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Education Awareness and Knowledge Wisdom

Development of human resources is the main function of education. In a modern society education is a very important sector

Education is the passport of future




Education is the jewel of humans no doubt it is the light in human life it proves to one of the most important factors for the development of human civilization. Education enhances human status and leads everyone to propriety it is a continuous and lifelong process when human archive education he aware himself from his belief and objectives. Education is not what a human being reading writing or doing it starts when a human being opens his eye in this world learning from every tine things around it makes life prosperous and meaningful by judging right and wrong.


Education is history on its own if we suppose human born from knowledge would not be wrong because there is no past without knowledge. Education gives us knowledge about where we are and where we come from what is the reality of human beings. God gifted Adam with the glory of education and knowledge when he invents human from that day humans are on the way to light. Human beings have unique techniques of spending life they use their knowledge to develop what they curiosity for infect knowledge finish all the worries and difficulties on human being and at every era human fight with this weapon for human supremacy.

Education and believe

Human start to believe in something when he starts getting the education he set he believe according to the observation or education afford him. Human being learns more from practical aspects of life whatever he experiences come to believe in it, so belief in something is always an education it might be right or wrong therefore a vision of positivism had remained the idol part of belief. We support things from our education the practice of education is our belief and it comes from our daily life.

· Religion

Religion is always the education from which human civilization had start educating themselves about the essence, wisdom, and purpose of life. This is the first drop of knowledge kept in the brain of human civilization for their identity that human life is a gift by God. Over time, human civilization diversifies its ways of belief from the observations and curiosity to identify ways of understanding by them and became the most interesting balance with the growth of societies and population. The interesting subject religion also educated people to know the conception of nature and natural phenomena which had been called science later.

· Science

When the knowledge of human being become mature human civilization starts invention, innovation, ex cogitation

About nature and its imminence impact on the human being. It had devolved day by day and become the pillar of human success. Human makes science to exchange hardship by developing machines and technologies, it is now a day usual surrounding us Entire globe is functional through science and technology once it was just subject or theory which later introduced as vanes of developments in human civilization. Today with every step of human movement science is helpful, meaningful and speed mean of life.

Education the basic right of human being

Importance of education

In This century human civilization has the availability of education and awareness at every door where a large portion around the globe was getting benefit from this opportunity the functional of employments and technical work are nowadays depending on education learning, education becomes a tool of earning

· Equality

As we know education is a must for all over the globe where job became nowadays specialization and many works have been exchanged by science and technology. When a portion of people remains illiterate in this globe would be a massive problem for a generation to generation that’s why education for every class of people must be very important.

· Bridges

Education is the tool of understanding and refrain misconception by high moral and ethical mentality, it changes mind when human knows its benefit and disadvantages as meeting people. Leader convinces leader employs to accept employ every stage of people engages themself with each other is the beauty of education.

· Empowerment

When people know their rights and obligation through education they will empower themselves according to the principle, rules, and regulations they will find their way to getting justice and means of getting justice.

· Employment

Every civilized society gives people the right of earning their basic needs by making them skilled and certified as learning of innovations, science and technology must be important for every rank of people in the society.

· Technology and innovation

Through science and technology, people are getting their benefit and educating themself for more development and comfort production growth, rapid communications and transportation are the conclusions of success in education obtained the milestone by creation.

· Development

Education is not a destination but a journey to be cherished. It is an enriching path not only in the lives of individuals but also in chartering the histories of nations and building a strong foundation of development. Education has provided the light of survival to several nations.

Your support for Education

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