great Belt Bridge started in the year 1988. This was the biggest ever construction project in the Denmark construction history.

The bridge was at first opened to the rail traffic in the year 1997 and then later on to the road traffic in the year 1998.

The Great Belt Bridge connects many Danish Islands to each other which are separated by the GreatBeltStrait. Everyday almost 28,000 vehicles cross this bridge.

The total length of this bridge is 6,790 meters The East tunnel is reserved for the railway transport and the East road is reserved for road transport, while West tunnel for both railway and road transport.

The Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge, Japan

The Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge, Japan

Types Of Bridges

  • Bridges
    A bridge is a structure which is built to link two areas of land over an obstacle such as a valley or a body of water like rivers, lakes and oceans.

Famous Bridges Around The World

  • Famous Bridges
    Many describe a bridge as a structure used a passage over physical obstacles like water, valley or land. A bridge can serve its purpose for rail, pedestrians and road traffic; it can be divided in several types.
Humber Bridge, England

Humber Bridge, England

The Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge

The Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge is the longest suspending bridge in the whole world. The construction of this bridge finished in the year 1998.

This bridge is also popularly known as Pearl Bridge. Every day almost 23,000 vehicles cross this bridge. In the initial stages it was supposed to be built as a road and a railway bridge but later on it was decided to be built just as a road bridge.

This bridge crosses the Akashi Strait in Japan. It connects the famous island of Awaji with the beautiful city of Kobe in Japan. The longest bridge in the world is 3911 meters long.

Before this famous bridge was built the ferries used to carry passengers across the Akashi Strait. In the year 1955 two ferries sank resulting in the death of 168 children.

This unbearable shock and the pubic suffering towards the disaster caused the government to make proper plans for building a suspension bridge across the Strait.

The cost of building Akashi-Kaikyo suspension bridge was five million United States dollars.

The bridge has ability to endure the shock of earthquakes measuring up to 8.5 on the Richter scale. The beautiful bridge is illuminated by 1737 lights.

Humber Bridge

Humber Bridge was opened in United Kingdom in the year 1981. At that time it was the longest single span bridge in the world. The decision to make a bridge was taken in the year 1969.

The constructional work on the bridge commenced in the year 1972. The bridge spans the Humber estuary. Every year 120,000 vehicles cross this bridge. The length of this bridge is 2,220 meters long.

Mackinac Bridge, USA

Mackinac Bridge, USA

Cities With The Tallest Buildings

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    Dubai is a global city and hub for business. Dubai's economy was based on the oil industry, but now its main revenues are from tourism, real estate, and financial services.
The Golden Gate Bridge, USA

The Golden Gate Bridge, USA

Mackinac Bridge

The construction of Mackinac Bridge began in the year 1954. The bridge was opened for the traffic in the year 1957. Mackinac Bridge spans the Straits of Mackinac and connects the lower and upper peninsulas of the United States of Michigan.

The centre Span is 1,158 meters long. Mackinac Bridge has the twelfth longest span in the world. The cost for the construction caused was 99.8 millions. It costs 3.1 million United States dollars a year to maintain the bridge.

The Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge is one of the famous suspension bridges, situated over the San francisco Bay. It was completed in 1937 and has been famous since than.

It is one of the prime landmarks of the city of San Fransisco and State California. In fact it is a famous and land mark of whole of USA.

It has a total length of 2,737 meters with cable length of 2,332 meters.

It is lit by 128 lights on the broad way which illuminates it in the night. In the morning the bridge boasts off its infamous International orange color.

Famous Dams

  • Dams
    A dam is said to be a barrier that confines water. Dams generally are used to retain water, while other structures such as dikes are used to manage or prevent water flow into a region.


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