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"F" Is For Fox-Letter "F" Activities For Kids

We're working our way through the alphabet to learn to recognize and identify letters. You can't teach a child to read until they know their letters and the phonetic sound each one makes! After tracing a large letter "F" with our fingers, we converted it into a fox for our alphabet book--a work in progress. What is an alphabet book? We are transforming every letter of the alphabet into something that starts with that letter. Once we have collected letter crafts from A through Z, we will bind these pages together for a sweet keepsake. The trick is consistency! You have to mount the letters on the same size paper each time, and you want to make sure your letter's picture parts don't extend beyond the paper for a uniform fit at the end.

You can find the fox template for the letter "F" here.


If you shopped at Target during the Christmas season, you may have stumbled upon a stuffed fox that sang the annoying song, What Does the Fox Say? While this song may be annoying to adults, it does get stuck in one's head, and young children find it quite amusing. After all, it addresses the sounds various animals make, and your little one can identify with that! Take a quick brain break and watch or dance to the silly video.

To engage your child in learning new letters and numbers, take his or her favorite toys and use them to form the letter and number you are studying. We have massive heap of Hot Wheels, so that's what we used to make the letter "F" and this week's number--6.

You can use anything! Tea set plates, palace pets, Legos, dominoes, stuffed toys, cards--whatever grabs your little tike's interest.

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Since a car and truck lover is in our midst, we also used a truck template to practice numbers one through six. Simply place one of the numbered squares included in the freebie onto the side of the truck, and then ask your little one to fill the truck with that number of items. You can use cars, Legos, pom poms, craft sticks, alphabet blocks, or any other small item you keep on hand.


Our book of the week is Fast, Far, and Free. It's a book about friends. That's a lot of "Fs!" You could easily build a science unit just around this book, exploring ladybugs, dragonflies, bees, and fish--the main characters in this story. Crafts abound for this topic too! This book features thought-provoking questions for reading comprehension and fun facts about bugs, plus, it teaches how all of us are special in our own way.

Our final "F" book for the week was the classic, My Five Senses. We practiced using our senses in a fun way that delighted our learners! The kiddos closed their eyes and sniffed different spices, candles, and fruits to figure out what they were with their sense of smell. With eyes still tightly squeezed, I closed the refrigerator door, pushed buttons on the microwave, shut the trash can lid, and rang the doorbell. They used their sense of hearing to ascertain the source of the sounds. I placed objects in their hands, which they had to identify only with their sense of touch--a spoon, a napkin, a ball, and a cup. Using their sense of taste, they decided the food I spooned to them was orange juice, strawberries, Teddy Grahams, and cheese. Lastly, they realized they know objects are what they are--scissors, paper, crayons--because they use their sense of sight to label the world around them.

We delved further into the meaning of texture by gluing items onto a paper hand's five fingers and classifying these items as soft, smooth, rough, hard, and bumpy.

Your Five Senses

Dr. Seuss's Fox in Socks

This Dr. Seuss classic is a perfect "F" book for your study as well. Free lesson plans abound that cover such topics as matching, tongue twisters, alliteration, patterning, sock competition games, and crafting. As Dr. Seuss once so aptly stated, The more you read, the more you'll know. The more you know, the more places you'll go! Push literacy with your kids every chance you get!

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