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The ESTP Personality: Life, Careers, and Relationships


Extroverted, sensing, thinking, and perceptive - the ESTP personality is very social, direct, and spontaneous. Known as “the doer,” the ESTP personality is very action oriented, friendly, and highly adaptable. They are loyal to their friends, but not generally respectful of rules and laws if they interfere with getting things done. These primary traits can make some ESTP come across as rude or even reckless. The truth is, however, that ESTP personalities love action and because of this they often dive right in head first.

ESTPs live in the present with little thought about the future. They dislike theoretical debates, prefer to move quickly and fix any necessary problems later, and often see laws and rules as recommendations. This does not automatically make the ESTP personality a lawbreaker. Instead, once the ESTP personality feels something is right or just, they will act even if this means going against the law and/or social rules.

Being extremely perceptive, the ESTP personality can detect changes in a person’s attitude, expression, clothing, or behavior fairly quickly. They are the only personality type with the uncanny ability to pick up on the thoughts and motives of others.

Drama, passion, and physical pleasure are all enjoyable factors of life for the ESTP personality. They have a strong sense of aesthetics and style and make excellent storytellers. The need for drama and excitement, however, can manifest itself in unhealthy or risky ways. For instance, many gamblers are ESTP personalities.

ESTP StrengthsESTP Weaknesses

Rational and Sensitve

Poor long term planning skills


Avoids Conflict rather than resolve conflct

Resistant to criticism or conflict

Can come across as rude

Good money management skills

May be attracted to risky behaviors such as gambling

Cheerful and well-liked

Lack of sensitivity to other's feelings

Good at crisis management

Reluntant to make long commitments

Typically spends quaiity time with their children

May get bored quickly in relationships

Tendency to shower loved ones with gifts

Tendecy to shower loved ones with gifts

ESTP Careers

ESTPs have a dislike for theory and abstract thinking. This quite often translates into problems in school, particularly the latter years. Theoretical discussions are often thought to be boring and pointless by the ESTP personality. Instead, they prefer activities that are practical and exciting. ESTPs can be highly inspirational and convincing. This makes them exceptional at sales and they quite often make great consultants or entrepreneurs. Other ESTP Careers:

  • · Marketing Personnel
  • · Police/Detective
  • · Paramedic
  • · PC Technician
  • · Computer Technical Support
  • · Athlete
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ESTP Relationships

The ESTP personality is extremely charming, particularly at the beginning of a relationship. They do everything in a big way and are often quite generous and sensual. They often lead fast paced lives with a strong focus on the present. Full of fun and energy, the ESTP personality is known for “sweeping their partners off their feet.”

ESTP personalities live in the present this quite often means that commitment is not a strong point for them. They are typically not comfortable with making plans for the future. It is not unusual to see ESTPs who jump from relationship to relationship without ever making a real commitment.

ESTPs are quite aware of their senses and tend to be very sensual lovers. They view intimacy from a physical perspective instead of as a chance to express affection and/or affirm feelings. They are not naturally in tune with the feelings of others. They quite often feel that actions speak louder than words and do not feel a need to say things that should be obvious. ESTPs natural partners are the ISFJ (Introverted, sensing, feeling, judging) or the ISTJ (Introverted, sensing, thinking, judging) personalities.


Famous ESTP Personalities

Basic analysis of their lives and work have revealed these individuals as having ESTP personalities. These include:

  • Ernest Hemingway, author
  • James Buchanan, U.S. President
  • Madonna, singer
  • Chuck Yeager, U.S. Air Force General and pilot
  • Donald Trump, businessman
  • Lucille Ball, actress

Famous fictional ESTPs include:

  • Elle Driver, Kill Bill
  • Bart Simpson, The Simpsons
  • James Bond
  • Fred and George Weasley, Harry Potter

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