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Famous Deserts Of The World

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A desert is a type of region or terrain on, Earth's surface which receives very less rainfall compared to other regions. Deserts are extremely dry regions with very little water around. In such extreme climates there is very little plant and animal life.

Deserts are also classified as a type of ecosystem having its own plant and animal habitat. Deserts are one of the largest ecosystems of the world. Due to harsh climate in deserts, only some of the most unusual plants and animals can survive in such regions which are unique their respective desert areas.

Each continent has its own vast desert region covering a large area of the continent it is in. However each of these deserts have their own geology and climatic conditions unique from other.

People having fun with the Arabian Desert Safari.

People having fun with the Arabian Desert Safari.

Arabian Desert

The name ‘Arabian Desert’ refers to a great desert region that covers almost all of the Arabian Peninsula.

This desert is of subtropical type. It is stretched on the area of 2,300,000 square kilometers. The people living in this region are commonly Arabs with Arabic as their primary language.

On east it touches border of Oman, on northeast Persian Gulf, on north Syria, on southeast Arabian Sea, on south Gulf of Aden, on northwest Jordan and red sea comes on west. Most of the part of this desert lies in kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

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The Saharan Desert

The Saharan Desert

Sahara Desert

Sahara is considered as the world’s largest desert. This desert belongs to the subtropical type of deserts and lies in northern Africa. Sahara measures about 800-1200 miles from south to north and about 3000 miles from west to east.

On north end of the desert lies the Atlas Mountains and Mediterranean Sea, on east end Red Sea, on south end a zone of ancient immobile sand dunes and on west it is the Atlantic ocean.

The area of this desert is about 3,500,000 square miles. This desert is as big as whole continent of Europe or United States and covers almost all of northern Africa. 

The Great Basin Desert

The Great Basin Desert

Great Basin Desert

Great basin is cold winter type desert of North America. This desert is spread over the area of 190,000 square miles.

It is bordered by Colombian plateau on the north, Sierra Nevada range on west, the Mojave Desert on south and Wasatch Mountains on east. This is the largest subdivision of basin and range province and it consists of the northern half of the province.

The desert in most noted for the drainage system. It has an internal drainage system; its precipitation is closed in the region and does not allow it to merge in sea. The Great Salt Lake also lies in this desert.

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The Gobi Desert

The Gobi Desert

Gobi Desert

Desert covers northern and northwestern part of China and western part of Mongolia. This region is fully deserted at many places while on other parts, it is semi deserted.

Gobi desert has a notable part in history as it was a part of the Mongolian Empire. It also has many important cities along with Silk Road. The Himalayas stops clouds above Gobi which cause rainfall, that’s why it is known as rain shadow desert.

Its area forms an arc of about 500,002 square miles and is largest in Asia and third largest, after Sahara and Arabian Desert, in all deserts of the world. Gobi is not all sandy region; it includes bare mountains as well.

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The Karakum Desert

The Karakum Desert

Karakum Desert

Karakum desert is also known as Garagum in Turkmen and Karakumy in Russian.

This desert is in central Asia and covers about 70% area of Turkmenistan. As far as population is concern, this area has a population rate of one person per 2.5 square miles.

Rainfall in this region is as low as once in decade. It has Caspian sea, on its east side and on west there is an ancient valley of Uzboy river.

In south, it runs along the Kopet-Deg Mountain and in north side of the desert it is Amu Darya. Dryness of desert made the climate of whole region dry and hot. This is a cold winter type desert.

The Thar Desert

The Thar Desert

Thar Desert

Great Indian Desert or Thar Desert is on the border of India and Pakistan. In Pakistan, it covers the area of Sindh and Lower Punjab where it adjoins the Cholistan Desert.

In India, this desert covers the state of Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab and Gujarat. It has an area of 77000 squares of miles and stands on ninth rank in all world deserts.

This desert is a result of dryness cause by prevailing monsoon winds and insufficient amount of rain to keep the land moist.

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The Kalahari Desert

The Kalahari Desert

Kalahari Desert

Kalahari Desert covers parts of Namibia, South Africa and a big part of Botswana. Kalahari is undulating plain surface which is almost featureless.

This desert is about 3000 feet above the sea level. Geographically speaking the area has some portions of desert and plateau, lies in south of Africa.

The desert has an area of approximately 970,000 square miles spread over Botswana; Namibia which also touches some parts of Angola, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Inhabitants of Kalahari deserts are mostly hunter-gatherer called Bushmen. Bushmen have lived in the Kalahari for more than 20000 years.


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