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Enter the Mind Benders: Let Us Analyze Psychology & Psychiatry

James A. Watkins is an entrepreneur, musician, and a writer with four non-fiction books and hundreds of magazine articles read by millions.

Nothing is Anybody's Fault

Psychology is the only profession that creates the diseases it claims to cure. Before Sigmund Freud came along, no intelligent adult would pronounce that his own actions were not his fault. Psychology created a new man who is blameless for his failures and not responsible for them because they came from his childhood when he was innocent.

Since psychology originated in Christian society, there is no question but that Christianity is its target, what it seeks to displace. A sinner is told to "Repent!" by Jesus, but the psychologist says there is nothing to repent for, only things for which you need therapy at $250 an hour.



There is No Such Thing as Crime

After World War Two, it became unfashionable to think that heredity had anything to do with how one turned out. Instead, it must be social forces, especially bad family environments. It became accepted that it was only bad childhoods that made for delinquents and criminals. And so the Social Worker Revolution came.

Christian volunteers had done social work for centuries. But the new paradigm was that Freudian psychology would work better—social work would carry on best without Jesus. Soon, this idea was applied to juvenile and adult offenders. It was observed that criminals have other conduct disorders as well as committing crimes, perhaps mental or nervous abnormalities.

The mind doctors generally concluded that rather than beset by spiritual problems, felons are victims of psychic trauma in their past, that they might not even remember. The remedy was to establish a system of psychiatric clinics alongside all courts and prisons and allow mental experts to guide judges and prison officials to treat those who misbehave.

Some experts said prisons should be eliminated and replaced by mental health rehabilitation centers since criminals were not genuinely blameworthy for their foul deeds. Even the famous atheist lawyer Clarence Darrow argued in court: "There is no such thing as crime. Therefore there is no such thing as a moral responsibility."

Later, the thought that came into vogue among behavioralists was that mothers cause virtually every human problem. Your mother "first stirs up bitterness and revenge wishes in the child, " and "the hate that burns in the child's heart." So the mothers of the world were the cause of war, crime, mental illness, marital difficulties, sexual problems, alcoholism, psychosis, and neuroses.

Well, back to the criminals. It turns out that boys who have had therapy, and boys who haven’t, grow up to commit about the same number of crimes. Criminals who had undergone therapy in prison committed more crimes after they got out than those who hadn’t. The longer the treatment, the more crimes they perpetrated, and the crimes were more injurious.

So, you mean to tell me that teaching juvenile delinquents and felons that their villainy is not their fault; that they are not responsible to man or God for their behavior; that they are victims themselves, did not make them go on the straight and narrow? Still, any cockamamie idea is worth a try, except for reading the Bible and going to church.

Research shows that boys who receive therapy have more problems as adults than those who do not, such as alcoholism, mental problems, disease, and commission of serious crimes. Dr. Tana Dineen, who practiced psychology for 30 years, says in her book Manufacturing Victims that scientific studies show therapy to be ineffective, unnecessary, and often harmful.

Listen to psychologist Roger Mills: “I have personally seen therapists convince their clients that all of their problems come from their mothers, the stars, their biochemical makeup, their diet, their lifestyle, and even the ‘karma’ from their past lives.”

Too Much Self-Esteem

Too Much Self-Esteem

Too Much Self-Esteem

Now according to medical authorities, it is true that our children are exhibiting all-time high levels of anti-social behavior, as well as drug and alcohol abuse and suicidal tendencies. Maybe it is because, for a generation, they have been saturated with 'self-esteem' psychological engineering.

Studies show that psychopaths, sociopaths, narcissists, bullies, murderers, thieves, and the habitually hostile, always alienated, mean, and self-destructive persons, all have very high self-esteem. In the end, people with the highest esteem in the world are the most attractive females.

Paul the Apostle warns against thinking too highly of yourself—of esteeming ourselves too highly. Obsessing about your ‘self’ was promoted by Erich Fromm, who said, "Belief in God is a childish illusion." Fromm believed "the lack of self-esteem is central to the personal and social ills plaguing our nation."

