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Etruscan Art

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The Etruscans, who came originally from Asia Minor, were warriors who dominated the peoples of Italy from about the 8th to the 2nd century BC.

Their society was probably lively, even violent, and their art was crude and vigorous. They lived well in luxurious, decorated houses, in towns which were planned along lines later to be followed by the Romans.

Etruscan sculptors used mainly clay and bronze, modeled rather than carved, as suited their quick, impetuous natures.

The Etruscan temple seems to have been based on the Greek, but with some notable differences. Its inner space was important, whereas the Greek temple was meant to be seen as a mass, from the outside.

In their later history, the Etruscans began to use the masonry arch. Their gates and aqueducts made on the arch principle were later to become an important influence on the Romans - who developed from the Italic peoples after they had eventually conquered the Etruscans.

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