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Famous Inventions Of The 20th Century

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The 20th century was proved to be the century of some important inventions. These inventions including different electronic gadgets, tools, automobiles, etc, impressed the world all over, at the time they were made.

But now they are an essential part of our lives and it is impossible to live without them. The following are the important inventions of the 20th century. They greatly revolutionized us, our lifestyles and the entire system of the world


The microprocessor was one of the most significant inventions of the 20th century. It changed the entire outlook of the modern world by linking central processing functions with the integrated circuits.

Modern Intel Microprocessor.

Modern Intel Microprocessor.

It lessened the functions of a CPU allowing relevant electronics to form a tiny integrated circuit making CPUs smaller yet more powerful.

The microprocessors have advanced significantly that is why it is used in almost every part of life. It made it possible for digital wrist watches to supercomputers.

This invention led to the formation of internet, which is considered the most extraordinary human achievements. That is why the invention of the microprocessor is considered to be revolutionary.

A plasma TV

A plasma TV

Effects Of Television On Humans

  • Effects Of Television
    While controversy continues to surround the way the content screen media affects our thoughts and behaviour, a growing body of empirical evidence is indicating that watching television causes physiological effects.
Airbus A380, the largest plane in the world.

Airbus A380, the largest plane in the world.

Inventor Of Aeroplanes

An IBM Personal Computer

An IBM Personal Computer


Another important revolutionary invention of 20th century was of television. It was invented by John Logie Baird in March 1925. The first television set was able to transmit images in movement of facts, making it visible on special screens.

The images showed movements by silhoettes of two grey tones, and that image was showed at distance with many different grey tones.

Television in later years was replaced by a modern and advanced electronic TV using a Cathode Rays Tube. Television in today’s time is a widely used medium of telecommunication for transmitting and receiving non static images.


An airplane is another significant invention of 20th century. This invention made it possible the dream of flying in sky in an object in all desired direction, using the energy of its engine.

The dream came true in December 1903, by the help of Wright brothers, Orville Wright and Wilbur Wright, though the plane flied for just 12 seconds powered by one internal combustion gasoline engine. The plane was made up of wood frames and cloth.

In 1909, the French L. Bleriot built another airplane with one engine. Soon enough the airplanes became powerful, safe and speedy crossing oceans in couple of hours carrying thousands of passengers, even tons of goods.

Personal Computers

Personal Computers are another revolutionary invention of 20th century. Through it, a wide variety of information is available by just a click in seconds. The programs were created manually with just some buttons and the results being represented from a series of red lights.

The first personal computer was made in 1981 with a screen, keyboard and a memory disk by IBM, using the MS-DOS which is a communication language. It can be a desktop computer or a laptop or a tablet PC or a handheld PC.

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In today’s time major professions, including scientific, industrial, chemical, agricultural, banking and other activities are done or controlled by a computer. It is also possible to produce and exchange information around the world through the internet, the world wide communication web.

Electron Microscope made by Ernst Ruska.

Electron Microscope made by Ernst Ruska.

Electron Microscope

In 1931 the first electron microscope was developed by German engineers Max Knoll and Ernst Ruska. But the idea was of a French physicist Louis de Broglie.The electron microscope is used to produce an image of the sample.

Its power resolves or magnify higher as compared to an ordinary light microscope. This microscope is one of the most essential apparatus in many modern laboratories.

It can be used to examine cells and microorganisms, any samples of medical biopsy, different large molecules, any crystalline or a metal structure, or any kind of inherent features.

It is widely used in industries for various applications for example failure analysis, quality assurance, and inspection of the manufacturing of the semiconductor devices.


Chinese Cell Phone Clones

  • China Mobile Phones
    Chinese mobiles took over the sub-continent market in the early 2007. The two major countries where these mobiles really made some strong sales were India and Pakistan .

Cell Phones

Radio telephone technology gave way to the invention of cell phones. In 1956, the first automatic mobile phone system, was designed by Ericsson.

It was heavy weighted but did not require any hand control. In 1977 the invention of cell phones made the communication much easier, quicker and more reliable.

Cell phones are continuously advanced with the changing technology. That is why they are modified every year. 

Inventions Of 21st Century

  • Famous Inventions Of 21st Century
    One of the biggest reasons for the advancement of human race has been its eagerness to know, to advance and to look for new things in every field of life.

Inventions Of The 1800s

  • Famous Inventions Of The 1800s
    Many important inventions took place in 19th century. And few of them revolutionized our lives. After so many years those inventions are still part of our lives. Few of them are as discussed below.


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