A study by Yochelson and Samenow of the most vicious criminals found that not one of them had low self-esteem. Science says the higher the self-esteem, the "more likely to commit crimes" and "the more likely one will be immoral, violent, and a sociopath."

Forty percent of American women are depressed, according to a government spokeswoman. Every person in America is damaged emotionally, some say. Various studies conclude that adolescent boys are deprived emotionally and live lives of quiet desperation. They are engulfed by isolation and loneliness. Girls crash and burn under great suffering. Men are in agony, and enraged, having lost their sense of self. Seventy-seven percent of all adults suffer from emotional disorders; the whole country is “officially nuts,” said the Wall Street Journal.

Now, a reasonable person might notice that ever since psychology burst on the scene in America in the 1960s, we have seen a tenfold increase in sin—which, after all, isn't your fault. But it is precisely sin that separates us from God and requires repentance to reconcile with God, not therapy.

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Our society groans under the weight of ten times as much crime, violence, and immorality as we had fifty years ago. After all, what is attractive about psychology is that it absolves us individually of guilt. It provides an an excuse for our wrongdoings. We are nothing more than the product of our genes or social environment: We are all victims!

The Mind Benders

The Mind Benders

No Mind, No Mental Illness

Due to the determination to have psychology and psychiatry established as ‘sciences,’ for reasons of prestige, most in those fields, since their founding, have claimed that our thoughts, emotions, behavior, and personality are all purely physical phenomena.

These specialists made grand promises to make society and the world better and safer because they would solve our age-old problems. Finally, in 1979 the American Psychological Association admitted that what it represents is not and cannot be a ‘science.’

And notice the irony of a field that denies anything exists such as a ‘mind’ and yet calls the problems it says it will cure ‘mental illness.’ Shouldn’t it be ‘brain illness’ if we have no minds outside our brains?

The Father of American Psychology, William James, believed that each of us has a soul that exists in a spiritual universe, apart from our bodies in this physical world. In essence, the spiritual self is who we are, a more concrete, permanent, intimate person than whom we appear to be to others. Your spiritual self includes your personality, core values, and conscience.

But James was not a Christian. He believed in Pantheism—that God is not separate from the Universe, but God is, in effect, the Universe. Therefore he fell into the error of thinking “higher powers exist that are at work to save the world," when the only 'higher powers' he was in contact with were through the Occult. They are out to destroy the world and everything and everyone in it.

Is the Brain a Puzzle?

Is the Brain a Puzzle?

A Therapized Nation

The mental health industry is booming. Mostly because it creates its customers by selling the public on the doctrine of 'therapism.' Anguished Americans must have an army of therapists, self-esteem gurus, grief counselors, sensitivity trainers, and trauma experts to make it through life. As Abraham Maslow said, "Psychologists will save the world, or it won't be saved at all."

Maslow wanted psychology to replace Christianity. Human beings would be peaceful, happy, and fulfilled as soon as people were accepted and esteemed—just as they are—by others and themselves. He did not believe evil existed, but "a sick culture makes sick people."

Although he is revered in the mental health community, his own studies proved his theories to be completely wrong. His idea that unhappiness was caused by “not being yourself” or “not finding yourself” is false. Sin causes human unhappiness, as does making poor decisions, and not practicing delayed gratification.

One of Maslow’s disciples was Abbie Hoffman, a famous Sixties revolutionary, hater of America, despiser of free enterprise, clown, psychopath, drug abuser, and drug dealer. But he did not find solace, his life ending in suicide.

These ideas are so ingrained in our fellow Americans by the government indoctrination centers (public schools) that a study of values in 2000 by political science professor Alan Wolfe found that many people refuse to express moral judgments about evenoutrageous crimes. Instead, they will say, “Everybody makes mistakes.” Even serial killer, cannibal, and homosexual rapist Jeffrey Dahmer’s deeds elicited sympathy: “I felt sorry for him,” said some respondents. We have lost our will to criticize vicious, heinous behavior.

