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Exploring Research Paradigm of an Educational Study Conducted

The research paradigm is one of the most significant figures in the research work. Typically, this acts as a reference that allows researchers take the right steps towards the completion of a research work. The paradigm follows a flowchart to ensure a smooth and well-organized set of the data required for the study review.

The flowchart consists of the various research variables. It indicates the relationship between the variables. This continues with the preferred action to be taken and the estimated outcome of the study. By simply looking at this research paradigm, one can easily grasp the flow of the entire analysis, the paths it takes, the steps to be taken, and the performance it hopes to have.

The word research means moving around or wondering. The underlying metaphor here is that research is cognitive or intellectual wandering about, discovery, and not a straight-forward change to a mysterious goal. Research is an evaluation and review of a specific subject, circumstance, condition or experiment. This is an effort to discover new facts with accurate descriptions, revised theories, hypotheses or laws. This paves the way for the discovery of things that have been proven on the basis of a variety of research studies carried out.

The word paradigm means a pattern. The paradigm describes the philosophic structure embraced by researchers and provides them with in-depth guidance on the conduct of a study. This often applies to the perception, understanding and conviction under which theories and practices work. This is a network of coherent ideas on the essence of the universe and the role of the researchers. It is adhered to by researchers, criteria of their reasoning and underpins their research activities.

Philosophical assumptions such as ontology , epistemology and axiology are known as worldviews in the research context. Ontology is the very essence of the reality of society. Epistemology is a way of thinking, and axiology is a theory of ethics and belief. It leads the researcher to ask questions and to use appropriate techniques in a formal investigation known as a method or a detailed process of going through a specific topic. It is necessary to know the process of research to link one claim to the other. It also needs a process that is consistent with the flow of a research sample.

Ontology and epistemology provide a comprehensive view of how truth, knowledge and facts are perceived. It is important to connect to build a connection between methodological techniques and approaches for discovering or rediscovering relevant facts, knowledge and information. Sensitivity and awareness of conceptual assumptions improve the quality of research work and the creativity of the researchers. In addition, it is required to narrate these events in their writings and needed to elaborate on every step they had taken in collecting the necessary data from the research report.

Curiosity is leading the way in finding answers to their research questions. It is important to use an informal way of gathering the data of the study. In the method, it is important to cover what has happened to the respondents; there is a need to prove the process that they have gone through to their readers. Everyone knows that each research output should have characteristics that give significance and importance to the research study. As a result, the research paradigm provides a block of concrete and reliable directions to be followed during the research process. The steps are explicitly specified to ensure that every detail is taken during the process.

It is appropriate to have a guide to the conduct of a research study. This guide must be followed religiously in order to ensure that the various acts carried out in the course of a research study are carried out smoothly. This serves as a conceptual framework for a research analysis. It is a way to track the various steps that have been taken and the next step to take. It paves the direction that leads to the realization of the research work. The model summarizes the actions of the researcher towards the completion of the study.

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Every researcher must be able to understand and interpret the research paradigm. It offers useful advice to take the right path in the conduct of a research study. Significantly, a research paradigm describes the process and the steps to be taken in the research study. This also offers guidance towards the final production of the research report. It is very important to have these knowledge and information regarding research paradigm.

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