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Earth Mysteries: Argentina’s Calingasta Valley

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As we continue our investigation into many different types of Earth anomalies and mysteries we cannot over look some of the most intriguing yet unexplained mysteries. Argentina’s Calingasta Valley is one of them anomalies that deserve its own explanation. The valley is located near the town of San Juan it has a history of flickering lights and orbs that many drivers through report seeing almost on a daily basis. The lights are usually described as a yellowish or whitish and are about the size of a basketball. Some mostly assume they are the lights of a oncoming vehicle but are surprised that none ever comes. Sometimes they follow the cars and trucks on the highway at other times they kind of just stay put and cars pass through them.


There is a old story about a Argentinean school teacher on the way home from work one night. She was living in a poor settlement outside San Juan and could not afford her own car. So a lot of the time she would take a bus to work, But one night she was caught in the office and was unable to catch the last bus back home so decided to hitch a ride with a local delivery truck heading the same way. During her travel through this lonely valley there seemed to be small candles lite in the distance and then all of a sudden a huge ball of light lit up the cab and forced the truck to stop no matter how much gas the trucker was giving it. It just stopped until the light went away. Luckily no harm except a good scare was taken over the two passengers. But, were they dealing with a earthly light? or some kind of very upset south American god?

In the valley there are several unusual anomalies there is a large dry lakebed off to the west about eight miles long and three miles wide. Its famous place for going to try out the newest speed racers developed or just the occasional ATV rider. But, just because it is used for other things it still carries a heavy reputation for those using it. It is also known for the strange lights that some call lost souls who have been condemned to wander the earth until judgment day.

Another story that resides in the area is a husband and Wife couple were traveling back from a wedding one night. They somehow lost the road and ended up in the dry lakebed. After traveling for a few miles the husband did not know if they would be able to make it back to the road before morning. Suddenly appearing before them was a series of white balls of light they were dancing it seemed trying to get their attention. So the husband and wife followed them. It led them to a back road which went back to the main highway. When he spoke of the lights to others they referred to them as “fools lights”.

Other folklore about floating lights have come from all over the world from ancient times to the modern times. Some people think they are lost sprites or condemned souls to walk to the earth. Others think they are identified when a gold mine or platinum mind is located nearby. But, most of the time these lights cause distress and are taken as a sign of evil to become. No matter what you believe or how many there may be this is one earth mystery that needs some serious investigation down before they can determine what causes these flickering flames in Argentina’s Calingasta Valley.

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Hello, hello, from London, UK on April 29, 2011:

Great hub and yes, there some unexplained happening on earth.

chspublish from Ireland on April 20, 2011:

Whoa! Some mystery there. Scary, I think!

David Sproull from Toronto on April 20, 2011:

I love that the world still provides us with more than a fair share of mystery and wonder.

Even if it is something mundane it is still quite a phenomenon!

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