God has told us that we choose our actions, and the choices we make shape our destinies. Therefore, we are right to praise people who do the right thing and blame people who do the wrong thing, especially habitually.

The whole mental health field is not comfortable with personal responsibility, believing the things we do are outside of our control due to genetic predispositions and the environment in which we grew up. That is the crux of the case for nonjudgmentalism. The comic strip Non Sequitur shows a mental health facility: “1st Floor: Mother’s Fault. 2nd Floor: Father’s Fault. 3rd Floor: Society’s Fault.” Nonjudgmentalism is not the essence of kindness; it is the essence of madness.



Carl Jung and His Handlers

The great Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung was intensely into the Occult. He wrote of visitations he had from demons that menaced and frightened him horribly, while also teaching him what became his theories.

Jung wrote about this in his Red Book, but his family withheld that work from publication until forty years after his death. Jung said, about what he learned from these demons, “Everything else is to be derived from this. It began at that time, and the later details hardly matter anymore. My entire life consisted in elaborating what had burst forth from the unconscious and flooded me like an enigmatic stream and threatened to break me.”

What did Carl Jung learn from the spirit guides of the other world? “Our unconscious existence is the real one and our conscious world a kind of illusion.” A proud Buddhist could not have said it better.

Jung said his personal spirit guide was named Philemon, who would appear and disappear quickly and without warning. Over time, Jung began to admire Philemon, and it is from him that he learned the crucial ideas that still affect the world today a great deal. Late in life, Jung admitted that he didn't know what the ‘soul' is—even though the word ‘psychology' means its study.

Carl Jung

Carl Jung

Behavior is No Disease

Many psychologists who started out as deniers of the supernatural changed their tune because of the experiences they had in their work. Psychiatrist Ralph B. Allison wrote, “I have come to believe in the possibility of spirit possession by demonic spirits from satanic realms.” Psychologist Edith Fiore came to believe in demonic possession as well.

Thomas Szasz, the famous atheist psychiatrist, admits what psychology is: "The clever and cynical destruction of the spirituality of man."

The good doctor had a lot more to say, as well, about important things, such as that 'mental illness' is just a term to describe unwanted behavior. What is wanted and unwanted behavior is a judgment call, not a scientific fact.

‘Mental Disorder,' Szasz called a ‘weasel term,' and ‘drug addiction' not a disease but a ‘social habit.' A disease is something a person has; behavior is what people do.

Szasz taught that diseases are "malfunctions of the human body, of the heart, the liver, the kidney, the brain". "No behavior or misbehavior is a disease or can be a disease. That's not what diseases are."

Calling people diseased denies them responsibility as moral agents with free will. A disease can be seen during an autopsy but not voted into existence by members of the American Psychiatric Association. Szasz said, “One of Freud’s most powerful motives in life was to inflict vengeance on Christianity.” And he called psychotherapy “a fake religion that seeks to destroy true religion.”

Secular psychologists Keen and Reiff described psychotherapy as "a kind of national religion, with a gospel of self-fulfillment and with therapists as the new priests."

Note that psychology often promotes itself as the solution to the same problems that the Bible addresses as spiritual issues to be solved by entering into a relationship with Jesus. A person who does not believe in Heaven cannot possibly show you the way. Since Man did not create himself, he cannot comprehend himself unless he consults his owner's manual, the Holy Bible.

Jesus said you must deny yourself to be saved. When I was young, self-centeredness was considered a grave fault. Today, it is at the center of our culture: self-love, self-esteem, self-acceptance, self-forgiveness, self-awareness, self-image, self-confidence, self-worth, self-control, and self-improvement.

