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Earth Education in New World Atlas From National Geographic Kids

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Beautful World Atlas From National Geographic Kids


Our Planet, Geography Facts, and the Endangered Species of Our World

The new World Atlas from National Geographic Kids is here with a wealth of beautiful maps, facts, map-reading- and all things about the planet that we live on. Learning about and exploring our world is engaging for children who are exposed to all kinds of information about our world in the news and in school. The Sixth Edition of the World Atlas is up-to-date with fun facts about our oceans, the continents, endangered species of our world, and stunning photographs from all over the world that National Geographic publications are known for.

The editors begin the atlas with information as to how to use the atlas. Information about kinds of maps and how to read maps is included. Sections about the climate in our world and factors that influence the climate are sections of interest. Facts about the world's population, migration, and economics are a part of the atlas. The subjects of food and water are of interest.

The chapters for each continent are next in the atlas. Each continent is covered extensively with maps, fun facts, and beautiful photographs of all areas of each continent. The oceans that are found on each continent are also a part of the atlas. Flags for each country are featured. Children are invited to explore each continent in depth by using the atlas.

The "Back of the Book" sections include a comprehensive glossary and an extensive "Geo Facts and Figures" about countries and continents. Each section is alphabetized for easy location of the areas that children want to explore. The glossary presents the opportunity for children to broaden their vocabulary about our planet.

Begin with North America and explore your way through South America, Asia, the areas of Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and Antarctica. Each continent features basic information such as language, economics of the area, population, and life expectancy of the country located on the continent.

Stunning Photographs That National Geographic Is Famous For

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Bring The World Atlas Into Your Classroom for a Wealth of Activities

Teachers who teach geography will want to add the new edition of the World Atlas from National Geographic Kids. Fun facts, stunning photographs, and a wealth of information about our planet is here for the learning.

A year's worth of activities can be presented when introducing each continent and country as a separate learning section. Invite your students to choose their favorite continent and country to prepare a presentation to their classmates as you go through the atlas.

Teachers might prefer to teach the oceans as a separate entity during the year. the chapters on the oceans include fascinating facts about each ocean. An example of a fun fact is where the name for each ocean comes from. Sea life that inhabit the oceans and the lands around each ocean are of interest.

The comprehensive glossary that is included offers the opportunity for students to learn a wealth of vocabulary words about our planet. Teachers might like to present lists of vocabulary words about each continent and country as they travel through the atlas.

The section that discusses the endangered species of our planet presents the opportunity for students to learn about these animals and what we can do to save these endangered species. Invite your students to prepare a project about their favorite animal to present to the class.

The sections that speak to the earth's climate and factors that influence the climate present the opportunity to learn about ways that we can help save the planet and control the extreme climate changes that our world is experiencing now.

Students also enjoy drawing and coloring the flags from each country. Prepare an art center with markers, crayons and paper for students to draw and color their favorite flag from the section on flags from each country.

Enjoy traveling the world with this updated edition of a World Atlas from National Geographic Kids.

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