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Amazing Facts About Parallel Universe And Deja Vu That You Never Knew

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Ever felt like it has happened before? Even when you are in a completely new place or situation. That feeling of familiarity is known as “Déjà vu”. It is a French word meaning “already seen”. It's like when you’re certain that it has happened before but you can't remember when and how it seems so familiar. Déjà vu occurs an occasional basis in about 60-80% of people all around the world.


Scientists say the more distracted your mind is the more you experience Déjà vu. Despite of the fact that it has been very common around the globe, Déjà vu is still not very well explained by the science. However, many scientific researches have shown it to be a memory-based experience. Assumptions are made regarding Déjà vu that the memory centres, present in the brain might be responsible for it.

People with temporal lobe epilepsy experience Déjà vu on a greater scale as due to epilepsy the brain cells send uncontrollable electrical signals that also disturb the brain cells around them. The people going through seizures lose their control over their thoughts. The seizures start from the temporal lobes and this part is responsible for memories and detection of similarity.


The preservation of long-term memories are caused by the medial temporal lobes. There are few regions of this memory system that are responsible for the detection of familiarity, which occurs through rhinal cortex function.

It can also happen that sometimes you have experienced a memory in real but your mind has forgotten it and confuses it with Déjà vu.



Maybe you have a dominant eye which contributes a lot to the Déjà vu experience. Your stronger eye can send the information to your subconscious before both eyes can actually focus on a particular situation, then your brain goes like “It happened before”.



The psychic ability to see a future event or have a future vision is termed as precognition. Sometimes people have seen their Déjà vu memory in a dream that they forgot. Or sometimes you might have heard that some people see in their dreams what is going to happen. Precognitive dreams are dreams that come true in reality. It gives the sensation and feeling of familiarity such as Déjà vu.



Sleep deprivation causes more Déjà vu. When you experience more Déjà vu than usual, maybe your brain telling you to close your eyes and sleep.


Do you believe in Past lives? Psychiatrist also say Déjà vu might be a memory that you have experienced in your past life. Those past life memories have been stored in your subconscious mind and now get active at some points.

Or it could be the memory that your ancestors have experienced and they have been passed on from generations and have been inherited to you from them. These are locked in our DNA but sometimes they could become unlocked and we experience them as Déjà vu.


According to the Glitch theory Déjà vu is nothing but a temporary break from the reality i.e time, which is just an illusion.


Some Scientists believe in the concept of “Parallel universe”, they say Déjà vu we experience might be a parallel version of us doing the same thing in the parallel universe at the same time.

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Déjà vu experiences have been recorded the most in young people. It is a sign of a healthy mind which is sharp enough to spot whether the familiarity signals are incorrect. Researches have shown that people over the age of 25 become unable to spot whether the familiarity signal is incorrect or not so they start believing it and do not consider it as their Déjà vu experience. It is difficult to study Déjà vu because there is no way to purposely cause Déjà vu in a laboratory and do researches on it. It only lasts for a second or two, making it's research even harder.


Déjà vu is a curious and strange experience where a particular situation or moment feels so familiar that your brain goes like “I have been here before!”. This shows us that recollection of memory happens in a series of steps and it might go wrong sometimes. Young people experience Déjà vu more than adults which shows that the young mind is strong and sharp enough to be able to recognize that difference between correct and incorrect memory. Déjà vu is quite an interesting phenomenon for scientists to investigate, however, the mystery behind Déjà vu has not been uncovered yet.


Lakshmi from Chennai on August 06, 2020:

Hi rida,very interesting to read.i've also experienced that feel on some incidence,but it's quite interesting to heat about the parallel universe.

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on July 25, 2020:

This is very interesting. Thank you for sharing. You have a lot of interesting articles I need to read. Thank you for the follow.

Sarmad on February 17, 2020:

No it was like a complete sequence of small events. And then those events played out exactly like in my dream

Rida Fatima (author) from Pakistan on February 17, 2020:

Thank you sarmad for reading my hub.

Was it like Deja vu? A one second memory?

Sarmad on February 17, 2020:

I'm with precognition. I've had moments where I saw something in a dream and then it happened exactly the way i remembered it would

Rida Fatima (author) from Pakistan on February 17, 2020:

Thank you Barry for reading my hub :)

Barry Allen on February 17, 2020:

I can relate to every word.

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