The Observer Becomes the Observed

The Observer Becomes the Observed

You Must Be in Denial

It is an odd thing that people in the mental health field seem to suffer from many psychological problems themselves. Every fourth psychologist admits to having considered suicide, and they commit suicide at twice the rate of their patients. Freud killed himself, but before he did, he said, "Patients are nothing. We cannot help them."

And as Professor of Psychiatry Al Parides notes, "If you look at the personal lives of all Freud's initial disciples, they have an unbelievable amount of particular sexual problems. The amount of deviancy as far as their sexual behavior is enormous." And yet these are the same people who decree: "Parents should be licensed to have children only upon demonstrating a sound understanding of truths dispensed by psychologists."

Here are the actual words of the 'psychologist to the stars,' Kathleen FitzGerald: "Sacred Psychology is exploring and understanding the unique nature, color, and feel of our individual souls. It is about Soul Loss, Soul Retrieval, Soul Care, and Soul Celebration. The Inner Child sends her/his soul into exile until it is safe to return. In Native American spirituality, shamans journey to Retrieve soul." Gotcha.

One of the most damaging things in the mental health field is 'regressive therapy.' It has torn apart millions of families by supposedly uncovering memories of sexual abuse by fathers that never happened and false memories of satanic ritual abuse.

The therapist leads a child into a highly suggestive state of mind and then encourages the child to ‘remember' what the therapist beforehand has decided she wants her to remember. The right answer garners lavish praise, but the wrong answer is reacted to by the therapist with disappointment and, "Let's try again to remember what your Dad did to you. Didn’t he do this? And that?” An adult who won’t remember what the psychologist wants him to remember is declared to be “in denial” or “repressing the memory.”

Imagine There's No Heaven

Imagine There's No Heaven

Imagine There's No Heaven

While the Science of Psychology has always disdained Christianity, it has been known to welcome the Occult, and even promote the demonic as liberating. The Association for Humanist Psychology invited an African witch doctor to its convention, who proceeded to put its president into a trance on stage in front of a huge crowd. An advertisement for the event read, “Journey into altered states of consciousness where one can meet one’s higher spirit teachers and the ’gods’ themselves. We will be walking and talking with Jesus, blissed out on Buddha, wrestling with Satan, and sighting UFOs.”

Swiss psychiatrist Elisabeth Kubler-Ross went nuts after becoming deeply involved with the Occult. Her book On Death and Dying influenced perhaps billions of people with her ‘five stages of grief' concept. She came to believe she had ‘spirit guides' who taught her about apparitions, bilocation (that you can be in two places at once!), astral projection, channeling, reincarnation, and naturally that the Creator God of the Bible is "baloney." She ended her life as a lonely, bitter, Koo Koo bird.

Dr. Raymond Moody is a psychologist featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show to talk about his big book Life After Life. In the book he announces there is no personal God and Jesus is no Savior. There is no Judgment Day because after death all of us, even Adolf Hitler and John Wayne Gacy, meet ‘the Central Force,' a ‘Being of Light,' who only loves and accepts everybody without question. Moody is also heavily into the Occult, in particular, 'mirror-gazing' to talk with the dead.

Then there is Betty Eadie, and her book that was even sold in Christian bookstores, Embraced by the Light. Eadie teaches that everybody goes to Heaven. And, of course, that there are many paths to God, Jesus being only one of many.

And Dannion Brinkley with his bestseller Saved by the Light, which is full of Occult anti-Christian themes such as “There is no Heaven or Hell” and “Faith is not a requirement, there is no judgment.”

Happy PIlls

Happy PIlls

Psychotropic Drugs

Psychiatrist Peter Breggin: "The brain is made up of several hundred billion neurons and trillions of synapses. Each human brain is more complex than the entire physical Universe. Unlike the physical Universe, the biochemical activities that run the brain remain almost wholly shrouded in mystery. We have no idea, for example, how the brain makes a thought or emotion. At the root of psychopharmacology lies a dangerous assumption that it is safe and effective to tamper with the most complex organ in the Universe! Curiously, in light of so much psychiatric concern about the dangers of biochemical imbalance, all known psychiatric drugs produce widespread chemical imbalances in the brain, usually involving multiple systems of nerves. Prozac is no exception."

