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Face Masks Are Back in Some American Schools, Corona Figures Stable in the Netherlands

Face masks are back in some American schools, corona figures stable in the Netherlands


The contamination figures do not say much more, but sewage water measurements, for example, show that the number of corona cases in the Netherlands is stably lo

Corona numbers are rising again in the US, face masks are again mandatory in some schools

Corona has not gone away in the Netherlands yet, but there is no sign of a new peak for the time being. The GGD tests, about 1,600 a day, half of which are positive, say little anymore now that the advice to test in case of complaints has been withdrawn. Other indicators such as sewage water measurements and hospital figures provide more information.

This shows that the corona situation in the Netherlands has been fairly stable since the end of April. In hospitals, the number of patients with Covid-19 is steadily decreasing. Last week, an average of 29 covid patients were in the IC every day. The number of virus particles in the sewage is now at the lowest level since October 2021, but is a lot higher than just after the summer holidays. There seem to be no real fires at the moment, but in the municipalities of Edam-Volendam and Waterland, somewhat more virus particles are found in the sewer than in the rest of the Netherlands.

South Africa past another peak

In South Africa, the omikron variant BA.5 is on the decline. The number of reported infections has been falling since mid-May and has never come close to the omikrone peak in December. In recent weeks, the virus has been especially prevalent among people over eighty, and to a slightly lesser extent among 0 to 60-year-olds, according to South African scientists. The number of reports is only increasing in the Northern Cape province. The variant has also appeared in the Netherlands: in Amsterdam in just under 10 percent of the cases. This is apparent from samples from Argos Consortium.

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Corona numbers are rising again in the US, face masks are again mandatory in some schools

After an outbreak in the northeast of the US, the number of reported corona infections is also increasing in the west. In Hawaii, Delaware and Rhode Island, among others, several universities and schools have imposed a mouth cap again. Infection rates in these states are about double the national average. Face masks are also mandatory again at all public schools in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Every day 100,000 Americans test positive, four times as many as two months ago. The hospital figures are also rising, but for the time being they remain well below the level of last winter. There are now almost three times as many corona patients in American hospitals than in the Netherlands. In New Jersey, New York and Rhode Island, the first hot spots of this wave, the outbreak seems to be leveling off.

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