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Exploring The Star of Bethlehem

Katerina Kostaki is a Greek spiritual and visionary Author,Poet, Mentor,Broadcaster, Youtuber.Owner of the ACADEMY OF INNER LIGHT (NETWORK).


Seeking for Light

It is not uncommon for the Earth History that astronomical phenomenon were associated with certain territories.

Along this occurrence of mysterious implications, miracles were placed on these areas of great interest.

Taking into consideration the birth of Jesus, it was a miracle itself.

His birth was only announced to a few modest Sheppards by a Divine Army and to his nation by three Magi from East.


Theories on the Star sign

The depictions of the Star are limited within the Religious, Scientific, Cosmic and Skepticism areas of intelligence and research.

1.Many Christians believed that the Star was the sign of a child's birth.The child was Jesus Christ, born in a cave in Bethlehem

2.The Theologians interpret the Star as a sign for the fulfillment of the Star Prophecy.

3.The Astronomers stated that the Star was an astronomical event connected to the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, or a comet or supernova.

4.Many skeptics tend to believe that the whole subject is a fictional story intertwined by the Gospel of Matthew.



A mythical story

This multi-dimensional phenomenon was constituted by Joseph, Mary and the new-born Jesus as well as a triangle of Magi - Μάγοι (Greek word), three magicians from Persia and an egoist King.
However many more human and non-human entities appeared to have a certain role in the story.

The Star Prophecy

The Star of Bethlehem is represented particularly on the Book of Numbers in the Star Prophecy.

I see Him, but not now;

I behold Him, but not near;
A Star shall come out of Jacob;
A Scepter shall rise out of Israel,
And batter the brow of Moab,
And destroy all the sons of tumult.

The whole representation refers to the Coming of Messiah .

The Skepticism Corner

On the Gospel of Matthew ,the Star of Bethlehem is mentioned only four times without given Time nor Season of its presence.
The interpretations given are the following...

1.The first conclusion given is that this star was an uncommon phenomenon to capture the Magi's interest.

2.The star was a long lasting phenomenon.It took time for the Magi to journey the long distance from their origin to Bethlehem.

3.The star was merely indistinguishable to the crowd, but totally visible to the Magi.

4.The Star's definition might had been altered on the Magi's age.

5.The position of the star was altered too.The Magi were travelling to West instead of East to reach Bethlehem.


About Novas, Meteors and Comets

The theory of supernova appeared in the German astronomer's Johanes Kepler statements on 1614.

Kepler thinking in a non astronomical norm depicted that three conjunction of planets occurred in year 7 BC.

He also stated that a planetary conjunction created a supernova connected to the Star of Bethlehem.

On the 20th century, Professor Karlis Kaufmanis stated that there was a triple conjunction between Jupiter, Saturn and the Constellation of Pisces.

On the other side, many authors present this phenomenon as a comet relaying on the Chinese and Korean scripts that indicate the Harley Comet being visible on the sky on the 12 BC.

However it is generally accepted that comets were defined as bad omens for ancient writers .

A final interpretation is related to a supernova occurred on the Andromeda Galaxy.

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