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Factors that Contribute in the Enhancement of the Reading Skills

Enhancement of reading skills is not an easy task for every teacher. It requires time and effort in order to help the individuals to improve their reading skills. Below are some of the factors that are contributory in the enhancement of the reading skills.

1. Availability of Reading Materials

Reading materials are always consider as one of the contributory materials that help the learners to progress in reading. Aside from that, these also serve as references of the learners in studying their lessons in various learning areas. These are the reasons why DepEd always procure books and other supplemental materials to help the learners in enhancing their skills. Furthermore, as practice of the school, before classes start for the school year, the teachers are releasing these books and other supplementary materials to the learners. They are instructed to take care of the books to prolong their lifespan and in order to have something to use by the next generations of learners.

Teachers are advised to have a reading corner in their classrooms. In that particular corner of the room, the learners can see various reading materials. There is also a reading log sheets wherein they supply the reading materials they read. Teachers also allot reading time for the learners. This usually happens before and after classes. Furthermore, they are also adopting Project Drop Everything and Read (DEAR) wherein the learners are given at least 30-minutes to read their favorite reading materials. This usually lasts for 30-minutes in a week.

There are families who have mini-library at home wherein the members of the family gather together to read any reading material. They put their mini-library at home to train their children the value of reading and the importance of conducting research. But with the advent of the technology wherein everything can be accessed in just a blink of an eye, the mini-libraries at home are replaced by desktops, laptops, and other digital gadgets with internet connectivity. The development that takes place makes the reading materials available wherever an individual is.

2. Reading Guides and Instructions

When an individual enters the school for the first time, teachers usually assess the reading capabilities to determine where to start. Those learners who start acquiring the reading skills are usually given with reading guides and instructions. Teachers are very patient in preparing the reading guides and instructions to every learner so that when they arrive home, they can still practice what they read in the school. Usually, parents provide guidance and assistance to their children. They collaborate with the teachers of their children to become updated with the new lessons and how to deliver it.

The school also provides reading guides and instructions. These are usually delivered during the parents’ assembly wherein the school policy on reading is explained to the parents. The school reading policy serves as the guides of the parents regarding the expected reading improvements and achievements of the learners. The no read, no move policy is strengthened out in order to assure that the learners attain quality education as they go up to the ladder of education. It is already the practice of every school to conduct remedial reading activities to help the learners who have difficulties in reading, and more importantly to improve the reading levels of those who are identified as non-readers after the administration of pre-test in reading test.

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The reading booklets and pamphlets prepared by the teachers bear reading guides and instructions. These are given in simple words to be easily understood by the parents or the younger siblings. Usually, these serve as supplementary materials for the learners that is made for the purpose of enhancing the reading skills of the learners. In order to make it functional, the material needs to have a reading facilitator who provides guidance and assistance to the learners who are using these. It is very important that every resource material must bear guides and instructions to have bases on how to use it with the different types of learners.

3. Content of the Reading Materials

Teachers are very selective with regards to the content of the reading materials. In doing so, they are the one who read first the reading materials. Usually, they consider the length or the number of words in a passage to determine the appropriate grade level that fits it. Aside from that, the levels of the words used in the selection is also considered. It is very important to look into the content of the reading materials to select the proper and appropriate selection for the learners.

It is already a practice of the teachers to create their own passages that are used in teaching reading to the learners. The interest, present situation, and experiences of the learners are incorporated in the selection in order for them to easily grasped the content of the reading material. It is very important that the material must be suited to the grade level of the learners in order for them to be motivated to read the entire selection. It is also really important to integrate the prior knowledge of the learners in crafting a self-made reading material.

A good reading material bears a selection with correct grammar usage. Teachers are given warning in the preparation of their self-made reading materials. They need to submit their finished materials to the School Quality Assurance Team (SQAT) to check the content especially the grammar. Based from the issued modules to the learners for the past weeks, it has been noted that there are many grammatical errors that made the parents reacted on their social media posts. Teachers are expected to be expert in all fields that is why they are seen as perfect individual when it comes to the preparation of the learning modules to the learners. With limited time in the preparation of the material, some understand the situation of the teachers while others continue bashing the teacher-writers online. Thus, it is really important to proofread the contents of the reading materials. The school must identify the best teachers who has the quality of a good editor when it comes to the content and language used in the reading materials. On the other way around, if only the schools have the capacity to hire the services of those who are certified book editors, there is a big possibility that everything is correct and in their proper order.

4. Availability of Reading Facilitator

Helping the children to become good readers become useless if there is no one who will serve as a reading facilitator. Reading facilitator refers to anyone who has the ability and capacity to teach reading. In the school setting, the reading facilitator is usually the reading teachers. One of the tasks of the teachers is to help the learners to improve their reading levels. This can only be done if they act as reading facilitators to their learners. As a reading facilitator, it is very important to identify first the reading levels of the learners. This serves as the basis of the teacher to identify the particular reading skills of the learners that need to be developed. In doing so, they are preparing various reading programs and innovations that directly attack the difficulties of the learners. Aside from the teachers, higher grade level learners can also serve as reading facilitators to the young ones. Even their classmates or peers who are classified as independent or best readers can also be considered as reading facilitators.

At home, most parents serve as reading facilitators to their children. The role of the parents as reading facilitators usually start when they share bedtime stories with their children. This is one of the best steps that really helps the children to develop their interest in reading. So, as they grow-up, their curiosity will direct them to read the content of the storybook that has been shared by their parents. Aside from the parents, older siblings can also be considered as reading facilitators. These members of the family need to devote some of their time in the performance of their additional role as a reading facilitator most especially in this time of COVID-19 pandemic.

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