Scientists at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee found that minnows administered Prozac became aggressive, anti-social, and sometimes homicidal. But why put a fish on Prozac? It's not a fix for sad fish - instead, human medications are ending up in waterways. At a particular dose, the males begin to ignore the females. When concentrations increase, they stop reproducing all together and turn violent: The males start killing the females, and the females don't lay any eggs.

Take a look at all the violence, murder, and suicide blamed on either taking psychotropic drugs or from stopping taking them. All psychiatric drugs cause brain dysfunction. That is how they work. To quote Dr. Breggin once more:

“If depression has a biological or genetic basis, it has not been demonstrated scientifically. Biopsychiatric theory remains pure speculation and runs counter to a great deal of research, clinical experience, and common sense. The biochemical imbalance theory has replaced Freud's psychological theory as the most widely accepted explanation for emotional pain and suffering. In turn, Freud's theory had replaced religious explanations, such as original sin, the Devil, and moral degeneracy. The biochemical theory is presented to the public as scientific truth."

Though the concept of evil has been present in all cultures around the world since time began, it is virtually absent from our field of psychology because the very word ‘evil’ sounds like a value judgment. We can't have that in our value-free sciences.

Psychiatry wants to blame abnormal thinking, emotions, and behaviors on chemical imbalances. We need to shake off Scientism's shackles and face the world's reality the way it is. People are afflicted by unclean spirits and oppressed by the Devil. To discern if a spirit animating some person, culture, or country is good or evil, the only sure test is to compare its message with God’s Word. If a Zeitgeist, ideology, way-of-life or system of values stands in opposition to the Gospel, it is of evil origin.

Psychotropic Drugs

Psychotropic Drugs

From Observer to Observed

In 1971, a Time magazine cover story was about B.F. Skinner, the "most influential living American psychologist." Skinner said, "We can no longer afford freedom, and so it must be replaced with control over man, his conduct, and his culture."

He also taught that belief in God was nothing more than a backward superstition. Consider this quote from him: “All people are is what society has conditioned them to be.“

His big idea was that man has no soul, so men and women should be ‘conditioned’ from childhood to serve the interests of the collective. "To Man as Man, we say good riddance."

Arthur Koestler went further, stating that we needed to develop "a chemical to rid man of aggression and put it in our drinking water."

By now, we can see a significant switch, as Man has gone from the observer of the Universe to the one observed.

Mind Benders the Movie

Mind Benders the Movie

There Ain't No Cure for the Summertime Blues

The ‘bible’ of psychiatric analysis, the DSM, keeps adding more and more disorders for which we supposedly need the help of its profession. Big Pharma loves that because it can come up with a pill to help with every garden-variety disquiet you might imagine.

The fact is, it is normal to experience sorrow and stress and to be discouraged or depressed from time to time. The shrinks are busy making every American a mental patient. They give healthy people unhealthy drugs that are quite addictive and extremely costly to you and our society. The idea that to get through a normal life, we are so weak as to require happy pills—not to mention a lifetime of needful ‘therapy'—is crazy.

A multitude of drugs has been invented to affect our brains. There are drugs prescribed to help you relax, or become more alert, to be less anxious, to sleep, not to feel sad, to improve attention, improve memory, and to make you feel good. But they do not cure what ails you. They only work if you keep on taking them—a great benefit to the pharmaceutical industry whose continued profits depend on addicts.

Psychologists and psychiatrists are notoriously left-wing politically and have grown more and more so over the decades. Democrats return the favor by using taxpayer funds to support their work. Recent research shows that psychologists admit they openly discriminate against any conservatives in their field, denying them referrals, teaching positions, tenure, and employment.

The Mind Benders once boasted that therapy and psychotropic drugs would solve the world's problems through federally funded mental health centers. These grandiose expectations have come to naught as mental issues have become more prevalent since the feds started paying to 'cure' them.

