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Famous Rivers Around The World

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Rivers are one of nature's blessing that are key to the survival and prosperity of Civilizations. Since ancient times, man has evolved besides riverbanks and turned barren lands into historic cultural centers.

Even now in modern times, we still know the importance of rivers, and countries having rivers are considered to be blessed. Irrigation, fresh water supply and hydroelectricity are the things we can't do if there are no rivers. So here in this article some of the famous rivers around the world are listed:

River Nile

Nile is, consider as world’s longest river, river in northeast Africa. Rive Nile is approximately 4132 miles long (6650 km approx).

A beautiful view of River Nile.

A beautiful view of River Nile.

This river forms two rivers or you may say two tributaries; Blue Nile rise from Lake Tana in Ethiopia and White Nile which originates from Lake Victoria.

Nile drained into Mediterranean Sea after flowing through Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, Congo, Kenya, Sudan and Egypt. The name ‘Nile’ is diverted from Greek word ‘neilos’, it means valley or a river valley.

Rivers In Africa

  • Famous Rivers Of Africa
    Although Africa is a continent with an ample amount of resources, it's sad to see majority of its people living in extreme poverty and hunger. Africa has a vast area of of fertile land and large river systems to aid in cultivation.
Amazon River bank in, Peru.

Amazon River bank in, Peru.

Amazon River

River Amazon is largest river system of the world and is longest river in South America, according to its basin and the volume it is on top among all rivers of the world.

It measures, in length, approximately 4000 miles i.e. 6400 km approx. its basin includes Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela and Peru.  The Amazonia, basin of river Amazon, is has an area of about 2.3 million square miles that makes approx 6 million kilometers.

River Thames

River Thames

River Thames

River Thames, also known as river Isis, is in southern England. It is known and famous because its lowers flows from central London.

Yes! This is the river on which London Bridge is made. This river also touches some other towns which include Oxford, Reading and Windsor. It is the longest river in England and second largest in United Kingdom. It is 215 miles long (346 km approx.). 

Famous Mountains Around The World

  • Mount Kilimanjaro
    If you talk about mountain climbing, than the first thing that comes to a mind is the Himalayas.
  • Blue Mountains
    Blue Mountains is one of the greatest tourist attraction which attracts so many visitors from around the world to visit.
  • Famous Mountains
    Nature is full of beauty, there are countless things around the world which remind us about the beauty of the world we live in.
Yangtze River

Yangtze River

River Yangtze

River Yangtze is also known as Chang Jiang is in China. It is the longest river is Asia. This is river is considered as 3rd longest river in the world after Nile and Amazon.

It lengths 3915 miles which makes approx 6300 km. this river is dividing line of South China and North China.

It flows from Qinghai provinces eastwards and ends in Shanghai, the East China Sea. The largest hydro plant of the world is made on one of the dams of this river, this fact made it more important for China.

River Yenisei.

River Yenisei.

River Yenisei

River Yenisei (also written as Yenisey) is in central Russia. If we talk about water discharge, this river comes on sixth rank in world’s rivers and stands on fifth position in world’s longest rivers.

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It rises from Mongolia and ends in Arctic Ocean flowing through Yenisei Gulf and Siberia. Its length is 3341 miles, which make about 5539 kilometers and its average depth is 45 feet (14m).

River Mississippi

River Mississippi

River Mississippi

River Mississippi is draining major tributaries, of North America, of an area approximately 1.2 million square miles which make something like 3.1 million square kilometers, which makes 12.5% of the entire continent.

This river flows completely in United States of America. This river drains, including two provinces of Canada, all 31 parts of United States of America. It is one the busiest commercial waterways of the world. 

Famous Skiing Mountains

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River Missouri

River Missouri

River Missouri

River Missouri is the longest tributary of river Mississippi. In early French maps it is named as peki–ton-oui and in later ones it is name as Oumessourit.

This river’s nick name is ‘big muddy’ for the reason it carries big solid particle in its suspension.

It flows to central North Dakota from eastwards, and then it turns to South Dakota and form South Dakota Nebraska boundary and Nebraska-lowa boundary and Kansas-Missouri boundary (the north section).  

River Severn

River Severn

River Severn

Longest river of Great Britain is river Severn. It is about 220 miles long which makes 354 kilometers.

It rises from mid of Wales from Cambrian Mountains, and then it flows southwards forming a semicircular path to Bristol Channel then Atlantic Ocean. Its discharge at Bewdley is of 2170 cubic feet per second (61.5 cubic m/sec).

River Ohio

River Ohio

River Ohio

Considering the volume, river Ohio is largest tributary of river Mississippi. This river is a major artery of east central United States.

Ohio joins river Mississippi at Cairo after flowing a course about 981 miles long (1579 km). It marks boundary of many states; Illinois – Kentucky, Indiana – Kentucky, Ohio – Kentucky and Ohio West Virginia. 

River Congo

River Congo

River Congo

River Congo, also known as River Zaire, is in west – central Africa.

It is 2900 miles long (4700 km). Congo is , after Nile, Africa’s second largest river rises from Zambia’s highlands making a clockwise arc flows north-west, west and south west of Africa ends at Atlantic oceans in banana (Congo).

It drainage easily takes in entire republic of Congo, eastern Zambia, central African republic, north Angola and some parts of Tanzania and Cameroon.  

Top 10 Longest Rivers In The World

Top Tourist Destinations

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