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Famous Inventions Of The 1800s

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Many important inventions took place in 19th century. And few of them revolutionized our lives. After so many years those inventions are still part of our lives. Few of them are as discussed below.


The Scottish Engineer named Henry Bill built a steam powered boat in the year 1812. The steam boat was called Comet. It was the first successful commercial steam boat built in Europe. Now looking back Comet was the very boat that caused the beginning of a revolution in the navigation industry.

Lawn Mower

The credit for inventing the first ever lawn mower in the year 1830 goes to an English engineer Edward Beard Budding.

A modern Lawn Mower.

A modern Lawn Mower.

His Lawn mower consisted of set of blades set in a cylinder on couple of wheels. When the lawn mower used to be pushed the cylinder used to rotate and the blades used to cut the grass.

Sewing Machine

Barthelemy Thimonnier invented the first sewing machine in the year 1830. Other tailors feared and got jealous of this invention and even tried to burn down his workshop.

Elias Howe an American inventor patented an improved sewing machine in the year 1846. Howe’s machine was a revolutionary one. 

Singer sewing machine.

Singer sewing machine.


Historic Industrial Revolutions

  • Industrial Revolutions
    During the 18th century dramatic changes took place in history. People started to shift from an agrarian culture to a more sophisticated machine culture. Instead of goods being produced by hand they were now mass-produced on machines.

Rubber Band

The first ever Rubber Band was invented in the year 1845 by Stephen Perry of the company Messers Perry and Co.

It was a rubber manufacturing company in London, England.

The rubber band was constructed from vulcanized rubber.

Perry then invented the rubber band to serve the purpose of holding papers and envelopes together.

Today modern rubber technology has allowed production of rubbers from low quality to bands with extremely high strengths.


Safety Pin

Walter Hunt invented the safety pin in 1849.

Hunt made the safety pin by twisting a certain length of wire.

The reason why he invented this safety pin was to pay the debt of $15. He finally sold the rights to his patent for $400.  

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Dish Washer

Joel Houghton invented the first ever dish washer in 1850. His machine was basically a wheel which could be turned by hand and on turning it used to splash water on dishes, though it was a good concept but this machine was not much effective at that time.

The first automatic dish washer was invented by Mrs. Josephine Garis, in the year 1889. Her machine consisted of the wooden tub and the wired basket in it.

The dishes were placed in the basket and the dishes were rotated by rollers. There was a handle attached to the tub, when the handle was turned hot and soapy water was sprayed on to the dishes.



Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in the year 1876. Bell also played a part in improving Thomas Edison’s phonograph.

Light Bulb

The first electric light in the history was made in the year 1800 by Humphry Davy, an English scientist. He also invented an electric battery while experimenting with electricity.

When he connected carbon with the wires of his battery, the carbon glowed hence producing light.

The first electric bulb was invented by Thomas Alva Edison in the year 1879.The electric bulb revolutionized the world. 

Famous Scientists Of The 20th Century

  • Famous Scientists
    The only word that simply defines the 20th century is revolution. The change brought to the world during the 100 years of this century was so huge, that by the time it ended the whole face of the earth was changed.

Fountain Pen

Before the fountain pen was invented pen tips had to be dipped in ink each time after writing few words.

Waterman invented the fountain pen in the year 1884 and revolutionized the writing forever.

His invention consisted of a reservoir to hold the ink, just below the metal nib. This reservoir was able to hold enough ink to write few pages of writing.


Game of Basket Ball

The popular game of basket ball was invented in the year 1891 by a Canadian physical education instructor named James Naismith. His aim was to invent an indoor game that could be played by students during winters.

The original game that was invented by him contained soccer balls which had to be thrown in the peach baskets with their bottoms closed.

The first time Basket ball was ever played in Olympics was in the year 1936 in Berlin Germany. Naismith was also inducted into the Basketball hall of fame in the year 1978.

Famous Female Scientists Of All Times

  • Famous Female Scientists
    Science has really changed the shape of this Earth. But science couldn't prosper without the contributions of researchers and scientists.



We all know that Escalator is basically moving stairs. It helps people in easily going from one floor to another floor.

But do you know who invented it? It was invented in the year 1891 by Jesse W. Reno an American inventor.

It is interesting to know that the original escalator had a stationary handrail, which was later on replaced by moving handrail.

Famous Black Scientists And Inventors

  • Famous Black Scientists
    For prosper a country, there is a need to advance in technology, warfare, education and the field of medicine; all this is only possible by discoveries made and experiments led by scientists.

Other Famous Inventors


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