In ‘The Psychological Epidemic and Its Cure’ John F. MacArthur, Jr. writes:

“The behavioral sciences are not, as is commonly believed, scientific. Neither have they proven effective in changing the human heart. ‘Christian psychology,' with its claim of secret knowledge about dealing with people, has made deep inroads into the church. So-called Christian psychologists and psychiatrists have testified that the Bible alone is not sufficient to meet people's deepest personal and emotional needs, arguing before a secular court that God's Word is not an adequate resource for counseling people about spiritual problems—what used to be seen as a vital pastoral responsibility. Too many have bought the lie that a crucial realm of wisdom exists outside Scripture and one’s relationship to Jesus Christ—the real key to helping people with their deep problems.”

MacArthur also asserted, “True psychology (the study of the soul) can be done only by Christians. The secular discipline of psychology is based on godless assumptions. The Puritans, long before the arrival of godless psychology, identified their ministry with people as ‘soul work.’ Scripture is the manual for all ‘soul work’ and is comprehensive in the diagnosis and treatment of every spiritual matter, energized by the Holy Spirit in the believer. It is foolish to exchange the Wonderful Counselor, the spring of living water, for the sensual wisdom of the earth and the stagnant water of behaviorism. Why should a believer choose to do behavior modification when he has the tools for spiritual transformation?"

MacArthur concludes, "These doctrines are a mass of human ideas that Satan has placed in the church. Most psychologists epitomize neo-Gnosticism, claiming to have secret knowledge for solving people's real problems. Bible reading and prayer are commonly belittled. Psychologists cannot even tell the sane from the insane. It is significant that one of the biblical names of Christ is "Wonderful Counselor." Every need of the human soul is ultimately spiritual.”

Even the Los Angeles Times quoted the world’s foremost psychotherapist as saying, "I can't think of any fundamental insight into human relations that has resulted from a century of psychotherapy."


Happy Pills to Make it Through the Day

Every fifth American today is on psychotropic drugs to make it through the day. A mountain of money has been made from the loneliness, disappointments, and unhappiness of Americans.

In 1948, the federal government began backing the mental health professionals with taxpayer funds, when only 9,000 persons were either a psychiatrist, psychologist, or mental health social worker. Today there are millions of them. But their work, which began as treating severe mental problems such as psychosis, is now mostly about interpersonal relationship problems, low self-esteem, sexual difficulties, and feeling depressed—part of the human condition in never-ending supply. Everyone could be a candidate for such services, especially as the nation loses its way spiritually.

The ideas of Sigmund Freud "are now firmly planted in the unexamined beliefs of the average man and woman," said Harold Bloom, even as they have been wholly discredited in the scientific community. Research shows that the more mothers know about psychology, the more trouble they have parenting their children. Another study shows that people in the mental health field—whose jobs it is to solve our problems—have no fewer problems themselves and no less trouble with their children than the average parent.

But remember the original claims of this profession: If only we had enough professionals and billions of federal dollars, we would see an enormous decrease in depression, suicide, divorce, and crime. Instead, we have gotten a lot more of all social pathologies since we changed from turning our troubles over to the Lord and His Church to the godless mental health industry.

Psychiatrists say that the most common cause of suicide and mental illness is unresolved guilt. But they never recommend the only therapy that truly works: Telling their patients that God loves them and will forgive them of everything they have done if they believe in His Son. God can cleanse your conscience and set you free; free from sin, guilt, shame, and the wages of sin: Death.

Since man cannot live with guilt, he will justify what he has done and what he plans to do. We sin willfully, which naturally leads to guilt unless you are a sociopath. You can turn that into Godly sorrow, which leads to repentance. Confess to God that what you have done is wrong. Ask Him to heal you, and He will.

This is a chapter from my book, The Devil's Matrix. I would provide a link to its Amazon page but I have been informed writer's cannot promote their writings on this writer's platform.

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