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Dealing with Educational Technology in the Classroom Setting

Nothing is permanent in this world. Everything changes in a split second. The best picture of the changes that have taken place is the development of technology that have had a great impact on human life, particularly on teachers.

In the past years, teachers have been used to carry out their teaching work with the aid of chalk, chalkboard and eraser. Once teachers have these materials in the classroom, they can quickly transfer information to their learners. This was the teaching-learning method that had taken place in a classroom way back then.

After many decades, changes have arisen in the classroom environments. This time, the teaching-learning method was facilitated by a range of instructional materials, mainly prepared by the teachers. Most of these instruction materials have been handmade; this means that the teachers have made more effort and more time just to finish one instruction material. Typically, what you see in the classroom was all hand-printed, hand-illustrated, and cut-outs from magazines, journals, calendars, and other printed materials. The learners, however, quickly grasped what the teachers delivered or communicated in the classroom.

Starting in the 1990s, computer-aided teaching was implemented in school settings. Teachers attended a number of workshops and training sessions on how to use these new technologies. Life was quite simple at the time; even the finished outputs were simple. Once you encoded and printed your production, it was considered a great achievement. Even, the learners easily grasped their lessons.

With the advancement of technology, the learners were also exposed to these materials. As a matter of fact, they gave rise to the use of cellphones, I and other devices used for communication and games. As an impact on the educational performance of learners, their school performance has steadily declined, most noticeably in three areas: reading, writing, and arithmetic.

However, no one can avoid the fast-changing world and the modernization brought about by these developments. Some teachers have therefore been trained in the introduction of new technology into the classroom environment. Many of their educational materials, the presentations in their classes, the worksheets they were planning, and the reports they were sending, all of which were created using modern technology. As a matter of fact, other teachers included in their priority list the procurement of laptops for their personal use.

The Department of Education ( DepEd) has initiated its DepEd Computerization Program with a view to providing all schools with access to the Internet and computer facilities, with a view to ensuring that these materials can only be used for school purposes. Similarly, no school staff were granted the authority to carry these devices home to be used by them in the performance of their duties and responsibilities. As a result, teachers really need to buy their own computers, and they need to make use of internet resources.

At present, all teachers are expected to incorporate the use of information communication technology ( ICT) in the performance of their duties as teachers. This is now known as education technology in other countries. This is expressed in the Individual Performance Commitment Review Form (IPCRF) or Teacher Performance Rating. This is why teachers are required to use electronic equipment. In the same way, their lesson plans, learning resources, instructional materials and other items they use in carrying out their tasks, roles and obligations include the use of ICT or educational technology.

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Teachers are very grateful for these advances and changes brought about by education technology due to less time allocated in the preparation of papers. But not all of them have the expertise to use these education tools, which is why some are finding the help of their co-teachers or even hired professionals to do such work for them. Both schools are looking into this situation and coming up with a strategy to help these teachers deal with it. Many schools have a training or orientation on the use of education technology. There are noticeable instances where their learners are more informed about the use of these education technologies. During their classes, these learners become teachers' partners and they provide their teachers with assistance in the use of education technology.

The entire world is now faced with another dilemma that is impacting the education system. This gives rise to the use of the online learning process. This is the only solution that DepEd is considering continuing to train the learners. This is a further landmark in the life of the teachers. As a result , teachers are now training on this topic in preparation for the opening of classes for this school year.

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